Mario Maurer downgrades relationship status with Gubgib to the word “friends”

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  1. kbwblove says:

    sounds like they’re taking a “break”…seems like Mario asked for it though.

  2. GG says:

    ye! Good Mario!!! Lets break up with her!

  3. Lorie says:

    Ok im gonna be really far fetched here and say “Mario secretly in love with Yaya” have u seen the way he looks at her?? LOL i know this is probably the strangest thing anyone has ever heard but im just a lakorn fan hoping to see these two paired up in a lakorn. 😛

  4. Rhiel says:

    bye MarGib! hello MArFern!!! >.

  5. lovely yadech says:

    the break up its predictable actually…i have been wondering when they will broke up..or i have been thinking when mario will leave her..since he was very popular its so weird that he was very faithfull…there is no man like that nowadays…anyway hope both of them happy with their life…

  6. poe poe says:

    I think he love her, but it didn’t have so much love for her more than his friendly mind to her. It may be a long time friendship and no time to find another girl or no girl hasn’t been there understand and love for him as like Gubgib ,so their relationship became long term. After all Gubgib is not a girl, who was he can’t stay alone without her.

  7. marimar says:

    huh…goshhh…i like when he with fern..marfern???sounds good..

  8. Ma.Fe says:

    i dont care the issues of mario maurer, he’ s my one and only idol.. im her #1 fan hehe..i hope i can see him in person soon.

  9. Matt THana says:

    i feel sorry of this relationship

  10. andreanicole says:

    I dont like Gudgib to Mario <3 Coz he's only for Baifern <3

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