Mark Prin denies increased fee resulted in less work

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  1. Mai says:

    I think dumping Ae as soon as he did was his biggest mistake. As scandalous as Ae is, he does his job. He makes sure his newbies are properly promoted

  2. veebabie says:

    he says he is busy filming larkons,im not mistaking does he have only one larkon to film,he should not have left Ae

  3. Shampoo says:

    He has never been busy with events. LOL You can only really increase your fee if you’re really in demand that clients are fighting for you. The biggest offer gets to have you.


  4. Sunflower90 says:

    Why live in the past when we live for the future? What he decided to do is done and over with why continue to bring up the same situation over and over again. Can’t we just support his decision and move on…? Fighting Mark!

  5. morningdawn says:

    I love Mark and i will support his decisions ♡♡

  6. -A says:

    Regardless, if he is going to be better or worst without Ae, I think he make a good choice to get out of Ae’s industry. It’s obvious that the two of them don’t get along. Just look at them when they’re together.

    • Mai says:

      why how are they when they were together? I’m curious cause I dont really understand their relationship dynamics either

  7. Shampoo says:

    I think it’s more cuz Mark is rebellious. During training he probably focus too much on having a gf and not focusing on what Ae wanted him to learn. Plus, Mark probably lie to Ae a lot about girls and stuff. And even though Ae wanted to promote Mark as a pra’ek and Nadech as a model… at the end Nadech was more successful so Ae stood by Na a lot. It’s probably Ae’s always attach himself to Na that he barely give any attention to Mark as well. And even when Mark was with Ae, Ae barely mention Mark. You just know Mark isn’t one of Ae’s favorite.

  8. Mai says:

    I always assumed that Mark already has his own backbone cause he’s so well loved by the producers he doesnt give a shiet about Ae lol. But I think for events you still need a good manager working for u. Ae’s been in the business for a long time, he knows the ropes

    • Shampoo says:

      That is one of the reason Mai. Like he gets lakorn regardless of Ae. Cuz they all have contract with ch3…. But for events and CF you need a good manager. Like even Aum still have Ae handle her CF.

  9. Kizukami says:

    wait, he’s only filming that one lakorn with Kim right now but he claims he is busy filming lakorns? ROFL
    well mark doesn’t have many events after all

  10. Mai says:

    I wonder if he’ll go back to Ae

  11. cil says:


  12. roni says:

    i love your neck mark prin i wanna kiss hug taste to lick it much ,.. your so handsome if i could have a chance even just a day with you …muah!! please i wanna hug you and wrapped my arms all over your neck …mua! mua! mua! ilove you ,<3

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