Marie Broenner’s wardrobe malfunction?

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  1. Kizukami says:

    huh? I thought the media already forgot her, they are still after her? LOL

  2. Mai says:

    They just posted this at rakdara, but shamp said this is old? rakdara made it seem current lol

  3. thailakorn123 says:

    I don’t think she cares too much if her “good” shows. Lol.

  4. Dal says:

    She has a nice figure. The dress is pretty, but the slit in the front? Ummm…no. Anyway, that peek-a-boo could have been prevented.

  5. :) says:

    Yeah, this is old news. Rakdara is way behind.555.

  6. Pissh says:

    Well, atleast she’s wearing underwear.

  7. Qass says:

    Lol.. The dress is a blehhh…

  8. Sphek says:

    How old is she?

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