Mark Prin finally willing to admit! I also love Kimberley

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  1. Kimix says:

    love MK. be happy they are happy. some people too much, too crazy jealous bc they can’t have what MK has. always with you Mark and Kim.

  2. Naisbel says:

    Thanks Mai for translate this article. I happy for Mark n Kim. Thanks again

  3. angielee says:

    good that you love her. MARK, please love kim forever. just happy for you both if you guys really inlove and not for something ealse.

  4. Mouna says:

    I did loved them together when they didn’t have messed the friendship they have with the others but now, well it’s good for them they are together but the price they did pay to be like this worth to much.

  5. Ndependentlady says:

    Congrats I hope they will be happy for the rest of their lives all celebrities need hope, faith and love too as well! We are all human we all make mistakes no one is perfect in life. May god bless them both with lots of health and wealth!!! I am definitely a fan who is rooting for them both together or separately!! Can’t wait for their next lakorns they are definitely very talented two people!! Regardless of bad rumors remember people their is always 3 sides to a story the two that are in it and then their is the TRUTH! Don’t judge no one and keep your faith going! God bless!!!

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