Mai refutes starting a war with Min for number 1 nang’k

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  1. See says:

    “Our face doesn’t look alike so don’t compare” lol. As usual, she sounds arrogant in her interviews.

  2. Kizukami says:

    There will not. My fanclub is cute.
    -> so Min’s FC is not cute? LOOOL

    • SangSS says:

      Why u didn’t understand mai’s meaning? She said her fanclub are cute because she close to them so she know thier character. And she did not said min’ s fanclub not cute, why u always think bad of Mai all the time? Or u jelous her?

      • Kizukami says:

        lol then what’s with that I think bad of her all the time? am I not allowed to? Oh, so I have to be jealous of her in order to think bad of her? LOOL, I have my opinions, so let it be

        • SangSS says:

          U should know yourself what u think bad of her, don’t give me say out. Mai is a person that never say bad of even thought try to attact her like guzjung. Before guzjung alway said bad of Mai. But I never see Mai said bad of guzjung. Mai is a friendly girl and lovely girl. If u don’t like her , u shouldn’t see or read a news that related her. Because Mai never do bad to you, u don’t try to attact her.

      • Mai says:

        Just because someone has an opinion on Mai, doesnt mean they hate her. It’s just an opinion.

        • SangSS says:

          I know that has thier own opinion, but some people always think in negative way to even thogh she do right or wrong.

    • .............sigh says:

      I have to admit that statement where her fan is ‘cute’ does comes off as saying the other girl’s fans aren’t cute (meaning her ‘cute’ fans are the mature types that won’t start a fight while the other fandom aren’t ‘cute’ enough and considers immature). But, I think Mai has good intentions when she said that. Let’s just hope it is good intentions. Hahaha. Don’t want 2 fandoms at each other. That would be an ugly war.

  3. ash30 says:

    Mai…oh mai…that girl is a handful. But she does look good with the dark hair.

  4. SangSS says:

    I have buy DVD of ” pee mark ” already, even thou I see it in cinema 2 time I still want to see it again.

  5. Kashie says:

    All I got to say is if the producer/director want us to buy a legal DVD copy of Pee Mak then release it with English subtitles damn it Thailand. Otherwise some fan will sub it for fans. If the DVD has subs I would gladly buy it.

  6. knomjean says:

    one thousand billion baht? That’s equivalent around $32 Million in U.S. Wow. That’s alot of money for an actress.

  7. UrWorstNightMare says:

    You know…her interviews are always so bad. She should let the adults answer her questions for her, since she’s “still a kid.” Lmao.

  8. Mai says:

    I dont see how her interviews are considered bad when Nadech is known to say the same thing. The only difference is, we have people praising him for giving such a good interview lol

    • Mey says:

      Lol, everything is always compared to Na for you Mai. I don’t see anything negative about his interviews either. Ppl like to micro-analyze his words & take it to a whole different level

      • Mai says:

        Did I say it was wrong to say what she or he said? Or did I jump to her defence? Yes people like to micro analyze his words, but his fans tend to micro analyze commentators words too.

        • Mey says:

          In his interview, yes. As for defending her, that I don’t know. I’m just saying you like to compare him to everyone. If someone has something negative to say about a certain dara, I noticed you’ll bring up Na and say “Na does the same thing or such & such”.

    • UrWorstNightMare says:

      Uh…I don’t see how Nadech related to my comment, and I don’t really care if he answers the same…? Lmao.

    • Mya says:

      What you could’ve said was “other celebs like Na” is known to say the same things as far as “leaving it to the elders.” The “I’m a kid” statements or “look krung” stuff is all Mai Davika. You always bash Mai Davika. The words like “praise” and “delusional” like you always bring up to “Na fans” is news flash for u that you like to start feud when no one ever label you as anything on who u like. Some of you small minded people might just consider me and some others “na crazy fans” but u are all wrong. Some of us can read between the lines of what these admins are trying to blurt out. Always a low blow and we always get labeled as crazy and delusional because we spoke upon our opinion. I’ve read up on here for a couple months and I was so excited but is all this drama worth it? Hell no! I’ll just continue to “praise” Na and read about other people else where. And @ urworstnightmare .. I’m with you on this. But check this out. These ladies claim that Na gets brought up by their own fans in every article but if you read above, who’s guilty—- Mai. Smh ok I’m
      Really done here. Tama tamo sangko.. Farewell I will pray for you all.

  9. Mai says:

    What’s your point Mey? Would you just like me to ban talking on him? Or should we just ban translating his articles? Then it wouldnt be so hard not to compare anymore. If we’re still translating his articles, we’re bound to compare similarities.

    • Mey says:

      My point is plain and simple. You like to compare him. Nothing negative about it, I just noticed you out of all folks like to use him a lot. As for his articles it’s not even about comparing, it’s about micro analyzing his words. I’m not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. If you choose to ban his articles that’s all up to you. Comparing is good, but you always seems to bring him up when it’s a negative convo about someone. Which give the vibes of “oh, should we hate him too bkos he did such and such like this so call person we’re talking about at the moment”.

    • Mey says:

      AND no I don’t want you to ban yourself from talking about him..”freedom of speech”.
      Speak as you please as I’ll do the same 🙂

  10. Mai says:

    So it bothers you then? Me comparing him to so and so bothers you? So where were you when Shamp, Lalita and myself were being attacked here at the blog? Thanks Mey. That means a lot

    • Mey says:

      It does bother me when you bring him up purposely when ppl are bashing on a certain dara. Like you want them to start bashing him too?? You know even tho I don’t know any of you ladies personally, I still have a level of respect for what you guys are doing here on this forum and such. I choose not to gang up on you guys along with those girls. I actually felt bad because what they said was uncall for. Sorry Mai, maybe I should just not comment on your comments bkos it seems to upset you. My apology!!!

  11. Mai says:

    My apologies to you that it bothers you. No worries.

  12. Lalita says:

    What’s funny is that some of Nadech fans loved to compare him to Mark and Boy, and how these two are inferior to Nadech, but no one finds that’s offensive. But yet Nadech is compared to James or whomever, the fans get upset. The whole James fiasco the other day, it wasn’t us that brought Nadech’s name in the article, it was a Nadech fan. Maybe you now know how it feels for the Mark and Boy fans. Mai said she didn’t find Mai’s interview bad, as Nadech answers the same on some of his interviews, what do you find offensive on that? Honestly it’s getting tiring that we do all this work for fans for free, time out our lives, but yet there are people who don’t seem to appreciate. If we chose to translate than we can choose to have an opinion without getting attacked.

    • Mey says:

      I didn’t find her comment offensive at all, I was just saying is it necessary to bring him up in convo that don’t even relate to him all? And it’s not my fault if those fans of Mark & Boy choose not to speak up and it’s not that some of us don’t appreciate what you are doing, but like seriously tho, do you expect to get positive feed backs for everything that you say???

      • Mai says:

        No I didnt expect positive feedback, but I didnt expect to get attacked either. But like I said no worries Mey. My apologies if it bothers you that my comments on Nadech bother you so much.

        • Mey says:

          Sorry Mai! I dun wanna sound like such a *itch & you sound like such a mature/cool person but I just had to speak up

      • Lalita says:

        Nadech’s name was brought up in the James fiasco. It was a James article, yet a fan chose to bring Nadech’s name up. It wasn’t us, so that’s untrue statement. I can’t believe some fans are so defensive for a star that don’t even know they exist

        • Mey says:

          It is not just JJ articles but other articles as well. I am sure you are just the same, maybe not as crazy for your Oil too..

          • Lalita says:

            No I’m not the same, I don’t go around getting upset at people who have different opinions on him. I also don’t view Oil as perfect.

          • Mey says:

            You probably don’t but I’m sure you will speak up as well just like how I read in some other convo you guys had going on when someone had brought him up.

        • Mey says:

          So you deleted their thread or didn’t give me access over one comment? What does that say? Lol..It’s okay. No one else update that thread anyways.

          • Mai says:

            Their random thread has always been deleted over time cus there’s too much private info in there, and too much bashing of random people. I think most Yarry fans know this happens, cus that wasnt the first thread we removed from their forum.

            Although I think it’s ok to criticize stars, his mother isnt really a public figure. So no it’s nothing against you. Just like the last time, when the thread gets really long a new one is started.

          • Mey says:

            Well, I am sorry if had mistaken you guys for removing it.

  13. Jay says:

    Arguing with each other for ppl who don’t even know you exist. Save energy to defend real ppl in your lives that matters more.

    • Mey says:

      We’re not arguing but just having a disagreement. But I agree on what you’re saying. Thnxs for the reminder of not letting it get carried away. 😉

  14. See says:

    Mai just simply said that the way Davika answers in this interview is the same as Nadech and she never said it was a bad thing. She brought up Nadech’s name to prove a point which is that both give the same answers but yet one is praised for being good at handling the media while the other is always being criticized. In life, comparisons are inevitable and things won’t go your way. You may not like that people always like to mention Nadech but that won’t stop it from happening. Everyone has freedom of speech and Mai is entitled to her opinions. If it bothers you, just ignore it.

    • Mey says:

      Lmao, MAN, you all act like I don’t know wth she said. I didn’t say she said anything negative, but it’s the comparison that used all the time. Comparison is not always necessary. Hell yeah it bothers me and I’m not going to lie and like wise. If you don’t like what I have to say then don’t comment. You spoke your mind & I spoke mine.

  15. Mai says:

    Thank you See for understanding me. Unfortunately, most people dont see eye to eye. The best way to handle the situation at this point is eliminate the problem. I think we’ve been very patient with Nadech fans in the past, no matter how many times we’ve been attacked in the past, cus most of us are avid fans, we continue to support him. But it comes a point where it’s too much, and if fans dont appreciate us, there’s no point. Link me to one of Nadech articles we havent translated. But yet when we translate James articles cus he’s in the news, we get attacked for it. Where are all the Nadech fans who were around when we translated article after article on him? It’s disappointing and disheartening at the same time.

    So I’ll say at this point, I give up. If I cant give an opinion on him without getting attacked, then it goes to show that no matter how supportive I am, if I dont think he’s perfect, I’m a hater.

  16. See says:

    WTH lol. Anyways, your welcome Mai. I understand how you feel but just remember that there are still many others who appreciate your time and efforts dedicated to both Spicyforum and Sugardaily na. If you think that eliminating the problem is the best solution then those with an open mind will respect your decision.

  17. newtolakorns says:

    I’m a Yarry fan and both Nadech and Yaya individually, and I am disappointed it has come to this point. Again, thank you for your times and efforts in translating and bringing Thai ET news to international fans. I’m sure there are many who really appreciated it!

  18. Mya says:

    So I took a break from all this because of the mess my cousin made the other day and I’m reading about Mai Davika but why is Na’s name brought up in the comments? And who is attacking who because why is it that when I see Mai get cornered or called out, here comes Lalita barging in the conversation. Mai do you not know how to hold your own ground? I understand the whole having your friends back thing but when it’s a site like this and you’re ganging up on one person it’s called BULLYING. I said I was going to forbid myself from having a say because I thought my cousin was so harsh and I didn’t blame you guys for kicking me out of spicy, but I have to finally admit that alot of what she said its true. It’s not even about the celebs anymore. It has gotten personal and disrespectful to all the celebrities that you all can’t accept each others opinions. So here are my last words to you gals. Mai, people like Na and will always like him no matter what you say so get over it. Lalita, you are a follower. Shampoo, you don’t say much and I respected you the most and neutral but you seem to have an issue about holding your own ground. See, I can SEE that you are a kiss ass so there’s not much I rather say. Mey, I’m glad you spoke up but I see you don’t have much on your team so it’s about that time you should find a forum that respects you. Although I want to thank you girls anyway for all these translated articles, but it’s not that serious anymore. It’s out of hand and if any of the celebs come across these sites I’m sure they want to ban themselves from you gals. You guys should be embarrassed for not being mature enough to handle what people gotta say. Other forums are probably laughing at you guys. Sorry for the few vulgar words but you guys need to learn how to wipe your own ass before wiping others. And if I read correctly you girls are banning Na articles? Good because you ladies don’t deserve to speak upon him or any Thai celebs. I’m sure if they could they will ban themselves. Yea do what you do best … Block me. I will never be back.

  19. Gosh says:

    Maybe Nadech fans should take their own advice and be accepting of other peoples opinions. Instead of attacking everyone else, then using the victim card. I see it at every site and blog, nadech fans going beserk. It’s not just at this blog. How embarrassing for Nadech to have fans like you people who made it suk for everyone else.

  20. Shampoo says:

    Why are you even back here Mya? To have your last word? You don’t think you are crazy and delusional? You don’t think we can accept opinion and you can? If you can take opinion then why are you upset that Nadech’s name is brought up whether its another fan or the admins that did it? Why does it matter what kind of phrase she puts it in?if you can take opinion then you fans wouldn’t go and have wars everywhere with anyone who bashes or doesn’t praise Nadech?

    This only get personal because you fans are attacking us admins when we don’t praise Nadech. Or when we compared him to someone else. It’s you fans that made it personal. You fans should be embarrassed for yourself and for Nadech.

    So how is it that I don’t stand up for my own ground? If I praise and back Nadech up then I get a thumb up from you? Sorry to pop your bubble but I actually agree with a lot what Mai said.

    And it’s fans like you that ruined Nadech for me and others that are sane enough not to go berserk at everything about him. And we don’t want your thanks and appreciation since you only seems to remember the negatives. We’ve tolerate Nadech and a lot of his fans but when it comes to attacking us personally for voicing our opinion, it’s not a lot we can do for Nadech.

  21. See says:

    LOL! My cousin this, my cousin that…. Thanks for leaving yet another double standard, bipolar comment Mya.

  22. Mey says:

    HAHAHA, THANKS ladies. I guess I won my case! Go ahead and talk about me all you want. That’s what you bithces are good at! Muah peace out suckas!

    • Shampoo says:

      How is it that you win your case? Lol that’s why you’re nut like everyone in that Yarry thread think you are. See, that’s what I mean when I said what you call us is right back at you. Lol and you claimed you couldn’t think of any. Lol and you’re good too, Mey, at being a nutcase and in your own world.

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