Mark speaks the truth, 2017! Lom Gang will never be the same

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  1. Lily says:

    I don’t understand why Mark need to make that comment.. why can’t he just let the girls enjoying their moments together. The hugs and kiss seem sincere from both girls. Why try to create more drama.. seem like Mark still a B***h about what happen. (Really Kim stumble through all those photos) ??? she’s one clumsy girl.

  2. Starlet1985 says:

    She stumbled Mark? Really? *smh*

  3. ygent says:

    he was joking tho. mark and mint will probably never be cool again . cant blame them. the whole situation was messy and mints mom is to blame imo. cant believe a grown woman like her did something so petty like that

  4. Nicki says:

    What ever Mark said was possibly out of sarcasm. Again, depending on the situation a friendship can never be repaired between mark and Mint But because they work in the same industry, you just have to be civilize to each other. I don’t blame him for not being close to Mint anymore.

  5. Mouna says:

    The real problem of the storie is Mark, since he left the care of Ae Supachai he seem to have forget the word respect. Mint didn’t do anything to him but the new manager of Mark and the Mint’s mother don’t get along. I don’t what he said to Mark but since He lashed publicly at her with twitter. He lost the like I had for because no matters what you must never touch a mother. I don’t he would like someone to do that to him so he shouldn’t do it

  6. Seriously says:

    Sarcasm and jokes can’t hide the pettiness in his words.

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