Mark dropped from endorsement deals

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  1. Tassy says:

    Poor Mark

  2. lynn says:

    Doesn’t anyone give him a little credit for apologizing to the other half in public?

  3. Pic says:

    In my opinion his apologize didn’t seem sincere so he got what he deserve.,

  4. Berry says:

    I doubt that this would make Mint herself feel any better. Although him getting dropped because of scandals is normal and is expected. This stuff happens often to celebs all over the world. Hang in there Mark.

  5. alwaizemeeh says:

    It is the consequence… poor mark.. next time think before you speak.

  6. Minfah says:

    i love u mark but I love mint more than…..

  7. -A says:

    That’s basically all of Mark’s main ads. Poor Mark. Hopefully everything turn out good for him. He should take a break.

  8. syaj says:

    I guess so. But replacing him with Boy Pakorn? One who had a sleeping scandal, it makes no sense to me some how? lol.

    • kimix says:

      Lmbo exactly my thought. Boy who sleeps with a big toe unknown gender is somehow more “suitable” lmao++++ but hey! He does suit mint lol they can become the next ad couple lol I wouldn’t care for neither.

    • anna says:

      i don’t understand whats wrong with boy sleepin with someone? his a grown man…not some underage teenager

  9. beans says:

    I don’t feel sorry for him. Whether or not Mint and her mom instigated this whole ordeal and have bad intentions towards him, talking rudely about and to an elderly, especially a woman, cannot be taken lightly. He deserves any punishment given to him, light or heavy. If it were up to me I’d halt all his activities and give him a period to reflect on his actions…even if he was the victi

  10. smeu says:

    I think they should give the work to Jamesji…he has ni scandal

  11. kimix says:

    Mark and Kim just shot a new commercial today. The ad should air soon. Lol boy can take the left overs lmao

  12. kimix says:

    Mark still looks so handsome as ever. I don’t think anyone can look as good as him. ^^ Fighting Mark. The storm will soon past.

  13. fadwa says:

    this source of rumors is a little bit weak mark just post a pic of milk foremost so for foremost it’s a fault rumor i suggest to change your sources

  14. Nono says:

    He deserves it. It’s a lesson. Hope he know how to act better as a public person.

  15. alwaizemeeh says:

    I felt bad for him but he’s already got other ads? Psh he needs more consequences!!!

  16. aymieluvsyu637 says:

    He or let me re-phrase this. Anyone that would say something harsh like Mark did should see this coming their way with work. That’s too bad for him but hopefully this will be a lesson learned because I used to really like Mark.. Don’t know how I feel about him now. Talking about an elderly like he did is a no no.

  17. samros suos says:

    Why they do like this for him?..I know about his mistake..but he appologized P mint’s mother..I very pity him..Don’t do like this to him.

  18. noy says:

    Every action has a reaction…there a consequences for all of our choices…I love my brother but if he made a wrong choice..I have no PROBLEM calling him out on it…I recently called him out on it. I don’t give a F**** who you are and how HOT they look…WRONG IS WRONG….

    • aymieluvsyu637 says:

      that’s what I’m saying. I’m a fan of his but I don’t care if you’re wrong you’re wrong. I don’t see why some people don’t get it. I guess if you’re bias then whatever the person do wrong will always be right.

  19. saramoua says:

    I don’t understand why he has to loose all his endorsements, while Mint did something bad too. This is unfair and Mint herself should come out and say something.

    • Duchess says:

      Mint did something bad? Please enlighten us as to what bad things Mint has done in this situation?

      Unfair? hehehe! He gets exactly what he asked for. You don’t bash someone and expect everyone to pat you on the back and give you a trophy.

      Mint has already had a conference where she has explained everything and even tried to save his face by glossing over everything. I don’t think she needs to do that again.

      I am shocked at how some people are so ignorant as to ask such stupid questions. I feel some people only read what pertains to their own interest and even then don’t have the judgement to tell right from wrong.

      • Ci says:

        Couldn’t agree more. (: ^^

      • saramoua says:

        She literally sent out a text that should of been personal no matter who she was sharing it to. I understand that she acknowledged that she shouldn’t had shared it in the first place.

        I never said that you should give him a pat on the back and a trophy, but yes it is unfair. She doesn’t get any penalty for her mistake of entrusting someone with something that is so personal.

        I’m not saying she needs to have another press conference about this situation I’m just saying a penalty should be given equally because it does not involve just one person.

        You’re shocked about how people are so ignorant, but you’re here reading this then and saying this and that. So is this not for your own interest? And it also goes to you that you don’t have the judgement from right from wrong, so don’t be saying that others don’t have the judgement. Yes, I felt this was unfair. Yes, I know he put this on himself. Yes, I know you must pay for your consequences. Yes, she apologized, but it just didn’t clear the fact about anything. Plus from the start this situation was already bad enough. Whether you like it or not I think both should be penalized, everyone pays for their mistakes.

        • Cherish says:

          So she should get penalized for him verbally abusing her and her mom? It doesn’t matter how it came out. He was wrong. So everyone was expecting her to just take his verbal abuse and help him cover it up? Let’s use this analogy, so if a man beats a woman she shouldn’t oust him? Is this what society has come to? She has an obligation to protect his image? Are you seriously kidding me?

        • Duchess says:

          First and foremost, without getting into too much human psychology, I will explain that we as humans are not creatures that are adept at keeping secrets. ‘Friends’ share their deepest secrets sometimes. If Mint shared something that was troubling her with her friends, then it is HER RIGHT. She ‘literally’ (I find this word is thrown in even when it doesn’t apply to some situations and is a bit redundant), sent out a text that was personal. She has the right to share it with whomever she wishes since the topic pertains to her. If she wishes to seek advice from someone in this situation, thats a reasonable thing to do. Most people would have done the same.

          She should not get penalized by ad companies because someone said something degrading towards her mother and her. What logic is that? If someone said they will’ spit on your face’, due to this, will your school suspend you? Obviously action will be taken towards the perpetrator, not the victim.

          You are a very confused person;
          1st post: “This is unfair and Mint herself should come out and say something.”
          2nd post: “I’m not saying she needs to have another press conference about this situation…”
          I don’t even need to explain why this is whack.

          “Yes, I felt this was unfair. Yes, I know he put this on himself. yes I know you must pay for your consequences. Yes, she apologized, but it just doesn’t clear the fact about anything.”

          What? You explain everything, and it still doesn’t clear anything? Let me explain, it’s because even when you are explaining the facts are skewed. Your own mind doesn’t know what it’s saying. You can’t pay for your consequences, you pay for your actions, of which the consequences are a result. He brought this on himself, therefore he deserves the result of his actions. You state that yourself, yet you are still confused…

          I’ve come to realise most Mark supporters in this situation are using such lame reasons to bash Mint. Even in a court of law this stupid argument wouldn’t even be called a rebuttal. The whole “X slapped Y. Y must be put in jail, is an inherently flawed concept.

          • noy says:

            Hear hear…I myself has shared txt w/fam and friends about situations I need to talk about and support.

        • Yu-chan says:

          Oh please! If someone sends you a text cursing your mom or dad, threatening to spit on them, you’ll keep it to yourself ?
          I don’t think so…

        • your ex says:

          For me who can read Thai, I must say that Mark dared Mint to capture the screenshots and that he will not tolerate any more. When Boy trying to cool him down Mark posted one picture of Mint’s mother ig. since Mark thought the picture Mint’s mother posted on her ig was directed towards him(a pssy* willow with humans climbing it with captions saying: not anyone will be able to climb it, but to only people who wrongly cheated their lover etc..) I guessed he thought she meant him and Kimberly scandal where Kim cheated on Jett with Mark.
          But even before that there were another Line photos leaked which netizens figured it was before Mint’s mother posted on her ig where Mark posted a picture saying something about ‘nothing look as bad as pretending to be cute and innocent outside tricking others’ on their 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Khao Line group. which Kimberly also typed a thumb up supporting Mark which totally means She and Mint are not that good friend anymore.
          Now even on ig pictures where 4 of the girls (Margie,Kim,Mint,Yaya) who often used to post pictures together but not anymore. If there’s Kim in a pic there’s no Mint, Mint present, no Kim.

          Anyways, I want this incident to be Mark’s lesson and hope he will learn from it and be a better person in and out

          from who used to love Mark.

          PS Sorry for my bad English, just want to make clarification that’s all 🙂

          • Duchess says:

            Thanks for clarifying. The whole thing is just so clear. I don’t understand Mark supporters who are trying to dig holes everywhere while being blindfolded.

            PS. Your english was just fine. ^^

    • Laila says:

      I believe Mint didn’t do anything bad. If you’re talking about the conversation being leaked, Mark did dare her to cap it so it’s not Mint’s fault but rather his for giving her permission to do so. Not only that but he’s losing his endorsement for his potty mouth – attacking mother and daughter by calling them esud and threatening to spit on Mint’s mothers face. I don’t think Mint needs to say anything anymore since this is now Mark’s problem. She’s not the one losing her deals but instead him so he should be the one dealing with the consequences.

  20. Berry says:

    Not in my case ladies. I like mark as an actor but I don’t think he’s all that good looking. Some of these ladies are just supporting their idols unconditionally but as for me I just don’t bash people who are already down.

  21. noy says:

    Some people may be bashing…MANY other are just calling it as it is..>WRONG IS WRONG> that is not kicking someone while they are down….He has many more lifting him up to “sainthood”

    • Berry says:

      I think we all came to the conclusion that he is very wrong, but is it wrong for people to have his back? Lol As far as saint I don’t know. I don’t see many treating him like saints but I haven’t read any other opinions besides this place.

      • noy says:

        Showing support and justifying/making excuses are 2 different things. Many mark fans don’t see What he did was wrong. On top of that they bash mint and her mom…

  22. Ci says:

    As much as I like Mark, I still think he deserves all this. It’s definitely a lesson. He’s lucky he still has a lot of fans supporting him though he did wrong. But damn. I wish this was all a dream. I’m a mteam fan. *sighhh* Oh well..

  23. Lucky says:

    Fighting P’Mark

  24. Yu-chan says:

    Bye Bye to the guy with no arm pit hair but a bad mouth…

  25. Mai says:

    So Chalida shared the LINE conversations, so what? She has no right to seek comfort from her friends? What they do with it after is not under her control. But what Mark did was under his control…he was the perpetrator. I’m sure ALL of you have shared text, LINE conversations, or even seek your friend’s advice on problems you’re experiencing too. Mark committed the wrong so he has to pay the consequences.

  26. morningdawn says:

    Soo soo na Mark!!

  27. Happy az says:

    That’s so over the top reaction. He had an heated exchange with his ex friends mother because she insinuated he will get bad karma for stealing someone else’s wife. He didn’t steal Kim from jet. You can’t ‘steal’ people’s love..they either do or they don’t. Mints mum should mind her own business and concentrate on her own daughter. Love Mark! Love Kimmy!

    • Mmmm says:

      If it is an over the top reaction for mint n her mom, then y did marks dumbass get so upset over it to the point where he would spit at her mom. He wasn’t even tagged in her ig post. Lol. Talk about ppl who over react. Lol.

      • Yu-chan says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more….
        Why don’t Mark’s fans put themselves in Mint’s position. If they get a nasty message about their mom wouldn’t they share it with their friends? How can they blame her?

        Someone who has disrespect for elders, especially a friend’s mother, and threatening to behave like an uncouth, gangster-like way should face his own circumstances… Look at HK’s Coffee Lam… She has been dismissed from her TV station for misconduct!

        • noy says:

          Haha…obviously Mark over-react…”gin poo lon tong”….love how ppl like to twist fact and justifying it

  28. Angie says:

    Lol… What he did is very childish! I’m guessing maybe some fan are really blind by love…love makes you blind etc…. Stupidity… I just don’t understand why he so upset by what mint’s mom post on her ig. It could be for her friend? A quote for the day? Whatever… It her page why he even stalking her page? He should mind his own business instead. Dud?…..

  29. Nicki says:

    Boy Pakorn cried during his apologize, that makes him better.

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