Nadech Kugimiya can’t dispute using IG to talk to Kimberley

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  1. LC says:

    Kimberley is an old friend that is ok. No rush just take you time,soon or later good person will come around or maybe you have to go look for it.Because you are a guy have to chasing a pretty ladie . Good Luck!, just kidding.

  2. Berry says:

    This wasn’t even a surprise. Most of the Nadech fans know he has a private ig. What’s funny was when Yadech shippers saw the picture with him and that model for the first time, boy they were so butt hurt on behalf of ya! I’m sure those same people are on a thread somewhere now saying they probably feel so sorry for Ya and disappointed in Nadech. I really don’t want to start anything with Ya bias fans because I do like yaya a lot , but it’s the truth. Let’s let these two actually admit they are dating first and then we can go from there.

  3. LC says:

    Well,I don’t know why some Yadech fans have to be upset about it. They’re not even dating each other. They’re just best friend of course Nadech is a man,he can talk or flirting even Yaya can talk or any guys can coming to her. Just give them a best of luck to meet a good peoples.Just be happy for them that all.

  4. noy says:

    even if he is dating her, they have no right to be upset….they don’t own him

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