Mew Nittha admits to eyelid surgery

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  1. Ceebe says:

    She’s cute and a pretty good nang ek.. I wouldn’t mind watching more of her

  2. pink_juliet says:

    I applaud her. Come out to admit to it. End of story.

  3. See says:

    Wow, she’s one of the few actresses who actual admits to doing surgery. Theres nothing wrong with it but these celebs like to claim that they’re natural lol. Good for Mew

  4. stacie says:

    I really admire Mew Nita’s honesty. She is one of the few celebrities who admit to plastic surgery. Regarding this eyelid surgery, I also underwent it three years ago. My blepharoplasty procedure was performed by a reputable and skilled plastic surgeon named Dr. Jerome Edelstein and the results were amazing. Thanks to this cosmetic procedure, my eyes are bigger, more open and more youthful now. By the way, Mew looks more beautiful after this eyelid surgery! 😉

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