Mike Pirath admits he’s the Father of Sara’s baby

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  1. Sam says:

    Wow!! Congrats on a baby boy, Mike. I respect that he took responsible, what’s up with the reporters, they don’t understand that he and Sara r no longer a couple but friend also asking him very personal question and of course he didn’t answer it. Greez!!

  2. nozblue@aol.com says:

    well.. wow what can we say… hello there is a thing call condom use it . it for the head.

  3. :) says:

    Lol !!! Party time is now over.

  4. so did he went to the labor room?

  5. ryan says:

    So good that he admits it. Really was hoping this wont be a film type drama.

  6. Berry says:

    I respect the responsibility n all AFTER it was leaked but if it didn’t leak yet I wonder how long he was going to keep this child a secret.

  7. turkishkız says:

    wow i’m so shocked o_O
    i saw his drama “full house” a few days ago and i liked it a lot. Thought that he was goodlooking too. I wanted to visit his dramawiki site to see what kind of other dramas he had….and then i saw “One son with sara…” and was like “hmm wtf?…is this the wrong page? that info was not here a few days ago” lol…

    but man i’m disappointed…i hate it when guys impregnate a girl before marriage (and also a girl he broke up with)…should have used a condom….but well that’s my opinion, i’m kinda conservative.
    still wish him luck and congratulations, it’s his life afterall.

  8. syaj says:

    Congrats to the new parents. Very happy that Mike is taking responsibility.

  9. Duchess says:

    With all these celeb pregnancy scandals, I wonder if they know about condoms…Why would you risk your career over this? You don’t have to abstain, just use a condom. Simple. Easy.

  10. all of you that just mention his responsibility to use a condom, but it’s as much the woman’s responsibility to use birth control as well, so accidents like these do not happen

    • Susy says:

      well said

    • Duchess says:

      I don’t think anyone mentioned ‘him’ specifically about using the condom. Both the condom comments just suggest the use of a condom.

    • Amber says:

      Who knows, maybe she wanted to get pregnant so she didn’t use protection…I mean, most girls would probably want to have Mike as the father of their child lol. So if Mike didn’t want this to happen, he should have used protection himself.

  11. See says:

    I am so shocked by this news!! I never saw this coming, although Congrats to Mike and the mother of the baby. Whatever decisions they make I will stand with them and be cheering them on. FIGHTING MIKE!!

  12. Sophia says:

    Seriously now, do ya’ll really think that he’s not smart enough to use a condom? Maybe the condom broke lol. There’s always that 1% chance of getting pregnant even using protection & he just had that luck lol.

  13. sinta says:

    I just wanna say ..mike ,you sacrifice your career for love one night

  14. s says:

    Leave him alone by the way. He takes responsibility anyway. Yes, he was disappointing us as a fans, but he just like us, who can make big mistakes like us too, nobody’s perfect, right? Jugje people means that u are a perfect person. Come on!
    Hope Mike do the best for his son. And congrats fir cute Maxwell , daddy mike. Fighting Mike

  15. Kimi says:

    Oh please, he sacrifice himself for a one stand? He dated this girls for so many years then broke up with her and got back together with her.

    The only thing she is stupid is to trust her life with him. The break through for her is catching him cheating on her while she was pregnant. And he claimed he only knew she’s pregnant when they already broke up.

    Everything he said at the press conference is a lie.

    And people accusing her of not using protection? Please girl, why didn’t he use it? Why does he expect her to? If he is that worry he shouldn’t think to satisfy his head down there first.

    You fans should be thankful she didn’t come out to expose him like other girls. You should be grateful.

  16. inra says:

    Well, it must be the second verse of full house, called fool house. His life is such a drama.

  17. amber says:

    So shocked reallywhen he post pic of a child saying his son..i google it and bingo it is true…he has a son…he puts into reality his drama full house..only he added a child lol

    • Mel says:

      puh-lease nobody’s perfect!! and having a son (planned or unplanned) still a blessing.. and public figures have a lot (secrets) behind there closet!! and they have a right to commit mistakes….

  18. Buddhi says:

    Wow you are looking so cute you and you are wife

  19. Maggie says:

    I respect that he didn’t get married just because. You can be a single dad, and still take responsibility. I think it’s better this way.

  20. Rineue says:

    I am happy to know that Mike is a responsible dad for the baby. Even though people judge him in a negative way, still I believe that it is a good idea to take responsibility than denying that he’s the father.
    Congrats to you Mike and Sara, and baby Maxwell.

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