Mike Pirath defends Yaya Urassaya on “naa kliat” comment

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  1. Mey says:

    Wow! So many news tonight. 🙂

  2. Lovely girl says:

    The pic of yaya very ugly. I’m very afraid when I see this pic.

    • vidditrozz says:

      Wow, just like Mike says, “Regardless of what faces she’s making, I would say she’s beautiful anyhow”. That was a very rude and unnecessary comment you have made, and I pity you.

    • ilovethai says:

      your username is “Lovely girl” but by the sound of your comment you don’t seem to be lovely at all. I bet you quickly judge people on the outside and I pity you! Remember that not only the outside matters but the most important is the inside!

    • crazylovelygirl says:

      omg you’re crazy, yaya is like one of the most famous and most beautiful actress in Thailand, just because of a picture you say she’s ugly? Geez dude

  3. loveNY says:

    Mike seems like a good frenz to yaya…
    Anyway, I still love yaya!! Beauty is in thr eyes of beholder 🙂

  4. Sunflower90 says:

    I don’t see anything disturbing about the photos taken of Yaya. She is young let her be her age. Come on!

  5. YAYAFAN says:

    whatever her yaya’s face is I think she’s still beauiful and I admire her so much because she is real

  6. Just someone says:

    hahaha… this is a joke right?…. Nong Yaya is so adorable in every way …. it’s even adorable + funny to see her with the big grin. Can’t believe IDIOTS would say such things to someone who’s enjoying life, NOT HARMING anyone, but making a good career for herself. I’m in the military, being one in a few women in a man’s world, I’ve gotten bash in every way, in the military world and civilian world. Having guy friends, laughing like there’s no tomorrow, THERE’S NOTHING “NA – KLIETT” about that picture. It’s not her common image of herself, but it’s definitely a normal pose by humans. She’s my adorable funny n’ek and I don’t see a problem with that picture. I risk my life and my family’s life everyday and as well as the citizens and comrades and still can’t satisfy everyone. Nong Yaya can’t satisfy everyone too, even with her pearly whites.

    If you’re one of the idiots, I say, start worrying about yourself and look into what inner psychological problems you have. If I offend someone, then I’m sorry but not too sorry. This is the 21st century and we all evolve. My mindset from eastern culture to western culture also has evolved. Fix yourself or I will. Let these young celebrities enjoy life a little and be proud of them for their dedication to their work, family, and fans.

  7. Just someone says:

    Corrected: I risk my life to protect my family’s life and as well as the citizens and comrades and still can’t satisfy everyone.

    Watching her and fellow actors/actresses makes life at ease. Seeing them laugh and smile, enjoying themselves and not bashing others but minding their own businesses.

    I don’t watch a lot of thai lakorns due to my work, but when I do (like every 2 years on and off), I admire and enjoy their acting.

    • Teda says:

      🙂 People these days have nothing to do, but criticize. She’s a normal human being just like everyone else.

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