Mark admits taking Vill vacationing; uncomfortable talking about their status

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  1. Shampoo says:

    At first I’m like wow! He’s a man to protect her then at the end he’s like I don’t want to settle on one woman yet. LOL Thumbs down. ROFL

  2. Mey says:

    Lol @ shamp comment. Gosh ppl are so traditional these days. Can’t even be in his condo. Com’on ppl pulease don’t act all innocent. :/ fans can’t have him so why bother bashing who he’s interested in

  3. morningdawn says:

    Does anyone know why he left Ae agency , was it money issues like mai ?

  4. veebabie says:

    i think they dating,he even took her to see his parents.but knowing mark it wont take long him liking another pretty girl

  5. roni says:

    i love your neck mark prin i wanna kiss hug taste to lick it much ,.. your so handsome if i could have a chance even just a day with you …muah!! please i wanna hug you and wrapped my arms all over your neck …mua! mua! mua! ilove you ,<3

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