Mai no longer with Ae Supachai; money problem

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  1. kbwblove says:

    she’s starting to get so sassy

  2. -A says:

    Something definitely happened that’s why she end it with him.

  3. Lovely girl says:

    Now have a lot of problem happen with mai. Hope she’ll pass all.

  4. Lee says:

    Don’t like her, most of the people she acted with always have relationship problem and ended up break up- with her in the news with them as being a third hand (is this her way of getting famous) GEZZ!! So much for the innocent look!! plssh!!

  5. jjinxx says:

    LOL Talk about weak relationships. if people are breaking up with their partners because they’re working with Mai, that reflects THEM more than it reflects her.
    With Ae, it’s been dealt with and as she said, they ended on good terms. Why dramatize it all?

  6. Lovely girl says:

    jjin xx : I agree with all you said. I think the people that alway say bad of Mai, because they jealous Mai.
    Some people said Mai famous because she has a lot of gossip. But I see all lakorn of Mai. She is a girl that have hight ability that I saw.

  7. princess says:

    Mai is getting the lakorn because of her pretty face not acting,another pancake.If she doing lakorn with not so popular
    pre’ek, I wonder if she going to be this popular. Another lakorn with Weir, and same story line. Weir play too many lakorn that are same role.

  8. SS says:

    When I see Mai in Tawan Tor Saeng I proud her so much. I see several lakorn of Mai. She can act all role , Exspescaly crying. She not only pretty , her act in lakorn very awesome.

  9. Lee says:

    princess: I agree with you!!!

  10. Mailover says:

    Nowday Mai have a lot of gossip. But Mai also get award of MThai Top talk- about 2013. I recognize her as a good actress in Thailand. I see all her lakorn in 7 ch. She is friendly. I like her so much. Support her forever. Su Su Mai davika.

    • Shampoo says:

      that award is not always good.. she’s talk about because of her scandalous news. the news are usually true about her too.

  11. Mailover says:

    U said like this it mean u look down Thmai top talk about award 2013. The nang’ek that get this award had only 3 person. U think they create this award for the nang’ek that have a lot of gossip ? U are wrong, because they have a good act in lakorn. Like Janie in rang gao. Mai in Tawan tor saeng. They are act very well. Have a lot of people recognize about this. U don’t think Mai in a bad way, because it make u is a bad person.

    • Shampoo says:

      Hahhaha no you don’t get it. Some actresses who get this awards don’t want to get it… Cuz they know what they get it for. And no Mai did not get it for lakorn. Lol

  12. mailover says:

    Oh! I just hear u only one said that some actress don’t want to get this award.
    I ask u one question. Have u see yet this MThai top talk about 2012?
    If u watch it u will see Mai get this award because what. Because she act well in Tawan Tor Saeng.
    The last word I want say to u is: I know u hate Mai davika, but before u hate someone u should look yourself that u are good enough or not. Because no person 100% good. And stop say bad about

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