Mint on dates with military man receives 400K baht purse

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  1. Mai says:

    This article is funny. Hope she’s nothing like the article accuses her. She sounds a bit like an escort in this article lol

  2. Lalita says:

    Well at least he got to touch her hands lol

  3. newtolakorns says:

    This didn’t make her look good at all. I hope it is not true.

  4. Julie says:

    This article made her look like a gold digger ,I hope this is not true.

  5. Sunny says:

    555555+ this man on the other hand is stupid, don’t even get to see her tiny body for half a million 😛 Well I just hope its not true at all lol.

  6. Tha says:

    Who is the author of this article?
    It is ridiculous!!!!!!
    I am sure Mint is a very nice girl.

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