Mint Chalida pleads for drama to end

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  1. what-ever says:

    Leave the poor girl alone !!!!

  2. ch2istie says:

    Poor Mint… Hopefully one day everyone will forget about that incident and get along again.

  3. Annie_28 says:

    Just admit mint!! Your a social climber..your aiming yourself at social groups that have wealthy powerful society types cause your BF is hi-so. You want to be accepted into his world by his friends and family so your blowing off anyone that you think can’t benefit your ambitions.
    Your last drama with boy p was really really boring and you had no charisma no connection to the character..
    I liked the old mint. The cute sassy one that didn’t turn up to every celeb themed birthday bash, wedding , opening of a whatever.

    • Berry says:

      I really like Mint, but everything you said here I have to agree.

    • IRakLakorn says:

      maybe her hi-so bf suggested it to her to choose those persons as a friend. maybe his hi-so bf is concern to her and don’t want her to have a problem with friends. maybe he wants mint to have a friend that she can talk with. and maybe he really is well mannered and good that’s why mint like her.

      not everyone thinks that love is about the looks and wealth, others think that attitude is more important. maybe mint see that this hi-so have a good attitude in everything that’s why she fell inlove with him. relationship is a commitment.

      as for her new lakorn. I can’t watch it yet since its new and new lakorns with english subs are hard to find. I watched three of her lakorns already and her acting is really good. she can make the chemistry really good.

  4. Wa Munch says:

    this girl so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh people like you and I (the commenters) will always be horrible people who hate and make despicable comments first before even trying to understand.
    Lots of celebrities seems to adore Mint. The only obvious strain I see is between Mint, Mark, and Kimberly. Kim and Mark are obviously something, and as a couple it’s natural to come to see someone in a negative light if they aren’t seen positively by the person you like.
    I don’t see how Mint is a social climber. Her and Pupae or whichever is name is has been rumored to have been “together” or in the “getting to know each other” not long after her 4gang days. I just seems like she’s at the age now to be with him happily without getting criticized for being too young.
    You guys make it seem like it’s illegal for you to change groups of friends. It’s natural for you to distance from others and get closer to others.
    I agree, Mint’s acting isn’t that great but I have yet to see anyone professional complain about her work ethics or personality.

  6. Love mint, honestly whoever makes her comfortable & happy so be it, what does it had to do with her climbing a social ladder? Remember Yaya, Nadech, Boy, Margie, Kim and Mark is pretty darn popular. So everyone needs a chill pill. She’s a grown woman everyone change, not everyone you use to be friends with is goin stick around, people grow apart & that’s life.

  7. wisebubbletea says:

    A normal person would see that Chalida ‘ s responses are very logical…

  8. angielee says:

    I pray for you sweet heart. Live your life the way you want. Life is short. What ever make you happy, go for it.

  9. MISST says:

    Not a fan of this girl but people need to leave her alone. This girl knows how to choose her friends wisely thats why she say no go to her others old friends. I dont see why she cant hang out with others and dont know why people like to talks about her so much. JUst move on like she did and get over it.

  10. if she wants to be alone, so be it, but not this problem again,
    ignoring the gossips,not now that are kimmy and mark is its best, please please

  11. Angie says:

    Stupid people! Leave the girl alone! If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything! Kim and mark are happy together so why can’t she hang with her bf and be happy too. yaya and nadech are happy so is margie and boy. This girl deserve to be like every girl… Work hard, fall in love and be happy. Don’t let negative people ruin a good feeling.

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