Mint Chalida concerned about James Ma’s lack of socializing

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  1. Shampoo says:

    Lol him affect her performance. He looks fine when he was with Yaya and Nadech. They probably make fun of him, a lot.

  2. Kizukami says:

    lol somehow the way Chalida says, James Ma appears to be a snob? But I agree I think he was fine with Yaya and Nadech, at the calendar signing lol maybe he’s comfortable with the ones he’s close? LOL or maybe he doesn’t like Chalida as much as her kookwan lmao

  3. Shampoo says:

    I just think they don’t treat him nicely. For a newbie, I can see why! Idk. He looks like a kid who can talk even though a little soft. Ahhah

  4. Lalita says:

    Him being private shouldnt affect her performance, there are lots of actors out there like that. Andrew Gregson being one of them. Although he probably is a quiet guy, he might need to warm up to people to come out of his shell

  5. Mai says:

    Some guys get intimidated by a pretty girl, and maybe that’s the case with James with Chalida. I remember when New got to work with Noon, all he did was shake in his scenes with her lol

  6. veebabie says:

    I think james ma is just a quiet person , or he havent get used to acting with mint.he looks close to yaya and nadech.too bad I was looking forward to see them in sj.

  7. Shampoo says:

    I think it shouldn’t cause a problem to anyone’s performance. If James is good he will perform well and Mint just need to do her job well. He might be a but intimidated, perhaps he doesn’t know anyone there.

  8. Mai says:

    Maybe it makes her uncomfortable when he’s so meek like that lol

  9. Mai says:

    like you know how sometimes a shy guy seems creepy? Maybe he give her that impression lol

  10. Tipstar says:

    Thanks for the article, Mai.

    I’m glad that Nong says that she’s open for criticism. It shows a level of maturity that I like. So here’s my criticism of her, as a huge fan. I wonder why she thought it was necessary to put it to out to the public that James Ma is anti-social. Maybe it’s frustrating her and the rest of the crew. Or maybe she feels like she can’t work well with him. Either or, I don’t think she should be expressing these views to the media. It would serve everyone better if everything was left on the set. If his silence is bothering everyone, Nok Chatchai should be speaking to him about it.

    I don’t think James Ma is anti-social, but he does appear to be very quiet. Even in the clips I’ve seen, of all the workshops and stuff the five guys have to do, James is the most serious and taciturn of them all. He doesn’t really speak unless asked a question. Grate’s the most talkative of them, but everyone else bar James Ma, do their fair share of talking.

    It’s interesting to see this pairing come out this way, because I thought they had to audition for these roles, like how they did for 4HJHKK. Therefore, James Ma and Chalida would have been seen to be compatible with one another or have some sort of spark, before they were chosen.

  11. Lalita says:

    lol Tippy that was a long post. I agree with your post, no need to put it out there that he’s anti social, maybe she could have worded it better somehow. But telling the press that his quietness is affecting her performance takes it bit far. Maybe it came out wrong somehow.

    • Tipstar says:

      I hope it came out wrong, but even if it did, I don’t feel like she should mention it to the media. Oh well, people make mistakes and this one isn’t such a big one, but I think Nong needs to be careful when dealing with the media.

      As for her acting, I really do feel like she’s improving. I’ve been impressed most of the time with her work in Neua Mek 2, though there have been a few odd/weird scenes here and there. I’m not sure if it’s her acting or if it’s the directing.

  12. honda says:

    I’m sorry but her acting is not that great for her to be passing that such a judgement on someone else. If you’re good at what you do other peoples performance should not have a big affect on you. I’ve seen great actresses like Ann T working opposite really stiff pra’ek but her work is still great, it just that as a couple they may not click. Just because one doen’t socialize on set doesn’t mean they can’t perform.

  13. jess says:

    Its funny cuz he actually did a scene with boo go.. n boogo say that james is really in to his character eventhough he seem nervous.. he made boogo believed that he is actually the nangek with james.. i think when time called for it , james will delivered.

  14. Mai says:

    Maybe she was expressing concerns for him, like she feels bad that he’s so tense. Like she didnt say this out of any cruel intentions. At least she’s not making fun of him like Noon did to New lol

    I really don’t find what she said to him all that harsh. She’s probably not use to such a neutral pra’ek, cause she’s usually with Mark who eye rapes her every second possible lol

    • Tipstar says:

      LOL. Mai! Eye raping?!? HAHAHAHA.

      I think that’s a good way of seeing what Nong said but I still feel like she should have kept it within the set. Chalida could be concerned for him, but it sounds a little self-centred when she said that his quiet nature may affect her work as well.

  15. Shampoo says:

    I think it’s good for her to be concern but don’t have to mention it might affect her work. Lol

  16. Kizukami says:

    i am ok with her about James being a quiet person but the point is she is telling that cuz of him being quiet may affect her work (?) LOL it’s just like pointing at James for her acting being sucked or what???

    Watch if this one fails, her fans will say cuz “James was a quiet dude” HAHAHAHAH

  17. Mai says:

    Talking about pointing, in that picture she’s pointing her fingers lol

  18. Candyy says:

    she’s not alone. i’m concern about him too lol

  19. See says:

    First off, thats a really unattractive picture of Chalida. I’ve always labelled her as the female version of Ken Phuphoom because in my eyes, both are only decent looking up until they open their mouths. Whenever she smiles, I cant help but think of a mouse. Something about her whole bottom portion of the face thats unappealing lol. Anyways, this is another snobby interview from her. Being anti social doesnt mean they dont have the ability to perform well. If she’s so concerned, she should discuss with Nok Chatchai instead of blurting out her worries to the public. Poor James who has to do his debut with her. As if shes a great actress who is in the position to comment on another person. If anything, James got the role through auditions whereas Chalida pretty much got the role because of her strong connection with the Plengpanich family. She should keep quiet and focus on acting well. She was in 4HJHKK and failed to do her part but is given another chance in SJ when the project is mainly to promote pure newbies. She should take advantage of the opportunity. Honestly i dont even know why shes worried when most of the time on set, she’s busy flirting with Mark and playing IG

  20. Mak says:

    You guys are over analyzing. Most of the times, we the listeners have the tendency to mis interprets things. The speakers might have meant something else, but got lost in translation due various interpretations. Perhaps, this comment wasn’t intended to harm anyone, but simply being honest or vice versa. Therefore, just continue to watch and critique on the performance as opposed to interviews.

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