Mint Chalida admits she’s the reason the chat leaked, everything is resolved with Mark

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  1. noy says:

    i like the way she answered and she apologize to her Friends in putting them at an uneasy position. I didn’t watch the interview but I read from the spicy forum that she seem a bit uncomfortable. Sound like the “BOSS” got things handle the way he want.

  2. Maii says:

    Mint did good, and I like that she admit it. Sad that Kimmy unfollowed Mint, i totally adore KiMMint

  3. Beautiful Mint says:

    Mint is such a beautiful and mature woman. Since the height of her career, she have proven to carry herself professionally when placed in front of a camera. I admire her courage and strength for not bashing the other parties.

    Although this may have not been the outcome she have wanted, it was a learning experience that will help sculpt her in the future.

    She is too classy to be associating herself with messy and negative people.

  4. :) says:

    I call this BS. Lol !!!

  5. alwaizemeeh says:

    Yay!!!! She’s got a good head on her shoulders. She’s right it may take awhile to be on the same page as the lom gang used to be. I say a lom gang trip!!!!!

  6. kremepie says:

    glad that she finally came out to speak. i can actually feel a sense of sincerity in her interview. 🙂

  7. heart_mk says:

    She got exactly what she and her management team wanted – publicity & raised fees! Guess this was the best route to go for her since she’s fallen behind the rest of the other 4 hua jai gang.

    • noy says:

      Lol mark is a saint, does no wrong. ..all he did is good and never a publicity stunt…I bet mint leak his convo w/Kim about her missing him to….hahaha…how godly of mk

      • unheart_mk says:

        Lol….Everything mark did is right! Long live Mark!!! Even if Mark killed someone, fans will say the victim die himself.

  8. Kk says:

    I think it was stupid how many thought it WASN’T Mint who leaked the messages. and thought it was Mark or mark’s manager. How clueless can people be..

    • Kk says:

      Obviously, it would’ve never been leaked out if she didn’t send it out. So she is the root to it happening. Again.. Clueless . Yet people kept pointing fingers to another person.

      • What a shame says:

        It’s not about finger pointing, it’s the fact that a grown man using inappropriate words towards a friend’s mother.

        You should do yourself a huge favor and reevaluate yourself because apparently you cannot see the wrong from the doer, so you are the clueless one.

        It’s a blessing that the line was leaked out because now we all get to see how ugly mark is behind closed curtains.

    • Berry says:

      But she said didn’t leak it to the media. Someone she sent the screenshot did it and I don’t think anybody is pointing fingers here. People are just simply disappointed in mark and there is nothing wrong with that. I personally don’t care because I’m not a big fan of either one but however whether they worked it out for real or doing it just for media, I’m glad they end it peacefully.

    • Sabrina94 says:

      I think u got it or u didn’t read other ppl’s full comments. Some ppl said it might be Mark’s side leaked it or it could be Mint’s side leaked it.
      I don’t think it is wrong for Mint to leak the LINE msg. However, it seems like it’s a big problem for u and Mint is wrong for doing that. o.O I remember in the LINE msg, Mark told Mint to CAp his words. So, she did.

  9. Unnichan says:

    There was never any doubt it was her from the start (who leaked) given the chain of events. Glad that finally everyone spoke “personally” but it’s disappointing that people constantly feel the need to use the media and public opinion to solve their private issues.

  10. Laila says:

    I feel like a lot of you guys aren’t reading the entire article clearly but instead just reading the misleading title of this article. She DIDN’T say that she leaked the message. She sent it to a few of her friends in need of support because of course, in a situation like this you’ll tend to go seek help from your own friends and family but instead they sent it to the media. It’s a pity that she can’t say what she wants to say but instead she has to say it like how Somrak wants her to, but I do understand why should would rather speak out this way since she’s saving both her and Mark’s career by not saying more than should. I like her interview a whole lot more since she sounds way more sincere (watch her interview if you haven’t yet). Best of luck to Mint. 😀

  11. Shampoo says:

    Nowhere in there did she said she leaked it to the media hahaha

    • Cherish says:

      People never cease to amaze me, regardless of who leaked it, if Mark really is a good person he wouldn’t have said those things. Again if the picture doesn’t apply to you then there shouldn’t be a need to attack someone. Some people are just blinded by their infatuations of others. Nothing stays hidden especially not in social media.

  12. wisebubbletea says:

    She’s the reason, not the culprit. LOL.

  13. louna says:

    shit people mint is the “victim her mother also” and mark is the jerk end of history

  14. Mai says:

    The title is translated in it’s entirety from Sanook, and it could be misleading. You got to read the whole thing to understand the situation

  15. candyy says:

    I finally watched the video. Poor mint looked like she had to hold back her tears a couple of times. Feel bad for her and her mom seeing how bias ch.3 is.

  16. Desiree says:

    I use to be more of a fan of mark. But I am not blind,deaf and stupid. Everyone should be tactful with words and the way they speak. Especially towards an elderly. If he didn’t use all those harsh words, how can someone leak out those conversation pic? I think Mint is very brave to admit that the conversation is leak out by her side, because u will mv know the circumstances of it. She is trying to save 3 persons career in a sense. She ensure that Kim did not involve in the situation. But I believe that if there is not wind, there will not have waves. It’s the same meaning. If u really have nothing to do with it, u will not be dragged in so many times. And u don’t have to show those childish behavior to shows u have nothing to do with it. Or u does not like that person anymore. It’s like u use to be close with someone and maybe there is a change of the environment which affect the bond between u and that person. If everyone choose to unfriend, unfollow, block,etc…it’s your life too tiring? Though I do know that there are really quite a few of my friends doing it. However , most of My friend and myself are around the age of Mark & Kim and we do not behave that way. I liked them so much,after watching their shows. But right now…kind of disappointed with them. Though I will continue support their show, as both of them can act well. But personally liking of them? No way for disrespectful people. People that are blinded by their love for Mark, makes no sense at all. Please imagine if those words are used on your mum. No matter what reason you have, those words should not be used on an elderly. U can dislike or hate them. Just scold it in your heart and fake a smile and let things off. That is how an adult should behave. Just suck your thumb and keep quiet when u can’t handle your temper. I believe everyone face lots of stressful moment in work and feel like cursing their colleague. If everyone behave like him, this world will be horrible! Most of them just keep quiet and let’s things off, except some exceptional case. Everything must win kind of person….wish they grow up fast…mark is too old for this kind of behavior!

  17. On Bunna says:

    Just feel that she is the one who caused the trouble and try to gain popularity 😀

  18. danyestelle says:

    No one would be ok if one of your friend talks like that about your mother/father… but I can’t keep feeling like Mint is the one who linked it on purpose to
    1) expose a side of Mark that the public doesn’t know
    2) somehow gets sympathy from the public (which she does deserve, don’t give me wrong) but also more work –> more money in her pocket

    That’s why although I do feel bad for her & understand her, I am not surprised that she is also the one who linked it. She might not have been wrong to ask other people’s opinion because she didn’t know how to reach to Mark’s harsh words but I’m honestly wondering if she really didn’t know it will be share with the media etc…

  19. dylandy says:

    Mint is so mature and professional, I admire her 🙂

  20. It’s not about who started the problem but who handled how. This is how they survived.

  21. Millie says:

    This is like a real life drama.2 girls fighting for 1 guy. I am not sure exactly what the scandal is about but I think I have an idea what actually might have happened.u know like in the drama, the jealous b****y girl cannot get the guy she wanted and caused problems for the loving couples to misunderstand each other. They fight and break up. Then they become sworn enemies. Blah blah blah.
    I never really liked Kimberly. I do watch entertainment news sometimes. I read before, somewhere, that Kim was verrrrrrrrrrrrry interested in Mark. She even left her then boyfriend for him, but he was never interested in her because Mark and Mint was very close at that time. In front of the media, they were called the fantasy couple, or something. This must have upset Kim a lot because she was so very much in love with him.
    They was supposed to be 4 groups: Nadech and Yaya, Boy and Margie, Mark and Mint, Aump and Kimberly. Since Aump is not in this group, so Kim is left with no partner, so she decided to break Mark and Mint up. Because Mark also happened to be the most good looking guy in the group.
    Did anyone get the story now? They should make this into a drama and aired on television. It will become super hit.

  22. Layla says:

    She can’t be trusted!!! If she did that to Mark she’ll do it to anyone of her friends from the gang. It makes sense now why they don’t want to hang out with her. This is not the type of friend you want in your circle. That Pupa guy watch out! Her mom is setting her up for your $$$.

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