Mark Prin – Boy Pakorn replaces Nadech Kugimiya as Presenter King

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  1. morningdawn says:

    Love Mark ♥♥

  2. No way says:

    Haha.. Exaggeration .. I love boy and mark but to replace nadech… No way… If it is true, nadech will pick up work elsewhere with no problem. Media is crazy.. Almost as if they want the boys to fight to make more news.. I bet mark and nadech saw this news and laughed.

    • pink_juliet says:

      I agree. Exaggeration. This incident came and went by fast. The media still stirring up something that isn’t there anymore. Nadech is still on top of the Thai ET.

  3. newtolakorns says:

    Nobody is indispensable. It was a very unfortunate news about Nadech and his mom and one of his endorsements. I hope that situation wouldn’t leave a long lasting affects on his future works.

  4. Shampoo says:

    It might not be an exaggeration that the other two are getting endorsement deals. Nadech might lose some but also gain some. It’s a cycle. Many people lose commercial deals all the time but since this is Nadech who constantly have CF and known to have many endorsements seems big cuz they don’t extend the contract in addition to his scandal with Unilever. Plus, with Ae’s scandals as well, everything just seems to fit right that no one is favoring Ae… according to the media. lol

    Plus, the deals that Boy gets from Unilever or True Move is not the same brand that Nadech used to endorse. However, whether they all will agree to work together or not is to be seen.

  5. Mai says:

    This isnt the first time that there’s claims that Na’s lost endorsement deals. I translated that interview too. It was way before the unilever ordeal. However work ethics will have an affect on endorsers keeping you as a presenter. Personally I dont think Na and his mom handled themselves well in the unilever ordeal

    • K says:

      Sometimes I feel like Nadech is like a little boy who can’t do anything himself. He allows se and his mom to dictate his life. It’s like he sold his soul to the devil. As a fan I get annoyed with him sometimes because he make it seem like he doesn’t much about the issues and people are always solving problems for him. It’s not going to make me stop following his work as an actor but I’m going to lose respect for him as a person.

      • cil says:

        For me i think he is too grateful. He dont know how to refuse the elders. I hope he’ll change when he know how to refuse them nicely as he is going older =)

      • Shampoo says:

        I think we all want a man who can dictate his own life. I think he does but he’s not going to prolong the problem and wanted it to end with “let the elders take care of it.” So, that way the reporters don’t drive deep into questioning him. It’s just that most of his works are probably going through Ae first.

        His downfall though is his love for his mom. Who wouldn’t love their own mother? But sometimes, you can tell your mom to rest. He’s not a teenager anymore. He can be responsible for himself and his work. He’s a man too. Not a girl.

      • Mimi says:

        I agree on some parts of what you said. The Momma’s boy role is getting quite lame… There are boundaries when it comes to decision making with your mom as an adult…. What’s good about him being a Mommas boy is that he follows morals and ethics and does merits setting good examples for the younger generation. Also he’s very humble and definitely talented and articulate. I still have respect for him because he’s a hard worker … Lets just hope he tone it down a bit with the Mommas boy thing.

  6. cil says:

    I can accept if it was Boy,coz he is the one of popular p’ek now with a quite lot of lakorn, and people like his personality too which is funny n open minded. As for Mark, except good looking, I dont see him as a great entertainer. He is not fun like Boy n Nadech, stone in acting, cant answer interview properly, not open minded, pretending, I mean I cant see his true colour. I dont know why he is getting popular, good looking maybe. But Boy n Nadech, Nadech is more fun to watch n to know. No matter what happened, Nadech has always a lot of his fans who keep supporting him. For me, he is popular because of himself

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