Nadech is exposed to have an IG to hit on a model

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  1. Berry says:

    She’s a cutie!!!! I don’t care support nadech always !!!!

  2. Lovely girl says:

    What relationship of them?

  3. ocm says:

    At least its a girl not a guy. So I am happy.

  4. LC says:

    At least he is not gay. That was passed already now is what I’m care about. She look pretty cute! I’m supporting Nadech all the way!!!

  5. LC says:

    Is Nadech dating this girl Kimberly and she also a model? Well she pretty cute that ok as long she good person and smart,and know how to cook (ESAN) food. Respect his family and Nadech also respect her family too. If they dating for real I’m very happy for both of them.

    • sofunny says:

      nadech denied it yesterday already in the interview which ch3 aired today, he admitted that he had an ig but not for hitting on anyone. as fans know, actually yaya follows his ig too, she knows all his moves on ig too. it was just a Rumor made by some of his anti fans. this Kimberly girl is one of his common friends. and nadech kinda admitted his closest relationship with yaya during 3zaaap taping yesterday, it seems like they r going public unofficially.

  6. Lovely girl says:

    I think so. They look good together.

  7. ocm says:

    Wait, ppl are worked up by what he said?! If he is IG user offlifefortune and wrote “thats what u look like now?!” How is that considered flirting?? If u say that to a girl, I think a girl would be more offended than be flirtaious with you. Doesn’t seem like kimberly is replying to offlifefortune anyway.

  8. Armin says:

    What’s an IG?

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