Mint Chalida and Neua Mek 2 controversy

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  1. Kizukami says:

    it’s pretty much controversial

  2. Tipstar says:

    For me, I just want to know when the lakorn will end. Is it Friday or Sunday? RP was supposed to air on the 11th, so it will air on the 5th instead?

    I don’t think Chalida’s comment (if it was hers) on the fanpage at FB was THAT bad. The controversy arose from the comments, but the comment itself was a statement on the situation, right? Then disappointed fans would’ve voiced their opinion, thus starting a storm. It doesn’t help that Thailand are going through another period of political instability, thus any comment against the government will be perceived as an attack on the government. Don’t think Nong r the person who wrote that comment was going for that angle though.

  3. Honda says:

    I don’t agree with them banning the lakorn but I also don’t agree with the post from Mint or her admin either. Politics is a very sensitive issue and if you’re just guessing here and there than maybe it would be best to keep it to yourself and not share it with the rest of the world.

  4. Sunny says:

    Politics in Thailand is no joke and is in no issue to guess and make an issue out of it, there is two sides always with politics and hundreds of people have died from supporting both sides so I think stars who are public figures should never voice their opinions publicly, because they will create issues no matter positive supporting of the government or negative.

  5. Shampoo says:

    The problem is this is all speculating and they have no concrete evidence that Ch3 is cutting this short or not… And fans are already guessing politicians are behind this.

    I watch Krob Kruaa bung tern and I don’t see Benz saying the lakorn is ending this Friday. Unless, there is a different clip! So, to accuse and make assumption is beyond comprehending.

    I think they’re just trying to promote this lakorn. The Krasae is not that good and rating is just ok. They probably want people to notice this lakorn cuz it has good values.

  6. jess says:

    I agreed to what shamp say.. they need more hype.

  7. Dal says:

    Promotion for the ending episodes, maybe?

    Thank you, Shamps na.

  8. :) says:

    I didn’t even know that Mint C. also touch that page. I thought that page was just a fanclub page. I hope this is all just a misunderstanding and not true. It will be very sad if it is.

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