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Mario Mauer & Yaya Ying’s Love Scene for “Jan Dara”

They finally released the scene of an old cow chewing on young grass, a love scene between “Ying Phongam” and “Mario Maurer” to promote the movie “Jun Dara.”



Mario reveals
“In the love scene with “Khun Bun-Leuang” there’s a complexity of moods and feelings. The mixture of feelings is rather confusing. The desire of Jan in this scene isn’t just the sex alone. One part of his heart is to take vengeance and get even with “Khun Luang.” But another part of him truly does love “Khun Bun Leuang”

JanDara_03 JanDara_02

He feels that there’s warmth and comfort and a connection like that with a mother. It’s another one of those scenes that’s difficult to portray. As for playing this scene with P’Ying and with the direction of the director (Mohm) in this love scene, Oh I had to apologize each time before entering the scene with P’Ying. This scene had flesh on flesh and body on body. But I know I’m here as an actor, it’s my job, so I have to overlook this. Mohm makes sure she makes every scene safe. This is something that Mohm does for all her female actresses and everyone; she’s looks out and is cautious to make it safe.”



On Ying’s side she reveals
“When speaking about “Jan Dara” we can’t escape from speaking on erotica, because in every way possible it uses sex to tell the story. It speaks of love, lust, desire, vengeance; therefore love scenes is  unavoidable. Each love scene has its own beauty. Look at it with beauty, it’s beautiful.


In this part (sequel) you see more of “Khun Bun-Leuang” compared to the first part. In this part there’s lots of loves scenes just like before. I feel excited because this is the first movie in my life, and it’s also erotic, something I’ve never played before. But it’s just work, and having gone this far I want it to come out good. I want to image to come out beautiful. Every single vision is arranged by Mohm, she’s the one that would tell me to sleep here or there or how to do it. I admit that this is the most bold and most intense ever role in my life. I’ve yet to accept any lakorn or movie this bold or intense. I also feel that I probably wouldn’t dare to play this lakorn with anyone else besides Mohm. Reason being she gives me the perception that when looking at the scene it’s not too excessive, but truly beautiful.”


Translated News

Source: Thairath | January 8, 2013


  1. The mustache on Mario is just so odd on him. I don’t think I can bring myself to watch O in here, just breaks my heart LOL

  2. Hahahahahahahahahaha II don’t think I can bring myself to watch too. sigh. This is sad seeing Mario in this role.

  3. lol isnt she in her 30s? this is so wrong!

  4. I thought it was already over and the remake wasn’t even the same lol they sure changed and all.

  5. I feel disgusted…ugh…

  6. l don!t believe mario is doing his part in sex scene being a man he experiences that to gubgib alone in 9year lovers they made it already so mario will not leave gubgib due of sex done many times don!t make a crazy fans says it honestly in the whole word

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