Mekala Award 2013

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  1. Fun says:

    I’m so disappointed. But congrats to everyone.

  2. Waverly says:

    I’m also disappointed. The winners were no surprise though…

  3. loveNY says:

    NY looking so good together!!!
    Congratulating to my NY!! 🙂

  4. Bickie says:

    Dome as best actor?? I mean his acting did kind of suck but I watched that whole lakorn because of how handsome and appealing he was and that he looks super good with Mai Davika. Nadech and yaya lol yea we figured they’ll get something but goodness they look good together..

  5. Lovely girl says:

    Dome win award why no Mai ? They act very well in ” Tawan Tor Saeng “.

  6. newtolakorns says:

    Lalita, thank you so much for sharing!

    What was Aom P wearing? Nadech and Yaya look good; Janie looks very fit.

  7. cil says:

    Yaya for best actress?? no comment, there are lot good actress besides her. i love her GRGR anyway, the best acting from her maybe. i see a lot of Nadech’s potential to win many award here. Dome for best actor,its weird. should be Nadech. it is not because of his fame but hes really good in acting. Nobody has same eyes as him. the eyes of anger,love,sweet,sad,kindness,pyscho etc. 1 for ch7,1 for ch3 maybe

  8. Lalita says:

    @ cil it seems like there’s a bit of confusion to best actors and the awards in general. Nadech seem to have gotten best actor as well. It’s a confusing award show

  9. cil says:

    Haha,agree..confusing award show. They know better

  10. See says:

    This is a good joke. Dome as best actor? Well he was tolerable on screen and despite that his acting was a little sissy here and there, for the most part he was constant. He gets away with a lot due to his lack of experience and looks. That however doesnt give him the qualifications of a top actor or one to receive an award. lol oh well. this is probably a once in a life time moment for him so allow him to experience the glory while it last. It’ll take a while for Mai to be nominated for any type of awards unless its a popularity one because she’s still lacking in many areas, one being her voice. Her only strong quality is her crying skills. Yaya overacted quite a bit and gawd she needs some voice lessons for when she yells but she had her moments where she excelled a few scenes. Nadech? Arthit was already a boring character to begin with but Nadech literally made me fall asleep. In that scene where the grandma passed away and Arthit was crying at the grave, instead of feeling sympathy and in with the character, I laughed at how unconvincing Nadech was because he looked so constipated. Funny how Nadech won a few awards for TNNKK but when for once, Yaya wins people start questioning. As if Nadech’s acting in TNNKK was award worthy and as if his acting on another level from Yaya. Generally, Nadech is slightly a better actor but in the particular lakorn, Yaya did better.

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