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Nadech apologizes; Exposed for playing hard to get, refusing to take picture with fan

Ultimately it became an issue when abruptly someone on the internet came out and exposed superstar actor “Nadech Kugimiya” stating being disappointed in his beloved actor who refused to take a picture with him.  

Nadech apologetic

Nadech apologetic


At the opening of “Central Plaza Rayong” the actor personally admits the alleged incident did occur but the reason why he was unable to oblige and take a picture with the fan was because he was busy.  He also apologized if what too place caused the fan to be upset. 

A disappointed 10 year old boy only wanted a picture with Nadech

A disappointed 10 year old boy only wanted a picture with Nadech

Someone asked for a picture with you and you refused him 

I would have to apologize for that.  That day from what I remember Nong came and asked for a picture at the restaurant but personally it wasn’t a convenient time for me that’s why I had to refuse him.


That day it wasn’t convenient for you or were you busy doing something else?

Many factors.  That day I just entered the restaurant and I haven’t even ordered my meal yet.  Whatever the case, I’d like to apologize to him that I didn’t allow pictures.


Are you upset that he came out and exposed you like this?

Don’t refer to it as “expose” because it’s just a story from one little child who is upset he didn’t get to take a picture with me.


Did you have a chance to read the topic beforehand?

I haven’t read it yet.  I only learned of this news today.


Being like this are you afraid that some people might see you as someone unapproachable?

No.  No (smiles).


In the future will you attempt to prove yourself do something so that people understand you?

Of course not.  I will stay the way I am nowadays (laughs).


So really that day you went out to dinner, what special occasion was it?

That day my mom wanted to celebrate N’Yaya’s birthday, so I took the opportunity to invite her.


It appears though that the pictures that got released are rather really sweet 

Huy…I was just taking it easy as the opportunity allows me to.  When I’m going to work or out to dinner you’ll see me in this type of style that you see now.


It can be said that occasion was the two of you trying to emphasize your relationship status?

No.  There is nothing to emphasize or anything like that (smiles).



Translated Article

Source: Sanook | May 27, 2015


  1. Why is it that these new generation actors are so arrogant after they rose to fame…? I don’t think I see P’Anne or any of the senior actors do something like this…

    • When he does good things like BON , they just call him a nice person. When he missed only one selfie, they call him arrogant. 100 times of kindness cannot make up to one time of mistake. Reality is there is no such person in this world can satisfy everyone. So sad that now people tend to expect too much from a nice person already. They should live their lives too.

  2. Na did nothing wrong. learn in life. there is always good and bad fan.

  3. That makes no sense. The person who wants a pic with him is a 10 years old child. He couldn’t even take a second for a selfie with the kid when he takes pictures of himself alllllllll the time

    • To be exact, those pictures were taken and posted by his mom, @keawjung account. Nadech does not personally manage that IG account. It would be weird for any man posting constant pictures of themselves anyway.

  4. Nadech is talent and nice.

  5. Honestly people who hate u will always find faults to hate u even the most delusionalest fault r said to be possible. It’s really a shame that all because some kid threw a tantrum the image he worked so work for has a taint in it. People need to calm down and stop hating so much, it’s not like no one is brainless enough to not know that no one on this earth who can please everyone.

  6. i don’t mine beacuse i never like him haaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Regardless of how it went down we all know Nadech is a pretty nice guy overall. Ok well he missed his queue to be nice here and there. I’m sure the nicest person on earth makes that same mistake like all humans do. Well he apologized and let’s move on.

  8. c’mon! give him a break

  9. nadech’s a brilliant good and nicest guy, no wrong of him wanting some privacy at times. this story is for all fans out there – give them some peace and leave them alone for goodness sake! young or old, please respect their privacy.

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