Moh Luck on Nadech and Yaya’s fortune

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  1. Babiiime says:

    isn’t he the same person who said that Aff and songkran wasn’t going to get married?

  2. Shampoo says:

    I have no idea which one it is. AHHA But I would think it is the same person. A lot of time, they are incorrect but there has also been things that come true too.

  3. Babiiime says:

    I do agree with that things they have say is incorrect but some is true.
    Thank you for translating it Shampoo.

  4. newtolakorns says:

    I think that was Moh Luck who likes to make predictions for new year. I recalled three year ago he made a prediction that Aff and Songkhan wouldn’t last very long and now they got married, but he was also right on about Pancake and Wier, Aump and Note? and Pinky. I know a lot of people do believe in Moh Doo; especially the ladies, and others do not. They view this sort of thing just for fun and pure entertaining.

    Thanks a lot Shamp for the article.

  5. Chimeraizz says:

    eek yaya is gna end up with an old man? hahahaa.

  6. Kizukami says:

    what this says about Nadech’s career next year is kinda… useless, I’ve seen the exact same things over years

    I was actually looking forward to something like

    “Nadech Kugimiya’s career is gonna go downhill next year, he will got shadowed by his peeps and have to go to monk-hood to gain the merit from Buddhas. He may come back in 2014 or maybe, never come back at all ”

    Mine prediction is better

  7. Mai says:

    It’s 50/50, not all fortune tellers get all their predictions right. Even the ones that predicted some stuff right, it still turned out that some of the stuff is wrong. Some fortune tellers even said that Yaya’s fame is going to go downhill. Now this one is saying she’ll stay famous.

    This prediction is implying that Yarry couple isnt dating. In my opinion I think they are

  8. Sunny says:

    I seriously want to make sure my future children are born the same star as Nadech lol it sounds good all the way 😀

  9. morningdawn says:

    Can anyone Translate what he said about Mark plz

  10. WorldWary says:

    No ‘star’ here will ever go international…he ESP is a big fish in a small pond. Famous here but the rest of the world doesn’t care. Nofarang production company would ever hire him and that’s the only realm that makes you ‘international’….anywhere else and you are just doing a job in another country.
    I’m not saying he isn’t good or doesn’t deserve it but the fact is it will never happen. He’s a nobody everywhere else, and she is too. Keep them here for us.

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