Mike Pirath deserves no praises as a “man”

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  1. px says:

    Well if they don’t love eachother there’s no happy life

  2. pam says:

    Mike is a jackass. Hate his lakorn, didn’t even bother watching it. Biggest asshole ever

  3. Kizukami says:

    what kind of father would wouldnt want to sigh his own child’s paper?

  4. lilthasli says:

    Talk is cheap. Action shows more truth! And seriously where was he for all those 9 months! If he claims to be the father.

  5. ash30 says:

    Mike did what he had to do to safe face. He knew he can only deny the baby for so long until it explode in his face. He is not a man for doing something because his hands are tied, in fact it is the opposite. This child will forever be tied down to this scandal, where the father didn’t want him but eventually did due to pressure.

    Thai industry are starting to become like Hollywood, where bad behaviors are being rewarded. it seemed these celebs will pushed just how far they can go before their career is ruined by their immaturity. But unfortunately, there are a lot of fans that will stand by and support their favorites and comes up with all sort of excuses for their beloved one. Nothing in their eyes will tarnished the celeb they worship.

  6. Nanthao says:

    They don’t have to get marry! The baby is his and he was a coward didn’t want to acknowledge it.

  7. syaj says:

    Amen and I totally agreed. He, himself is still a baby. Poor mother and child are probably better off without him. He did what he did to save his face from shame.

  8. Yui says:

    i dunno about Thai culture *just got from some lakorns* but i thought that Thai culture is just like other countries in south east asia. how come people praise him for being a jerk? sorry, but yes, jerk! they wont get married becuz they broke up already? oh cmon mike, after fu*king her you dumped her and wont take any responsibility???

    ah.. that’s why, they need to use condom!! like seriously! poor the baby, if he could choose his own parents, that this Mike and Sara won’t be on his list! this baby would choose parents with a marriage status, so this matter won’t be a problem for him in the future.
    i have nothing against free sex, but please be safe!

  9. chouu says:

    I’m sorry, im not a hardcore fan of his but i respect his decision to keep the DNA result within the families. Adults in their right mind would all know by now that he’s the father. Even if he imply that he isnt or not. The reason i support his decision is because a DNA of a person, especially the baby is very crucial. The baby had no choice in this yet.. on releasing his information to the public and we all should respect that. By all mean….. the doctor can always come out and confirm that he did execute the document of the DNA test… but then again…. pple will accuse him of bribing the doctor to say it. ….. AND AND AND… im not saying he’s a gentle man with the situation going on either.

    • Shampoo says:

      You can respect his decision… But what does that make the baby and mother looks like? He makes her looks like a cheap person who he can order to do this and that, and people is still accusing that he’s not mike’s son? I don’t think I want my son to grow up being a secret or not having a father. You don’t expect people just disregard when you announced you’re getting a DNA test. Might as well not say at all… That’s the point.

      • chouu says:

        you do have your point. i agree that it makes the other party look cheap (especially the kid, poor baby). but then….. i dont want to blame her or anything…. she did do it with him before marriage or anything official…. isnt that already cheap in thai culture?… just saying.

        • Shampoo says:

          Who say they couldn’t have sex as bf/gf… that would be a saint would they? even the most traditional probably the most wildest. Just because they have sex before marriage doesn’t give him the right to insinuate that the baby isn’t his but he will be raising the kid. HAHA He’s making himself the hero.

          • chouu says:

            I’m not saying that they can’t have sex before marriage nor did i meant that he had the right to look down on her…. All i meant was, with or without him making her look cheap…. She was already portrait as a cheap person in thai culture because she had sex before marriage. Yes, he has no right to make her look that way…. but he has his own right to do whatever he wants with those information of his… if she wants to release it … then she can.. Yah… she released the information of the DNA test.. …she did it because she had the right to and she wanted to….Not only did she make her self not look cheap in this situation.. but smack him across the face and made him look like a total asshole….
            Yes, he is a d*** for doing all of these things. and again.. going back to .. ” AND AND AND…. im not saying he’s a gentle man with the situation going on either.”

    • Berry says:

      I definitely agree with keeping family affairs within each other. Less broadcasting the better, but in this case as a man with a public figure, he looks like a douche just by the way this situation unraveled. As far as the girl, we don’t know what kind if girl she is either. For all we know she might be one of those groupy type girls who wanted this to happen to her. The person I pity is kid who is being treated as if he’s a illegitimate child. Imagine the kid growing up and found out about how he was introduced to the world. Way to go parents. Smh

      • Mai says:

        They were dating, so how can she be labelled as a groupie?

        • Berry says:

          I know a few girlfriends out there with groupie intentions lol but I’m actually not saying that she is one. I’m just saying for all we know she could be one.

          • Mai says:

            Yes but the word groupie wouldnt define her because she was a girlfriend at one point and now ex girlfriend. Groupies are the slt*s who just want a one night stand with celebs and no strings attached

  10. Mai says:

    The point is he made it a clear a DNA test was to be done, so now that the results are out and him refusing to reveal the results is like insinuating the baby isnt his. What’s the point of him not disclosing the results when this whole situation has already become a public matter. He pretty much is leaving things in the air so that those hopeful fans keep hoping to hail him as a hero for accepting a baby that isnt his to be his own

  11. :) says:

    Define “Man” in the dictionary. that’s all u get.

  12. mis0707 says:

    I get that Mike became a father out of the blue…but what if he is slowly taking his time to see what he should do next. Becoming a father and mother is not something that is very simple and comes easily to an individual, it takes time to make adjustments. Comments above make it seem like taking action for this kind of situation is very easy. GIVE MIKE SOMETIME. There are many MEN out there who do not take responsibility for their child as well, why should MIKE be targeted. At least he claims that he is the father, maybe he is just taking time to see what he should do next.

    • Berry says:

      I actually do understand your point of view about time, but just keep in mind that he knew about this when the girl was 4 months pregnant (correct me if I’m wrong). So he had about 5 months to figure it out and that’ should be enough time. With his actions, it made him look selfish because we all know he was drowning with fame the last few months. Now in my opinion I still don’t think his situation is as bad but for sure he’s not heroic. I know parenting isn’t easy but if you’re doing grown folks activities, you should be ready for grown folks consequences.

  13. Kimi says:

    If he needs time, he ain’t a man. Girl.

  14. HSKA says:

    This article is emotionally driven. More opinions than facts. Him not coming out to say that he knocked a girl up 8 months ago can be seen as selfish, and people can blame him saying he only admitted to be the father after he was cornered with no way out. Or, it can be that he actually wants to keep this whole situation under control. Just imagine what the paparazzis and tabloid would have done if they knew this months ago. They’ll probably be stalking this poor girl, invading her privacy, just to get a few pictures of her. I think she deserved the peace and quiet during her pregnancy. Counting back to when the baby was probably first conceived, Mike already have 2 lakorns, and a album to release. His album and Full House lakorn was quite successful. Now if this news was to have come out then, it would have greatly affected these projects. It was nice to hear this after all these because the other people involved in these projects didn’t deserved to be pull down with his scandal. Similar to Janie’s scandal, many people felt she should have announced her marriage after her lakorn with Aum. Janie became Thailand’s most hated nang’ek over night. That lakorn was not only a flop, it was almost pulled from airing due to the backlash of her scandal. Mike is by no means hero or “the man”, but this probably saved himself and others as well, financial wise.

    Regarding the DNA test. I do agree that it was totally unnecessary. He has already admit to fathering the baby, even went as far into details that they talked over the phone when she first found out and figured everything out. I thought it was rogue and so disrespectful when fans demanded a DNA test. They were essentially accusing her sleeping around. How come I didn’t hear anyone demanding that she gets tested just in case she contracted something from the playboy Mike? Its really unfair. I know you are his fans, but please don’t overstep your boundaries. The man has already answer. Some fans these day.But I am indeed wondering why he decided to go ahead with the DNA test. This is my assumption that even if he hasn’t signed the certificate yet (for whatever the reason may be, I could care less, he has already come out to admit he is the father), perhaps his parents / the executives put him up to it? Just to you know, double check? to be 100% sure. Mike is loaded so maybe its needed for legal purposes. What if this is Mike’s only heir?

    He’s no saint, but he has the right to choose whether or not he wants to marry her. She has the same right as well. They were both consenting adults. Both should have been smarter, but that really isn’t worth mentioning now that its already a done deal. He has already accepted / admitted that he is the father, whether he does it legally or not. He hasn’t signed the certificate nor has he said that he won’t or will be a father figure in this child’s life. So this really up to the 3 of them. Which ever, I hope for the best outcome to all the parties involved.

    • Shampoo says:

      I think if he announced the good news, he wouldn’t be having as much backlash as he is having now. Now he just seems like a selfish prick who cares about saving his own career over his baby. The way he takes care of this whole mess isn’t exactly worship worthy. It doesn’t matter if he admitted he’s the baby because he’s also leaving this open that the baby isn’t his. So that is disrespectful to the mother and the baby.

      I don’t get how some says it’s his right to disrespect her… Just cuz she sleeps with him who was her BF.

      I don’t believe this little child is going to be his only heir lol by the way he’s living his lifestyle? If he’s celibate, I will be a nun. Because he might even be sleeping around with girls during Sara’s pregnancy hahahah

      He’s a grown adult, if it’s his, he should sign if the mother demands for it. Doesn’t matter if his exec or his parents order him not to sign it.

    • chouu says:

      i have to agree with you from the first sentence til the last.

  15. nessa says:

    I don’t agree with you when you said that we have a right to know the DNA result. No we don’t! Mike doesn’t owe us anything at all. You said it takes two to tango, but you are so involved in their personal affairs. you sound so bitter lke you are the child’s mother. Yes, it was a d*** move, the way Mike treated the mother of his child but it’s between them not us (the public). You are too emotional, he didn’t do anything to you so why are so mad? Do you know his baby’s mother? I am also a blogger in the States and I would never go as far as you did. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you need to be smart about it and not let your emotions rule you.

    • Mai says:

      If he feels it’s a private issue he wouldnt have made it a public issue. He is a public figure, and he did say he was doing a DNA…why does he feel the need to keep those results a secret? If it’s his child then what is there to hide? If the child isnt actually his then it’s understandable he wants to give the impression that he might or might not be the father to protect the child. but when he is the father, why? So people can actually believe he’s accepting responsibility for someone else’s baby?

      As a blogger you should also know that blogging means stating your own opinions, emotion driven or not. So please dont tell us how to do our job. We were smart enough to post something to get your attention.

      You also sound bitter telling us what is smart and what isn’t so does that make you Mike’s mother? Or even Mike himself?

    • Shampoo says:

      Hahahah comparing our blogging to yours. And no, the situation is not between them when it becomes public lol. They are public figure.

    • Unnichan says:

      @nessa and HSKA AMEN!

      I’m not a fan, have never watched a Mike drama but I am constantly flabbergasted at the assumptions made by fans and onlookers. We are entitled to our opinions however, these folks are actual human beings with emotions and lives, perspectives and feelings. And there’s never a time that any celebrity has to explain themselves to anyone, public figure or not, whether they mentioned it or not, if they aren’t bound by the Law (or their contract) to do so. In their personal lives they should trust those around them enough to be forthcoming if they choose but that’s it. Everything is a courtesy, period.
      What’s sad is very few seem to understand that this baby is now forever shrouded in controversy. Not because Mike has appeared shady in the media, not because his parents aren’t married but because his existence was revealed to people who don’t matter in the first place. Does that kid need the strangers to know, whisper or write that his parents weren’t too keen on him coming, before he even has a chance to know they love him?
      It’s disgusting that people choose to point fingers and accuse the mother or father without knowing them REGARDLESS of what they read in the papers or see in interviews.
      People do crappy things, people say crappy things and sometimes all those things aren’t even close to the reality. There’s always more going on behind the curtain, no one can be “on” all the time, nor is anyone perfect.
      So very sad, these people (and anyone known to be connected) have to live up to the unrealistic and unforgiving views of hypocritical nosy people.
      We can retort that it’s the price that must be paid but that’s a lie propagated by the shameless media. For, we all have double standards and biases, shortcomings, secrets and even shame— it’d be real great if our words (written or spoken) reflected that truth.

  16. Kk says:

    Omg what a d***.

  17. Mushroom says:

    uhmmmm…. I would say he admitted the baby was his so everybody know that the baby is his and no matter what he does, the baby is still being known as his. and about the matter, we only heard it from one side – Sara, who brought her newborn on the TV and just spilled out all of their privacy matters into the public. whether he is a real man or not is not for us to judge because we don’t really know what is going on between them. but one thing we know that he stepped out into the press conference and saying that the baby is his, so enough. at least he stepped out and take responsibility, unlike some jerk who just sit there and judge others when they might have their babies lost somewhere

    • Shampoo says:

      Where have you been? This is the first time that Sara had publicly come out to speak. She only came out because Mike was too tired!

  18. Mai says:

    There were rumours that some pra’ek has a child out of the wedlock, the first person to come out and give a press conference was MIKE, not Sara. And he gave the public reason to believe she was sleeping around even though he claimed he knew the baby was his. He insisted that a DNA test was going to be done so the adults can be happy. He could have left out that detail but he included it in there to give the impression that the baby “might” not be his. Sara wasnt the one cheating on him during their relationship but he was the one cheating. If he had not mentioned that he was doing a DNA test no one would care for what happens next. But because he made it public knowledge, people would want to know the results. And him keeping it a secret makes completely no sense because what is he ashamed of?

    And lets not forget that he is a public figure, he is a celebrity, how many celebs out there actually keep their baby a secret to the world? Is a baby such a shame? The baby was not conceived through a one night stand but while he was in a relationship with her.

    @unnichan, stop making assumptions. Public figures such as politicians owe the public something. They are public figures, and once they make their private life public as Mike has, he is no longer entitled to that privacy. If it’s like you mentioned then Clinton wouldnt have to answer to his affair with Lewinsky. It be nice to live in that “dreamy” world of yours, but sadly that’s not the case, else why would these celebs constantly feel the need to appeal to the public. This baby has become a controversy because his father chose that path for him not because any other reason. If he had just said the baby is his and left out the DNA testing, or just confirm the results, the case would end there. Instead he left it open so that Sara can continue to get bashed by his hardcore fans. Funny how you blame public knowledge as the reason for the baby being controversial, yet you’re probably reading all his articles (making you also part of the reason ) to summarize that comment of yours.

      • Unnichan says:

        “Yet you’re probably reading all his articles”—-> Again with the assumptions, I see. But I never said, my opinions weren’t apart of the overarching issue, therefore, you clearly don’t see my point—which is fine. And do you not think it’s “dreamy” to (assume) believe, if he’d done all you stated above, which is basically—- living up to someone’s standards of proper behavior or right and wrong, (to summarize your comments) it’d end there?

        I also believe I cited individuals are bound by the Law or contractual agreements (which is the Law) but even then there is still the option to remain quiet (5th Amendment or default to counsel). What Clinton did was disrespectful, tactless and tasteless (impo), however, he didn’t “owe” me, the American people or anyone beyond his family(if he so chose), anything concerning his personal life, especially his sex with M. Lewinsky.
        Where that area became an issue in his official position as POTUS. His affair wasn’t a public right but the times and locations, in which their meetings occurred were wrapped up in official government matters(that she was privy to and involved in), therefore, once he lied, everything he’d previously stated or done in that time period, came into question, specifically, the affair. The affair swept the Nation, not because we were entitled to know about the sex according to some unwritten rule about public personalities but due to his acts of negligence while holding official status, which he was “bound by the Law” to give an account for.

        • Mai says:

          There has been many occasions where politicians doing something private in a private location has to answer to it. What you dont seem to comprehend is as public figures, there is no such thing is privacy. Mike made it a public matter when he came out at the press conference. He made a lot of comments open to interpretation. He had a child out of the wedlock, and he wanted to keep it forever a secret. No good father would put his own child through the pain of having to keep his father a secret for life so that his friends and peers can scrutinize him for being fatherless. He brought his baby into this world, and he owes his child at least some acknowledgement in public.

          If what public figures do is entirely their own private business then Donald Sterling wouldnt have been banned from the NBA and forced to sell his team. It was comments he made in private, and recordings made not from a court order, but a random recording that was leaked by his mistress.

          We’re going in circles though, cus history to me as proven that public figures will be scrutinized because they are PUBLIC figures. And you will continue to believe that they only went public about it out of courtesy lol…not because they owe it to the public. It’s not courtesy my dear, they want to please the public, they want to be able to still work in the industry. Else we wouldnt have Boy coming out crying begging for forgiveness, or Mark coming out to apologize to the public even though he hasnt apologized to the person he wronged. You can pull all the laws you want it doesn’t phase me cus it doesnt prove your case or make you sound any smarter than anyone else….I’ll just continue to use common sense

          • Unnichan says:

            “Is a courtesy” as in out of choice, not “out of courtesy” as in being courteous or nice.
            And yes, we are going in circles, not because I don’t understand you or hold similar views in certain areas or am in any way trying to appear more intelligent, this is just who I am, speaking the way I do. Having formed opinions through experience, like yourself (since I too invoke common sense) but not falling into a standard of being or speech (for you). Ultimately, seems it’s easier for you to belittle than to have discourse.

          • Mai says:

            Isn’t that what you did? Agree with the comments that were belittling us. All of your comments so far not only states your own opinions on the topic but also slams on anyone who believes differently than you, because you are the ONLY one who fully understands this situation. It’s not Mikes fault but everyone else’s fault according to you lol

            No one brings the American laws and try to apply those laws to situations in Thailand. So please just try to keep it simple, you’re not the only one who knows the law by code, it just doesnt apply to this case. I never stated that you were being intelligent either that’s a word you’re using to describe yourself.

  19. Shampoo says:

    Lol if they don’t have to live up to the standard of viewers or the public then, why are they working as a public figure or trying to live to our standard? That’s the funny part. They’re the one who wants to be the role model. They’re the one who wants to be the good people. So, don’t call us hypocritical when the celebs are the hypocrite one.

    If they don’t want to live to the publics standard, don’t create or fake an image. He wouldn’t have to worried about his peers or how the public think. He would have come out early that the baby is his.

  20. Behavioural Studies says:

    As a public figure, especially celebrities, we can’t deny the fact that they have a huge influence on fans. Many hardcore fans stay ridiculously thin so as to look like their idol, some even go to the extreme of taking drugs. Fans nowadays are more likely to condone to vile behaviors of celebrities and who plays the biggest part in promoting such behavior?

  21. Mizama says:

    Now he still has not signed the birth certificate for his son. Poor his ex gf and son. And after DNA result he still gave the interview like nothing changed like he said before whether this child is his son or not he will take the responsibility. What kind of father who treated his son like a bastard he’s never given his son anything even a diaper or birth certificate how can he will take responsibility anyone else’s baby?

  22. Sky says:

    When you’re a well known public figure and you have many fans looking up to you, nothing in your life is private. Mike signed up and wanted fame, then he should deal with everything that comes with it. We have the right to know everything! Why? Because without us, he is ZERO. Why do you think those celebrities kiss up to the fans and try to sound like a goody good during the press, because they need fans and supporters, else they would be throwing F bombs everywhere. Anyways. Poor Mike. He made a big oopsie and wanted to hide behind his parents like a wuss. Too bad that didn’t last for too long. Poor Sara for having to deal with a guy like that, and poor Mike again for having to be stuck with a woman he doesn’t love. Poor baby for having that type of father figure in his life. See what happens when you become irresponsible and senseless? Abstinence is the best form of protection, kids.

  23. ayanmaldita says:

    I now fully understand the whole situation… I definitely agree with you.. I think Sarah just wanted Mike Last name… A rcognition that maxwell is his son.
    . its up to Mike whether he will do his responsibilities as the child father… I have known a lot of single mothers out there… But definitely admire Sarah’s courage and such bravery to fight for her son right

    • Shampoo says:

      Actually, the child is in her last name. I dont think she care about his last name but she cares about having his name on the birth cerificate. It looks like these two are gettong along and hanging out together for the sake of thei kid. So thats an improvement after they got all these legal matters taken care

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