Mark Prin apologizes to Mint’s Mother, admits being hasty; begs things to end

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  1. Fighting Mark still support you

  2. YAY! says:

    OMG! K, I’m always biased with Mark. Lol. But he made a great apology! Susu P’Mark!

  3. Lyly says:

    Two faces people will be revealed sooner or after. He’s just an immature boy who is not ready to accept the reality in the world. Instagram is so broad for everyone. Unless they tag your name or put your name out there, so they mean to attack you. If they didn’t , don’t just be stupid and expose and accept as it is applying to you. If the story is not relevant to you just ignore it. If it is , grow up and suck it in because whatever she post is a real karma!

  4. Maii says:

    Protect kim? From what?

  5. Letthetruthbetold says:

    Honestly, this interview doesn’t even sound sincere. Its more of a fast cover up. I find it funny how almost everyone in the entertainment industry gives more moral support to mark than mint. “Fame”has definitely gotten to them. All I know is MK are complete BS. I don’t care what people say, but in my eyes, they are.
    “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”
    -Mahatma Gandhi

    • Sabrina94 says:

      I agree, Mark doesn’t sound sincere to apologize to Mint and her mom. We human have that common sense that we can tell if someone is being sincere or not. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

    • kremepie says:

      I agree with both of you. If he was actually sincere, he would’ve at least organised a time to meet up with Mint and her mother by now to directly apologise. Quite disappointing to see his true colours like this…

      • mouna says:

        I think too. All this mess began because they didn’t talk face to face. He should call Min’s mother and “Wai” to apologize, like that. I think he should go back with Ae Supachai cause since he changed the management He has more scandal.

  6. :) says:

    This tells me that he is still a little boy who needs to grow up. Seriously … Grow up Mark !!! U just look like an ass, I’ll be super piss-off if someone was to talk to me like that about my mother.

  7. lidya says:

    I’ve always loved mark n the gang. But this is a very hard thing to accept. He’s known to be close to his sister n family too, so i guess he wouldn’t like it if ppl say they want to spit on his mom’s face. So why did he do it? He needs to join some anger management class or somethg. Mature up, mark! Show some remorse and do whatever u hv to do to learn on how to control those anger boiling inside u. Sigh.
    As for kim n mint, what’s up? Did they fight too?@_@;

    • Sabrina94 says:

      I believe they had problem together. Kim and Margie made an Instagram account to sell their used items. The account follows Yaya, Margie, and Kim only. A Mint Chalida fan asked for a follow on Mint’s IG, but there was no reply and no following Mint Chalida’s IG.

      • lidya says:

        Oh…thank u! This is the first time i heard bout this.
        I dont know why but kim has been my least fav from d group while mark was one of my fav. Now that this happen, both she n mark really disappointed me. N mark apologising like its not even big matter..he has lost every last respect i had for him.

        • Kk says:

          Oh wow whats the big whoop. Obviously people find everyway to get mad at mk just cause MM isnt kwookwan anymore

          • Sabrina94 says:

            @Kk, I hope this isn’t real and that all these celebrities actually speak of the truth. I don’t want to see any of them to fight too. Mint and Kim used to be very close friends before?

          • Anonymous says:

            I agree with you Kk. Although I do sympathize with Mint in this situation and I don’t dislike her as an actress either, I think no matter what, people have always disliked MarKim–and ESPECIALLY Kim–from the start. Some are just trying to use this as a legit reason for why they dislike MK, Mark, or Kim.

      • mouna says:

        does she have an IG account ?

        • Sabrina94 says:

          Mint Chalida? Of course lol….all of the Thai Dara’s, each has an IG account. Also, there was no TAG of Mint in their photos too; not like what it used to be before. Before, if someone wasn’t on the photo they took, that person’s name will be tagged on.

  8. What a shame says:

    Poor acting for a poor apology.

    Mark needs to reevaluate himself. This is a huge disappointment. His lack of sincerity is such a turn off.

    Protect Kim? What a way to scapegoat!!! If rumors are true and he and Kim are dating then Kim is not a good friend towards mint. if Kim allows and accepts mark to speak ill of mint then Kim is no better than mark.

    Like the saying goes: man may come and go but friends are forever.

    If a girl chooses a guy over her “so called good friend” then she is not worthy of your friendship.

    Who would want to support an immature boy who speaks vulgar about “their friend’s mom”? I surely do not support him!

    Put yourself in mint’s shoes, if your so call friend had said “he wanted to spit in your mother’a face” obviously you would not accept such an insincere apology that lacked truth and genuine!

    Mark can save his breath for his mediocre work!!

    • Sabrina94 says:

      The problem is that no matter how bad something he has done is, he will always have his fans and ppl to support him; backing him up.

  9. jovialarctic says:

    Good job Mark!
    At least you admiting and apologizing.
    If you can learn from mistake, it can make the people to be a better person.

  10. wisebubbletea says:

    Reading the words is totally different from seeing the video. Just like how people always say, “The book is better than the movie.” I was ok with him while reading this. I felt kind for bad for him to have a press conference like this, but after seeing the video my perspective totally change. His expressions does not match his choice of words. He said he’s sorry, but his face show no supports at all. He even smiled! What’s the point of saying sorry if you’re not even sincere?

  11. Ci says:

    That moment when you’re a big Mteamer, haha. ;_;

    • asl says:

      It’s easier for M&M shippers to let go and if you are fellow Mteamer, you should have figured we all sort of lost hope a long time ago.

  12. starlight says:

    I really think Mark should not only re-evaluate his behaviour but also the people he is hanging out with. I mean his managers look like gangsters and too young to be giving advice to Mark. I can’t think of any thing that Mint might have done or said that is so bad enough for him to say that about her mother. It is so upsetting that he had to go that far. By the way does anyone else think they he is protecting kim in his interview? why does he need to? getting a bit suspicious
    I love Mark and have been a fan for a long time and it is just so disappointing to see him again and again in scandals. I can take the love scandals but not this. 🙁
    As for Kim unfollowing Mint that is just so immature. For Mark to be bringing Kim up means that Kim is definitely involved (whether she is the cause I dont know).

    • Kk says:

      No Kim is involve cause of Anti’s thinking Kim is everywhere Mark is.

      • Starlight says:

        Oh is it? I don’t know but Kim’s name is popping up everywhere relating to this topic! As I know kim has been friends with Mint longer than mark but how come no support for Mint. I’m not a Mints fan (only seen her pathapee Lakorn with mark lol) but I would imagine she would atleast show neutral feelings like bargie and yadech! I’m already over it but I’m not gonna watch mark and kim Lakorn for a while. It’s just not the same feelings anymore 🙁

        • Anonymous says:

          People are jumping to conclusions when they assume that because Kim unfollowed Mint on Instagram, she must support Mark for using vulgar language towards Mint’s mother. Yet no one gives her the benefit of the doubt that MAYBE she and Mint had problems of their own. Maybe something could’ve been said or done to Kim that caused her to be upset with Mint, leading to her action of unfollowing Mint on Instagram. It could’ve stemmed from the issue with Mark or not as well. We don’t know. But of course, most people just wanna assume the worst of Kim.

          • Sabrina94 says:

            u r really funny. r u the same as Kk?

            Kim has nothing to do with this why did she leave the LINE group chat with Mark?
            Kim and Mark left together, Nadech-Yaya left together too but with no side. Mint, Boy and Margie were left in the group. Eh, maybe Kim left but she’s not with Mark? 😀

          • Starlight says:

            I’m not assuming the worst of kim! I’m waiting for her to prove my speculation wrong but at the moment I can’t bring myself to watch her lakorns. As I have said it’s not the same feeling anymore and that I can’t help. I understand that you are probably Kim’s fan but you have to understand that if Kim was in Mints position you would have defended her the way Mints fan are defending Mint. I hope they can all be friends again but only time will tell.

          • Kk says:

            I think its funny that you think me and anonymous are the same person. You will never stop your assumptions huh? Kim left with mark? How so, yadech left too isnt that leaving with mark. You assuming Kim left with Mark

        • Anonymous says:

          Sabrina94, according to you, Kim left at the same time Mark did. Does that automatically prove that she’s siding with him? As I said, she and Mint could’ve had problems of their own, relating to this or not to this.
          I’m a Kim fan, so of course, I want to see her in a good light. But I’m not a fan who is too blinded and refuses to accept someone’s flaws and mistakes. If anyone can prove their speculations and accusations that Kim agrees with Mark’s actions, then I will accept it. As of now, no one has proven anything. All has just been speculation.
          Starlight, I understand. Of course I would try to defend Kim if she were in Mint’s position. That doesn’t mean I’m going to attack another person or anyone whose name comes up without any evidence and facts to back my statement. I don’t hate or dislike Mint at all–I’m actually neutral towards her; she’s just not my favorite or one of my favorite actresses. But that’s simply because I have different preferences from you. I don’t watch her lakorns, but that doesn’t mean I hate her. Even though we’re still unclear about Mint’s replies to Mark on the line chat, you don’t see me claiming that it’s because she’s just as bad as Mark and has something to hide. And that’s because I don’t know what she said to Mark. None of us do. And none of us know why Kim “unfollowed” Mint either; yet, almost everyone is choosing to assume the worst of her.
          I’m not giving Mark an excuse for the words he said, because I don’t agree with his actions as most people here don’t either. I’m just saying, if we’re making speculations on Kim because her name popped up, why aren’t we making speculations on Mint when her replies to Mark were never revealed? Isn’t that fishy too? I’m just simply leaving the possibilities open, since it seems everyone else is doing that, but they seem to be leaving only the negative possibilities open.

          • Sabrina94 says:

            All I said is that there is a positive side and negative side of a subject so ppl will think of the negative side first. -.- I didn’t attk u or anything. (Ex. Kk called everyone who opposed his opinion stupid.) I agree with what u said, Kim and Mint might have problem, we don’t know. Also about Mint’s side about the LINE msg, I also want to see it too.

  13. morningdawn says:

    You can only learn from your mistakes,Mark soo soo

  14. Cherish222 says:

    So disappointed in the thai elders and how they are handling this situation. Most people are supporting someone who has no respect for elders. Kim is not so innocent as people think either. I’m done with those two, I wouldn’t watch any of their lakorn so or support them in any way. Sorry but Ann also lost some of my respect for choosing sides, but I guess it’s all about promoting your lakorn and the people in it.

    Like mint’s mom said, if the picture doesn’t apply to you why even comment so that thorny tree picture does apply to them.

    • Kk says:

      Well how do know that picture is about protecting Mark? If the picture doesn’t apply to mint why does people make it apply to her, act like Mark, did Ann tag mint?no. You guys are just applying it to Mint. And Kim isn’t innocent oh boy no matter where Mark is, everyone drags her in. Don’t support them, so they still got many fans. If you’re mad at Mark be mad. Stop dragging in others. I see many of you guys acting like Mark too. Hypocrites

  15. alwaizemeeh says:

    Good. I thought it was only me. I thought it just sounded like some publicity stunt to save his ass and kim. Totally different from a sincere one. I vow to never watch mark and kim until mint and her mom is properly apologized to whether public or private. It wont take long to figure out whether he did or not. And it wont take long to find if his managers are still doing the same thing. You can say no ann an peter for me at the moment.

  16. Desiree says:

    the whole story is unclear, shld not side anyone. but reading & watching his apologies…feel that its not sincere at all. i loved mark since watching 4 HHKK. However, ever since he start pairing up with Kim,everything seems weird. The drama they acted are nice due to the interesting plot. I have to admit that they can act well. But personally i think they do not match. Mark & Mint.C make a better match, though Mint.C cant really act. Her acting still looks stiff. After reading the words Mark used in the conversation, i am so disappointed with him. It’s like he is not educated at all. I do wish they can reconcile their relationship as friend, which i think they won’t. Wish this could teach him a lesson, Think before you speak and dont ever trust anyone’s word without checking the reliability of it.

  17. Berry says:

    Mark is an ass for this but should he have cried like Boy did for it to look sincere? We gotta do better by making up our mind of how we want our Thai celebs to be guys. Lol

    • What a shame says:

      Mark do not need to shed tears in order for him to display sincerity. Sincerity comes from a pure heart, if he meant what he had stated then his expression body language would have agreed.

      The situation itself is shameful and yet he does not even ACT as if he cared! That boy look as if he had just woke up to the press conference which his hair undone and dressed sloppy. What a way to display a very PUBLIC apology.

      • Berry says:

        I don’t know what interview you watched but I watched one and I didn’t pick up sincerity nor did I picked up ignorance. He said everything he was suppose to say and admitted to his wrong doing. Whether he was sincere or not none of us are the judge of that. However I did see a clip of Mint letting the media know that she feels better and that she wants to work things out with him before she does an actual interview. Obviously there is no harm or foul here in this scandal so I think we can give this a rest now.

        • Shampoo says:

          Mint said that or Khun Somrak orders her to? Lol@no harm or foul then why is it a scandal? Hahahah

          • Berry says:

            You can say no harm or foul AFTER we see the reaction of the scandal hahahahaha you should know that

          • Shampoo says:

            What reaction? The people support him and call him a gentleman? Or the people who bashes him as nah dtua Mia? Or the ET people like Somrak and his camp being okay with him calling Mint’s mom e-sud and spitting on her? Or the reaction of Mint and her mom? If no foul is done, then why are we even in this article?

        • Sabrina94 says:

          That’s funny how u said there is no harm or foul in this scandal. Different ppl have different views. However, it is a common knowledge in the world that the younger ppl should respect the elders, no matter where u live and no matter how the situation is. It is somehow seems like the younger ppl of this generation think that “EVERYONE IS EQUAL” so they have no respect to the elders.

          In Mark’s case, he went way over the line by saying “I will spit on ur mom’s face if I see her” and he used very disrespectful words. Verb choice can change the whole meaning of a sentence or make it even stronger or weaker. Those words Mark used make his sentences to be really strong in a bad way. Also, Thailand is a country where the younger should respect the elders. Plus he is a ROLE model for the younger fans too. That’s why this is really bad. Even he isn’t an actor, it is still not acceptable to say something like that to a close friend’s mom.

          This is just my opinion. However, if u were raised in a country where the younger ppl don’t really or never respect the elders. Then I can see ur point of view that this scandal has no farm or foul.

          • Berry says:

            Well since we are talking about elders and it look like you kind of assume I’m young then let me tell you that I am 29 and I pick up hands to greet all my elders faithfully. I am not siding mark btw, but because I’m an adult I am able to see that this scandal can be forgivable. Not for marks sake but for Mint’s sake. So how I was raised in my country I think we are quite ok lol we assist and respect our elders and we make plenty of temple trips and we practice this thing called GET OVER IT

        • Sabrina94 says:

          Do you see what is wrong with this picture?

          the comments on the cards: You Are A Gentleman. We Love You.

          Just think, these girls are still young.
          Morality……..?????????Where is it?

        • what a shame says:

          It’s obvious we all watched the same interview. If you “didn’t pick up sincerity nor ignorance” then his public apology was worthless.

          Plain and simple: if you were in the same exact situation as Mint, you would not care for that type of apology especially coming from a so-call friend.

    • lidya says:

      Nobody expect him to cry. But he sure didnt potray any remorse when apologizing. Like it was scripted n he didn’t even bother to act like he care.

  18. song says:

    I was a Mark’s overseas fan and now I’m not.He disappointed me. i don’t want to support a man who says such a terriible thing to someone else. I waited because I expected some real apologies. a huge disappointment…

  19. The truth says:

    I kind of have an idea of what happened. I think Mark mentioned Kim because she had something to do with the message. Everyone on the comments mentioned that she stop following Mint. I’m guessing Kim and Mark are dating and Kim is pissed off at Mint. So she is the one who is probably saying those mean things to Mint and it wasn’t Mark. I also think that Mark had something to do with it as well because he was smiling on the interview.

    • Sabrina94 says:

      Kim definitely is part of the problem. I mean she’s also involve in it. There are some “LINE” group chats leaked out that show Kim gave Mark a thump-up for saying something bad, and it probably is about Mint. Kim also liked someone’s comment in Instagram about Mint in this scandal.

      • Kk says:

        He gave a thumbs up to Barry okay! Then she left the group so dumb

        • Sabrina94 says:

          How r u so sure Kim isn’t involved in this scandal?

          R u Kim herself? A close friend? Family member?

          Btw, the only person I think that is responsible for this problem is Mark’s manager. He plots everything.

          • Kk says:

            How are you so sure Kim is involve? Are you Kim herself? A family member?

          • Anonymous says:

            Well, from another perspective, since everyone wants to assume that Kim is the one behind all of this or that she MUST be involved, maybe Mark WAS the one who texted those words to Mit. And MAYBE Mint and Kim had an issue of their own that could or could not have stemmed from this issue. Maybe Mint said something about Mark and Kim or just Kim alone that made her upset with Mint.
            Also, for those who don’t know, Kim actually put a thumbs up emoticon to agree with Nadech who replied to the group chat saying, “Who the heck?” So if by her doing that means that she supports Mark, I guess it also means that Nadech has some part to do with this as well. (Catch my sarcasm.)

  20. Arraya says:

    I think he’s trying to ignore the issue and apologized just to get over it with time. Sound stupid to me. If he’s really sincere about his apology he would have made time to to go see mint and her mom and do it in person. He’s so immature. I wouldn’t consider a coward person like that as a friend. Why would he wait several days to say something… because he wants the press to die down before coming out to say ” hey…sorry for what I did. .. let’s put it all behind us now and move on… btw I haven’t had time man up to my actions”… Also I think everyone deserves to know what really went down. I’m not letting him go on this super easy..

  21. shmack says:

    That was not a sincere apology…look he’s all smiles.

  22. amaterasu says:

    The part that strikes me as really odd,is that he didn’t find the time to talk to mint and her mom? Obviously he has her line? So he can use that same line to ask if he can call or meet up with them? He can find her when he wants to talk dirty but he can’t find her to apologise? I’m not mark fangirl but I did like the kid. Really disappointed in him. And yes he needs new management, even if it’s not sincere at least don’t make it so obvious……. Amateurs……..

  23. himaori says:

    Lol, I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t like Mark and I quite like Mint but looking at the whole situation, I smell something fishy. First, why only Mark’s LINE chat was exposed? How about of Mint C? You know, a conversation means that there are two ways of communication. It seems fishy here. Secondly, why Mark had to say something rude to Mint C about her mother? Have you guys ever questioned about this? Everything has its own reason. The reason that someone is getting mad is becoz it is caused by another person or a certain object. Isn’t it common sense?

    I’m also an Asian and I know it’s very wrong to talk bad about the elders. Mark was wrong and stupid to say something out of anger. It’s not wise at all. But then why did he do it? Obviously to me there is no one innocent in this issue. People are easily manipulated by media and by some cunning person.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for being one of the few, if not the only logical and unbiased person here, who also happens to be fond of the “victim” (Mint) in all of this. I don’t dislike Mint–still don’t…yet. I’m okay with Mark, not a huge fan though. I think regardless of the reason Mark said what he did, it was still not right. Nothing can justify what he said whether it was said to someone older than him or just to any person in general. However, people seem to disregard the possibility that between Mark, Mint, Mint’s mom, and Mark’s manager, there probably isn’t one person who can’t apologize and take the blame for SOMETHING.

    • IRakLakorn says:

      I also want to know what Mint said to Mark. But to think of it, if Mint said something bad, then Mark will surely use it to clear things for him. But instead of saying or exposing what Mint said, he just apologized. So there’s a chance that Mint didn’t say anything bad or Mark just started saying bad to Mint until they argue and end with Mark disrespecting Mint’s mom.

      But after reading the article, it looks like Mark started the conversation by addressing Mint with an inappropriate word. So meaning, Mark started it. Even if Mint say something bad to Mark, it won’t change the fact that Mark started the conversation in a disrespectful manner.

  24. Kk says:

    Why are you guys dragging in kim? I know many of you guys are just MM fans and are biased. Talk about MM not Kim. There so much drama because of the fanclubs twisting everything just like those paparazzi. You guys think Kim is siding with Mark. Where’s the evidence you guys are just using stupid reasons to hate on Mk. Like no one dragged yadech in except anti’s just like you guys. I supported Mint’s side but you people are just making me think she deserves it well hahaha no more MM for you.

  25. Kk says:

    People said Kim and Mint are fighting how so? You guys are using stupid reasons to be mad at daras that she unfollow mint? Wow. Stop judging Mark and see that you guys are becoming like him. Just cause he’s a celeb. You guys cuss at Mark cause you guys are mad. Elder or not its not like most of you guys know what respect is too lol

    • Sabrina94 says:

      @Kk, what does it mean when I say ” F*** you”. And Kim gives me a “THUMB-UP” and like on my comment.

      And then a fan gives some bad comments about u and Kim also give them “LIKE” too.

      Does that mean Kim support me?
      Oh? She just mess around and click like and give ppl thumb up on their comments?

      I’m srry but Kim has something to do with this problem.
      If you want to know more, there are some proofs that some good online users got and posted them on this Thai website.

      I hope this help. I’m not trying to fight with u. Idk if u r a Kim fan or not. But I just want to point out.

      Oh and 1 more thing, the media ALWAYS think that fans and audiences like us are stupid. Why? Becuz even if something is real, they just make up stories to cover them up and we will believe. It is like
      the media says right, we all go to the right side, and left then we move to the left side. However, fans and the ppl watching them do have brains and have their common sense and knowledge.

      Common sense and knowledge? For example: the store across the street was controlled by a group of gang. u were standing and see police cars around it. ur common sense and knowledge should be like:something bad must happen there. It is dangerous over there, I shouldn’t go close there. While someone next to u (the media) tells u that a group of dancer is doing a show in there and u should go watch.
      Imagine, how many ppl go and how many don’t? That’s how the media is LOL.

      Srry for a long comment.

    • What a shame says:

      Quite contradicting on your part. Why are you leaving bias comments? So based on your bias comments you are a MK fan? <— That is me making an assumption because you're assuming everyone commenting are just MM fans.

      Kim's name was dragged into the scandal because of Mark, so don't use MM fans as scapegoats.

      Irrationally instead of being curious who leaked the Line chat, we all should be glad that we got to see his backstage characteristics. He isn't as charming as his looks because his character proved that he is plain RUDE!

      • Kk says:

        No you are dumb. Mark talk about her cause people Kept saying kim is supporting Mark, and that they are feuding. so he is just clarifying. Its all over IG that kim is this and that so he is just saying they arent fighting omg you guys are finding your own irrelevant reasons to go against Kim. MK fan or not you wouldnt get mad if you werent a fan of Mark or Mint. To drag someone in is stupid. Just like how people says its stupid mark involve his friends so why are you guys involving Kim. Thats dumb you guys are not any better than mark sitting and gossiping about thais like its your damn F***ing problem. Americas and Asians piss me the F*** off. Kim thumbed up Barry thank you very fcking much

        • lidya says:

          Are u kimmy’s personal e-bodyguatd or something? Coz u’ve been riding on everyone’s comments and spitting bad words. The only one dragging kimmy further into this matter here is YOU. Stop making kimmy’s fans look bad by losing ur temper here.

          Oh wait. Maybe u and mark can sign on the same anger management class together.

          • Kk says:

            Same goes to you guys. Support Mint, i’ll support Kim cause she didnt do anything. Did you get hit in the head that you cant understand. Like you aren’t acting like their bodygaurds. Such hypocrites

          • Kk says:

            You guys are ignorant. See evidence but make up different assumptions. Too lame

          • Kk says:

            She is neutral enough to not get in the news duh!

          • asl says:

            Glad to know that there are some sensible Kim’s fans. In every fandom, there are the blind, the craze, and the sensible one.

      • Kk says:

        mint was dumb enough to leak it. So she should apoloGize for making her friends get bash lol

        • What a shame says:

          Calm down now there is no reason for you to be angry over such a pathetic situation that mark created.

          Actually common sense mark is the dumb one, he should have known better not to be sending out vulgar messages; therefore it is his own doing that he is in this scandal.

          Don’t you find it amusing how you’re using vulgar language to “enhance your point of view”?

          Don’t you just feel DUMB for your poor behavior?

        • Sabrina94 says:

          How do u know Mint leaked the LINE msges? U said u were on Mint’s side before but keep defensing Kim and said that since ppl kept talking about Kim u will be on her side. LOL……Kk<—? This is a Kim fan for sure
          Do u have proofs that Mint leaked the LINE msges?

          If she did, was she wrong for doing that?
          I'm personally think she isn't wrong. As a close friend, Mark said those things to me, I would be so pissed and angry too.

          About being dumb, u should really reconsider this. LOL…..

          Celebrities wear mask all the time. We don't know if Kim is really innocent as she seems to be. This also goes with Mint. But in this scandal, Mark is wrong for 100%.

          Mint should apologize to her friends???????? That's funny.

          According to ur comment, I think it is ok if ur close friends tell u that if they see ur mom, they will spit on her face. And u still smile…..tsk tsk tsk

          • Kk says:

            Exactly celebs wear mask how do you know mint is so innocent. Like you arent her fan. Hell yes Im a kim fan no shame. Dont keep dragging her in. How is it not Mint, her messages are not shown at all in you look, the people sending messages to you would be on the left and yours would be on the left. None at the left. Only right. Im on Kim side cause Anti Kim fans love putting her in and putting stupid thought to make them hate people

          • Kk says:

            *the senders message is on the left while the receivers messages are on the right. None at the right. While 6 of the people involve is on the left except mint. She obviously leaked it duh

      • Kk says:

        So you are posting anti comments dragging in kim and stuff

        • what a shame says:

          Look up the definition of anti before you send out a response to me because clearly I never stated I was anti-Kim.

          • Anonymous says:

            One thing people should maybe keep in mind is that while what Mark said was very inappropriate, disrespectful, and much more, the other side (Mint, her mom, and anyone else) is actually quite lucky that they haven’t been exposed yet–whether it’s their messages to Mark, or anything else that can relate to this entire situation. Now if it were, could we say that Mark is the ONLY one at fault in this? Coming from a non-Mark fan and a non-Mint hater.

        • Sabrina94 says:

          U do know hat the LINE chat is a a group chat, right? Also, if Mint leaked it, was she wrong for doing that? Mark himself even told her to CAP his words.
          Personally, do u feel anything if anyone tell u they will spit on ur mom’s face if they see ur mom? U live in America right? I also live in America too. If someone tells me that, and especially is a close friend of mine, I wouldn’t let it go either. Idk about u, u probably smile and let them do it LOL. Living in American doesn’t mean we don’t have to respect the elders.

  26. Sabrina94 says:

    This is just SAD :

    These girls are still young. LOL , Look at their cards
    “You are a gentleman” “We Love You” “We Don’t care W/E happened”………….

    WHAT????????????????? Using disrespectful words and Calling a close friend’s mom and her “b****es” and told ur close friend that u will spit on her mom’s face when u see her.

    Oh…..idk what happens in this world. Tsk Tsk Tsk Tsk

  27. Kk says:

    And to Kim thumbing up Mark no she didn’t she thumb up to Nadech and said “p’barry” so Kim didnt follow mInt for the margie kim closet, maybe they didnt see the messages. Its possible for that to happen on IG. If Margie saw too she wouldve follow but they both probably didnt! You guys need to go re read. On here and sunkissedara

    • Kk says:

      In the news Mark clear it that Mint and Kim werent fightinng so you assumer/gossip little girls can finally stfu and stop dragging in people that doesnt involve. You guys will try to drag in anyone just to blame the ones you don’t like.

      • Kk says:


        • Sabrina94 says:

          -.- using Mark’s words to assume that Mint and Kim didn’t have a problem together?

          U do know that even celebrities have problem together, they would come out and deny it?

          For me personally, they probably have problem together. However, I hope they can still be close friends and not breaking up from the group.

          ~And I’m not a Mint fan, nor any of them.~

  28. Kk says:

    To admins of this site. Please, excuse my language. But i can’t stand these girls, the american culture has really gotten to us. To be acting this way

    • What a shame says:

      You can excuse yourself and please make it a habit to state for “yourself” instead of “us” because generalizing that we Americans share the same culture is ignorant.

      • Kk says:

        To say so is that for you guys to lose respect too. Talking about being asian and must know respect but almost none of you girls know what it really is

    • Sabrina94 says:

      American culture to us? U mean everyone in the USA? LOL, that’s just u urself

  29. :) says:

    Lol. IF?! …..mark would be a better person IF he hadn’t done that in the first place. But, IF doesn’t work on mark.

  30. Sabrina94 says:

    @Kk, look what Kim’s sister posted on her IG.

    R u gonna say she’s not supporting any side and just post this as normal? R u gonna say she is herself, and Kim is herself so this has nothing to do with Kim?
    What I don’t really get is why would Kim and Mark “LIKE” their ppl’s comments bashing about Mint. And Mark was really sorry for this but still “LIKE” ppl’s comments bashing Mint in IG…….

    • Sabrina94 says:

      Kim has nothing to do with this scandal? Kim is innocent?

      U can find the interview of that picture.
      If Kim is really innocent how come she left the LINE group chat with Mark. Nadech and Yaya left the group chat together becuz they don’t want to choose any side. So, only Mint, Boy, and Margie r left in the group chat.

      If Kim is really innocent and has nothing to do with this scandal and she doesn’t choose any side, then why did she leave with Mark?
      Pls tell me ur point…………….

      • Sabrina94 says:


      • Kk says:

        You stupid just cause she left the chat doesnt mean she left with mark. Why is yadech innocent when leaving but not Kim. Exactly

        • Sabrina94 says:

          keep defensing LOL…….tsk tsk tsk
          All I can say is some celebrities who have bad behaviors and attitudes becuz their fans support them to be that way.

          • wisebubbletea says:

            I know right. They say it’s okay to support, but I say that’s the wrong choice. It’s the same with supporting the one with bad behaviors AND leaving the conflict be resolved by the two parties because you want to stay neutral. That is just funny because how would they (the parties on conflict) solve it themselves when they don’t even want to talk or look at each other? If people really want things to end then they shouldn’t be supporting the wrongdoer.

          • Anonymous says:

            Not every fan supports bad behavior from their favorite actor or actress. I haven’t seen any proof on bad behavior from Kim; therefore, I have no reason to be upset with her. Everyone has just been speculating. If she really did unfollow Mint, and/or if she really did leave at the same time Mark did, those two actions alone don’t prove anything. Furthermore, people can assume anything. While most people are assuming that she’s taking Mark’s side, I assume that she and Mint could’ve had problems before this. Nevertheless, none of us know the truth. Your assumptions and my assumptions have two possibilities: I could be right or I could be wrong; you could be right or you could be wrong.

  31. Berry says:

    Well I said what I had to say and if any of you felt some type of way about it then that’s beyond my control. Mark was very wrong for what he did, but I guess I’m not the type who like to gang up on a person who makes mistakes nor am I the type who point fingers and bring up pointless views just to make people be on my side because I can hold my own.

    • Shampoo says:

      I’m glad you can fight your own battle. You forgive easily, that’s great. But you do realize where I’m coming from? To have people backing you up in the ET gives your more credence. Like people supporting Boy when he has scandal makes it look like he’s a good person and it was just a mistake. The same goes for Mark.

      But you know Nadech’s image tainted because of his scandal. When another scandal hit him, I don’t think he will survive in this industry. I personally think that because his scandal aren’t even as bad but because of his saintly image portrayal and the lack of supports he got when he has a scandal will be his downfall. All he has is his camp and that won’t leave him much credit because people don’t like his group of people.

      • Berry says:

        I understand your point shampoo I don’t disagree or took any offense because you are always pretty reasonable but noooo not my Nadech! Lol ok might be a bit biased when it come to him but i guess nadech just doesn’t do anything terrible in my eyes. Lol at least for now.

    • Sabrina94 says:

      I understand what u said and when I said “Barry” that not u, I mean the person in Mark’s LINE chat.

      Everyone deserves forgiveness for their mistakes if they really feel sorry and know it. But in this case, Mark doesn’t seem sincere about his apology and it seems like he was forced to say sorry.

      About ganging up Mark, NOPE. U will be surprise how many ppl r on Mark’s side while not many on Mint’s side. In the industry’s side, Mark got almost everyone’s support. It may seem like alot of ppl r on Mint’s side but as a whole it’s like 20% while Mark got 40-60%. The rest of the percentage is just neutral or nothing.

  32. Sabrina94 says:

    @Kk, u said Kim gave a “THUMB-UP” for Barry? R u sure? Here is the picture of their group chat in LINE.

    U can see Kim gave a “THUMB-UP” for Mark’s post. Her comment was after Barry’s but that doesn’t mean that it was for Barry’s comment LOL.

    AND Mark posted this picture before Mint’s mom posted her’s but Mark posted this picture in their LINE group chat while Mint’s mom posted hers in her IG.

    ~[Personal Opinion] About this scandal, they already have problems for a long time. Mark first posted this picture [] @ 6:27pm (6/8/14) to bash about Mint in their LINE group chat. Then Mint saw it and showed it to her mom and aunt. So her mom posted a similar picture which is a picture of the throny cotton tree in her IG
    [] @ 7:31pm (6/8/14). Then Mint’ aunt posted another picture in her IG talking about the guy is a female something. [] @ 9:19pm (6/8/14)

    Then Mark saw her mom’s thorny cotton tree and was on fired. He probably thought that it was a reply to his picture. This is probably the start of the war b/t them.

    Mint’s mom even said here [] that she did posted the thorny cotton tree. But there r so many ppl who saw it and Mark was the only one who got on fired.

    • Kk says:

      So she left the chat doesn’t mean she side with mark lol or maybe the thumbs was for Bargie? See you don’t know! Just assumptions

      • Sabrina94 says:

        Oh I have something to say to u too. U have the right to defense ur Idol and every one else also has the right to bash on ur Idol too if they don’t like or give out opinions to ur idol. U say Kim isn’t involved while some of us think she is. Each of us has our own right, the same as u. So, don’t go around and call everyone else stupid just becuz u think u know everything. None of us call u dumb or stupid by joining ur idol’s side and bashing on us. This story isn’t clear so there will always be 2 sides. So be on ur side, give ur opinions, w/e. What I found funny is u think everyone who thinks Kim is involved is wrong and dumb. Like u’re the smart one and ur thought is the only one that is right. Idk whatever u say but Kim isn’t innocent, same as everyone. Accept it or not, it’s the true.

        • Kk says:

          Not everyone thinks Kim is the culprit. (Again with another assumption lol) most Kim and Mark fans are not even on here. These are just mainly MM shippers and wants to find fault at MK,its always been like this. Maybe you don’t know since you “aren’t” a fan

          • Sabrina94 says:

            Funny how u said “it’s my assumption”….Ahaha, how about urs, not assumption? LOL

  33. Sabrina94 says:

    how smart r u by calling everyone else dumb and stupid? well, i’m not any fan of them cuz i have never watched their lakorns. but I saw u keep defensing Kim so ofc I now maybe have a side too. I did the research becuz the story is interested so I want to know more about.
    I’m not a family member of Kim or anything. Btw, LOL using my questions I asked u to asked me. Well, let me tell u. I said in the other comments that Kim has something involved in this scandal.
    Ok, lets make this straight. If Kim is neutral and has no side, why did she “LIKE” on someone else’s comments or pictures bashing Mint? OH, she’s doing that like normal ppl do? Eh, but not during this scandal, plus Mint is her close friend.
    I have never said that Mint is innocent just by looking at her appearance LOL. Pls try to go back and look at those comments. I said Kim may not seem innocent as she is and this goes with Mint too. This scandal is more complicated than it seems. Also, the ppl involve in here r not only Mint, her mom and Mark. There r more ppl for sure.

    So tell me, how r u so sure that Kim is innocent? her mom? her dad? her sister? or r u her servant? U’re defensing Kim and calling everyone else stupid. So, tell why u r so sure, 100% that Kim has nothing to do with this scandal?

    ~I’m not a fan of them. Just like u said before u were on Mint’s side but everyone else dragged Kim in so u will be on Kim’s side. U R ON KIM’s SIDE FROM THE START LOL. I’m on Mint’s side from the start becuz I said Mark is wrong for doing this even tho there might be something we don’t know. He should used a better method to clear the problem he has with Mint and her mom. Plus, I don’t understand why Kim has to LIKE other ppl’s comments and pictures bashing about Mint. Even her sister posted some of those pictures. Since u know everything and like the only “SMART” here, explain the story to us? and explain this picture why does Kim’s sister has to post this picture when Kim is innocent and is a close friend of Mint?

    • Sabrina94 says:


    • Kk says:

      How can I be on Kim’s side from the start when SHE WAS NEVER INVOLVED. You can talk about Mark or Mint but why is it that kim must be involve. Like one mentioned, mint and Kim must have a problem of their own. This article is not Mint and Kim. So stop putting her in. Yea okay you sound like a little girl. Im gonna stop coming and comment because you and many others are too ignorant

      • Sabrina94 says:

        🙂 it is funny when u call me a little girl but u r the one who goes around and call everyone else “Stupid” just becuz they think Kim is involved in this scandal. Right u r a grown up girl LOL……..
        As for the thought that Kim is involved in this scandal, we r allowed to think it that way. Everything has a positive side and negative side. U r like ” no no no Kim is innocent. She isn’t involved in this scandal. If anyone thinks she is involved in this scandal, u point to them and they stupid”
        Let me tell u a tip: prove it that Kim is innocent.
        And btw, u haven’t explained about the picture Kim’s sister posted yet.
        Posted a picture that has words talking about a friend being bad all that during this scandal, eh? Oh maybe she just played around? Or it’s for Mark, not Mint? 😀

        • Kk says:

          You obviously can’t spell. To be stupid is to put many things in one’s head to make them think a certain way. Even when the evidence is not there. About the picture Kim’s sister posted, I don’t know what it said, if you can post it again. If its in Thai don’t bother because I won’t be able to read it. If the picture does not apply to mint, or tag her, why assume? Just like you guys say its dumb for Mark to jump to conclusions just cause he saw that picture that Mint’s mom posted. Don’t just jump to conclusion and say its connected to Mint then starts talking crap. Funny when people talk about others but are no different. Prove it that Kim isn’t innocent and don’t just use assumptions, maybe she wants to be neutral considering she is already filming with Mark. And she is also very close to Mark, don’t forget. Why is it better for her to choose mint too. To be professional and separate work from the personal. To choose side is not right for her to do and put it out to the media, if she choose Mark, its wrong. To choose Mint, it is awkward too, cause she will still have to film with mark. To be quiet it better. Even is she chooses Mark, maybe they have a problem of their own and that doesnt necessary mean she thinks its ok to swear at mint. If you think Kim is a culprit, it should be okay for me to think mark had a reason to swear like that and that Mint was the one to put her friends in a tough position. ‘Nuff said!

          • Sabrina94 says:

            LOL, the word “stupid” obviously stick w/ ur mouth? I mean that’s the word u like to say most? Anyway, I can’t prove it if Kim is innocent, nor can u prove it Kim is innocent too. But all I want to tell u is that most ppl would think of the negative side of something first.
            I don’t think Mint is all good and perfect too nor any of them.

            I also think that Mark has a reason to bash about Mint’s mom. However, it is not right and to use inappropriate words like that to an elder is not ok. u do know that those words r strongly inappropriate, right? well, maybe becuz u don’t know Thai. if u know Thai, u will understand that those words better.

  34. Mai says:

    Lets be civil everyone. Opinions are welcome but lets steer clear of personal attacks

  35. Amy says:

    I think I can understand a little bit of what must have happened. If you read past interviews about Kimberly’s feelings for Mark. It was written that Kim had feelings for Mark and she even left her boyfriend at that time for him, but Mark was not interested in her because he was close to Mint. Mark and Mint have been close friends for long time and they are dream couples or something. Did you forget to read that Kim was following Mark everywhere he goes. So she must have done something to cause a rift between Mark and Mint to break them up so she can have Mark. And Mark is soooooooo stupid to have fallen into her trap.
    And now Mark and Mint are not friends anymore after the scandal, and Mark and Kim became very close all of a sudden. Doesn’t anyone find this so stange?
    Well, Mint can leave this group as long as Kim is there. This is like a real life drama. She is better off without them. She can work on her own and not depend on them and show them that she is better off without them and can still become famous.

  36. Aytan says:

    Time has proved that it was all about Kim…she was cheating on her boyfriend Jett with Mark , thus, Mint’s mom was pointing them…the truth hurts so Mark wanted to protect the fake reputation of Kim clean (I suppose his own reputation, too) so he aggressively attacked Mint’s mom. Now, he says he not only loves but respects her hugely….really??? Adultery is something that evokes respect????

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