Mark stress seen as bad boy as misbehaving pra’ek M-P

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  1. Shampoo says:

    KCL is so misinformed. The news didn’t said it was pra’ek with initial M-P meaning Mark Prin. It clearly said two pra’ek with name M and P with two different managers. It didn’t even said that it happened during the channel 3 party. The news clearly said it happens at the hotel where he stayed (which wasn’t where the channel stars stay at). Basically, this hotel, the dude knows the people there because he’s a frequent customers there. The managers called them for a suite cuz they’ll be staying with 8 famous pra’eks. The condition was that they have to take pictures of the hotel and promote it. When M and P arrived though, they didn’t arrive with famous pra’ek. They arrive with some not famous people but the staff didn’t say anything. They basically went to party and come back at the hotel to drink more.

    I read at kapook comments that Bella and Preem were also the two girls with M and P. I read that P was Pope and not Boy. -shrug- Take it with a grain of salt.

    • cool :) says:

      P for Pope? Pope does NOT seem like that kind of person. I doubt it was him.

      • Shampoo says:

        Pope always have constant news of being an arrogant and demanding praek. Ruen Mak praek.

        • cool :) says:

          really?.. this is the first time hearing that. I heard he was a down to earth person,hardworking etc. He evn teaches little kids how to draw X) And i thought awhile back,there was an article about him saying that he never drinks,which to me..ehh maybe “never” but rather “rarely”.I hope it wasnt him becuz it’ll just ruin his whole image for me :/

          • Shampoo says:

            LOL your version of him is very godlike. Maybe, he might have some good in him but the stuff I heard about him isn’t all princely at all. But I think it’s the youth that makes them wild. I don’t blame them.

    • teran says:

      thanks shampoo, for the updated info. i feel bad now to think it was mark and boy because they are close friends. if it was pope, then who could ‘m be?

  2. -A says:

    How confusing?????

    I felt bad for Mark because he’s always having bad news. Hopefully, things get better for him.

  3. :) says:

    He’s not even cute. 🙁

  4. SangSS says:

    Why the reporter not tell clear about this news, give all the people guess by ourselves . Do like this can effect on the name of people that start from later M&P. Because M have several people like : mark ; Mario ; ……..
    P : pope , por , pakorn …..,
    So they should report clearly about this.

    • Shampoo says:

      It’s Mark. Even the TV Pool reporter said they knew about the situation when it happened lol but they try to help by not making it into news but can’t help it now that it’s out. Lol

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