Nadech Kugimiya not afraid of bad luck; To hide love or love in hiding let it be

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  1. fafar259 says:

    I really hope that nadech and yaya will have a real love relationship. Seeing both of them together for this past 5 years it’s impossible that they didn’t have feeling with each other. For me bff between boy and girl is quite hard. I believe that either this two or one of them will have feeling for each other. If yadech already develop romantic feeling and didn’t want to reveal it on public for the sake of privacy its okay, I as their international fan will understand it. Be happy with ur love& life NY 🙂

  2. Starlight says:

    As a fan of both Nadech and yaya I would love to see them end up together because I think they are good people. However, if it happens that they are not meant to be i hope they find someone good and that they can still remain close friends because I think it’s hard being in this industry and not having a close team of supporter around you.

  3. angielee says:

    just want to thank you behalf of p’nadech and yaya to every one who worry about them. thank you to the fans that support and concern about their relationship.

    for me ( me only ) the way i see it, p’nadech love yaya very much. he give yaya lots of attention. he put so much time on her. he take her to vacation to visite his side of the family in japen. they have family gather such as dinner, visite each other and many more. if he don’t love her then who do he love? what is the use of doing this, to please the fans and suffer his time or what ever it is. i don’t think so. i believe they love each other.

    about the future, right now p’nadech and yaya is very young, let them have fun. this is just an experience for both. let us fan enjoy our time with them while the fire is on. time will tell.

    in fact there is lots of cold hearted people who enjoy seeing p’nadech and yaya to fall apart. they want to separate this two badly for what ever reason i don’t know. it’s very sad how we human want to see other suffer. p’nadech and yaya did nothing worng even though they are dating or not. it’s us who choose to believe things that we don’t know it’s reality or not. GOD BLESS PRINCESSS YAYA!!!

    Q: i love nadechyaya fan as much as you love them. BIG HUG TO EVERY ONE.

  4. @angielee you nailed it girl very well said…. in my analysis and opinion nadech is trying hard to keep it secret for whatever reasons we dont know…i think he considers it as sacred meaning yarry love life is their personal matter not a commodity for media and fans to talked about.they want to make a difference by hiding it for much stronger and lasting relationship.

    looking forward for big news about nadech dating someone else in secret with solid evidence but if theres none will appear it means yarry fans has the reason to celebrate.

  5. Katines says:

    nadech and yaya are such a good on-screen couple. I’m a fan and yes I want them together lol wishful thinking, but whoever they end up with, hope they’re very happy.

  6. angielee says:

    thank you for support.

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