Nadech Kugimiya accuse of being a third hand

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  1. Lyly says:

    What does it mean he has one already? One girlfriend already he meant ???

  2. emma Qiyue says:

    It’s good if nadech also had being taken..

  3. alwaizemeeh says:


  4. Shampoo says:

    Nadech claimed he never say that. Shrug ahhahah I’m confuse now.

  5. Berry says:

    His dinner he had with chakrit and mew’s group was quite some time ago and so weird it finally made news now. Hopefully he does get to work with her someday. I personally think she’s a pretty good newbie actress.

  6. Lee says:

    Maybe he said so because he needs to stop being asked by the reporters about whats going on. Or maybe he has one but want to keep a low profile.

  7. angielee says:

    old news but pretty sure the person nadech is talking about is yaya…….. who else can it be?……..p.s nadech love yaya!

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