Nadech Kugimiya VS. James Jirayu fan war

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  1. Berry says:

    I’ll be the first! Lol ahh so u guys do like the controversy and drama! Hehe

    Although I like them both so it’s pretty boring to argue with me. Definitely more of a Nadech fan tho! Love my ban nok!

    • val says:

      Agreed Nadech is much hotter and a better actor beside James is too much of a kid look wise cute but not sexy like Nadech not much of a competition there Nadech all the way lol

  2. Fah says:

    I agree with Berry! ^^ LOL I like James Jirayu, but I’m not a huge fan. I do think he’s really cute though, but I’ll always be a Nadech fan. 🙂

    • Berry says:

      Yea jj is definitely adorable and acting is tolerable! For sure he will get better and might just be on Nadech’s level by next year or sooner in accomplishments! It’s unfortunate that Nadech has been hated because of his fans but realistically that guy alone has done nothing but work his butt off and definitely didn’t let money and fame take over his lifestyle unlike a lot of celebs all over the world. What a great morning to see a lot of Nadech positive supporters on these comments today. Proves that not all of his fanclub isn’t like how it’s been portrayed.

  3. Mai says:

    I hope this post becomes as popular as most of James’ posts. I hope Nadech fans actually join a thread that has his content in it lol

  4. kbwblove says:

    James Ji is one of those people who are cute when they are young but they become less attractive as they grow older. Whereas Nadech seems to grow more handsome and manly as he ages…as long as watches his weight, he’s hotter than James Ji any day.

  5. alwaizemeeh says:

    Nadech definitely!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. :) says:

    Awwwwwww, they are super adorable when they were kids. (^o^)

    * other than that, I don’t care. Lol !!

  7. NatD says:

    Nadech for me!! Acting and looks wise <33

  8. LC says:

    I prefer Nadech better. He is so handsome! Also JJ looks cute. They both are good actors. They got good tanlents.

  9. Justice says:

    Mannn…they are born to compete with each other! Same post in every photo.

    Nadech is more for mature viewers, that’s why for me, its definitely him <3 <3 Acting and appearance.

  10. :I says:

    Nadech all the wa

  11. Nee says:

    Nadech is better looking, definitely! He’s has a masculine face and a manly persona. As far as acting, I feel like Nadech is more adaptable and versatile.

  12. happy_lady says:

    definitely Nadech! in the same ages with JJ now, Nadech he has done better than him much with the fame, studying, awards, and especially the merits (tham boon)

  13. YeuCandy says:

    Nadech! of course

  14. morningdawn says:

    Nadech Definately !!!!!

  15. wundergiraffe says:

    hi. just want to say thank you to the blog owner. you have made thai news so close to us and so fun to enjoy. thank you!

  16. sofunny says:

    nadech definately!

  17. Heidi says:

    I wasn’t too big of a fan when both entered in the industry and think both are overrated. Both are good looking, no complaints there. Both have great personalities.

    Their debuts were pretty good, Nadech was hilarious as Fai. On the other hand, though James portrayal of Khun Chai Pat was pretty alright, he did not stand out to me, maybe because of the character’s personality? Still, he did not “wow” me like Nadech did.

    I’m neutral with James Ji, don’t hate him nor am I in love with him whereas Nadech has won me over. I think that he’s a better actor and I honestly like that Nadech is a little bigger now, cuz he didn’t look so good when he was skinnier. He just needs to make sure that he doesn’t get so round.

  18. See Vue says:

    I agree that Barry is cute but I think jame ja is hotter than Barry because he know how to act in the movie …. Barry not match yaya….

  19. LC says:

    Nadech of course good looking ,better acting and still hotter than Jame J. Nadech has done a lot like fame,study,awards and merit .Nadech and Yaya are perfect match.

  20. LC says:

    Nadech all the way better looking and better acting than Jame J. Nadech and Yaya perfect match . Nadech still hotter than Jame J.

  21. Sabrina says:

    Nadech! Only Nadech!!

  22. aymieluvsyu637 says:

    this fanwar thing makes me laugh. yeah you can have your favorites but why bash on others?? PEACE people PEACE.. hehe. that being said.. Nadech <3 <3 <3

  23. happy_lady says:

    JJ hotter than Nadech?? haha, where?? he got sick? 555555555555

  24. Danyestelle says:

    Can I say “neither”? I didn’t get the hype about James and how people got so into him: I just find him ok IMO. Nadech: well, he definitely appears manlier to me than James but that’s about it.

    Have fun Nadech & James’ fans 🙂

  25. SS says:

    Jj handsome , acting good, look cute , I like his smile very much. <3
    He is my new idol.

  26. thatsouthernasianchick says:

    I liked Nadech in Ngao Rak Luang Jai and grew to love him in 4 Hua Jai but my love for him is decreasing. I stil like him; yes, but I hate the fact that he has ALWAYS been paired with Yaya and Yadech fans are so immature, in general. The fact that they overreact to make it appear that Yadech are the “IT” couple just annoys the crap out of me because it makes both Nadech and Yaya overrated. So now, I think Nadech is overrated because he isn’t the best upcoming actor, lookswise and acting-wise.
    Yes, he is good-looking and yes, he is an overall great actor but definitely not the best as it seems. Nevertheless, I still support him. 🙂
    James Jirayu, on the other hand, is coming in strong. He is at competition with other rising actors, most especially, Nadech. He is a cutie but does not have that “hot” appearance like Nadech. James is more on the adorable side whereas Nadech is, in my eyes, hot. So far, James has proved to be a very good actor. His chemistry with Punch took me by surprise because I didn’t think a new, young actor like him could express his acting abilities alongside an older nang’ek.
    Overall, I prefer James Jirayu because I believe he has a lot of potential to be a huge international star. Yes, I said international.

    • lovelakorns says:

      Anyone reading that would know you are biased! Yes, it is your opinion but don’t start attacking yadach fan! every fan club have their own immature people in the club and we can’t control that simply because some of them are young but that does not give you the right to assume that all yadech fans are like that. It is silly to start disliking an actor because of their fan club.
      I’m sure if you like a couple enough you would have the same opinion we don’t get sick of them no matter how much or often they are paired up because we genuinely like them. Is that so wrong? of course they will have opportunity to work with other actors too and we are also open to that.
      Having said all that i’m a fan of both nadech, jj and JY and NY

    • Kk says:

      Haha! I love your comment ^^ its true! I cannot stand the Yadech fanclub, although markkim or mteam or jj and bella teams their fans are around the same age, even their young viewers are not as immature as Yadechers! I remember reading the Rising Sun thread and all it talked about was James Ji, and how they don’t want him to beat nadech! No wonder they have 700+ pages! I feel like most if them dislike JJ for his fast rising, faster than nadech but eh, even just from a period lakorn and also being young and new he has already top. Amazing! And i don’t think its because of his look cause honestly, he wasnt even all that cute in there, now for Nadech, this boy is tooo overrated, and with yaya all the time. I remember RP all i saw was wish this was yaya or ew this isnt yaya, Constantly they are boring with boring storylines! GrGR their first drama together was horrible. Nadech’s crying sucked couldn’t even feel it. And when he was angry, he looked funny yelling At traumatized yaya. He is experience i was hoping for more from him in RP but nothing special. He need to work on his crying and putting his emotions in.

      • funny says:

        @KK: “I remember reading the Rising Sun thread and all it talked about was James Ji, and how they don’t want him to beat nadech! No wonder they have 700+ pages! I feel like most if them dislike JJ for his fast rising, faster than nadech”. U mean this thread from AF, right? If it’s right, I feel that u’ve never read this thread. U see “all talked about JJ” 555555. U make me laugh!!!! Let me tell u almost infos in that thread related NY include in RS lakorn, their works. not talk about JJ. Please return and read carefully.

  27. SS says:

    The first of all, I a gree with u that we boring to see nadech & yaya pair up again and again. I want nadech pair up with other actress like ( Kim, min, magie…. ) it will be interesting and have a new feeling.
    Yes, I also surprise for jj& punch chemistry. He do well in ruk sudrit.

  28. LC says:

    Just some Yadech fans not all and not try to be rude. I never get bore when they together like events,commercials,to the merit and even just hangout.they just like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie not obsess but I’m glad they pair with other stars.I guess have to support them a lot.

  29. jazminetoo says:

    Nadech looks more manly, more hotter and handsome, I love and prefer a manly guy . I llove Nadech’s first lakorn with Mint natwara and Mark P and love 4 Hujai but the only thing that I just want to see him more with other actress not all the time with Yaya. It’s doesn’t mean that I hate Jame J I just want to say that how much I love How much I love Nadech and will love forever,I’m sure it is never change ever

  30. Vimean says:

    I will be only a NADECH fan ….

  31. jazminetoo says:

    Nadeh and Richy , their movie ( The sun set at chaophraya) it is so amazing wish they also will have lakorn together

  32. A fan of NY says:

    I agree that some of Yadechers don’t like Nadech paired up with another actresses but it’s just a SMALL of us. PLease! don’t prejudice all of NY’s fans like that. You guys will never know anything if you ain’t one of us. Let’s me ask, someone said that bored Nadech paired up with Yaya. So, have you seen full all 3 their lakorns and all their offscreen activities…or you just thought that it maybe or will bad. If that, please change your minds and stop talk badly ways about us because we respected all of fanclubs and almost NY fans are adults.
    On the other hand, NY fans like Nadech and Yaya becuz their personalities, their respects to older peoples, their hardly cultivations more than the appearances. We hope they’ll be a real couple bcuz something good need to meet something good, then it’ll be better.
    Sorry for my English. It’s not good but i only wanna say something.

  33. SS says:

    Because see NY drama already just said that it make me feel boring. U don’t think all people have the same feeling like u. Some of my fri also boring two of them. I’m not only one that have this feeling.
    I know some fan are focus on thier off screen than on screen that is the reason want them pair up again and again not because drama very good. Because when I see Thier drama it not special it simple.

  34. lullaby says:

    LOL. Can’t believe how many similar pics they share. Anyway, I’ll have to say I like Nadech more. One, because he’s more mature looking, two because he’s more handsome, and three because he’s a talented young man. I don’t know how much more talented he is than James because I haven’t seen James’s works, but he is a talented actor.

  35. LC says:

    O.K. SS you and your friends got bored to see NY pair up again and again. Thanks a lot. We’re NY fans enjoying a lot even no dramas.I wish Ch.3 give NY a long mini series so we do not wait until a new drama coms out.

  36. SS says:

    LC @ yes, continue ur wish.
    I also have my wish , just hope all of my wish become true.

  37. LC says:

    SS@ yes, we’re have our wish.Hopeflly in the future, Nadech will direct and Yaya produce their own show together because Nadech is study in film and directing.I have to say to my NY a lot GOOD LUCK!!! Alway love NY no matter what happen to them.

    • LC says:

      I ‘m Nadech fan and NY or Yadech fan also. Not only Ch.3 and the producers see theirn chemistry ask kookwan that pair them up all the time. Mostly NY or Yadech fans are the one to ask to pair up Nadech and Yaya for a lakorn.I ‘m try to be in the middle you know not try to be rude and I ‘m try to explain for Nadech fans and NY or Yadech fans.

  38. happy_lady says:

    I am Nadech’s fan but i like Yaya beacuse they are best friends. We need to see the fact Ch3 and many producers who were paired up Nadech and Yaya together in lakorns, not the fans who just have that hope and maybe because Ch3 saw the potential of this kookwan with the good chemistry and many fans out there still follow them since Duangjai Akkanee. Recently as i known, Nadech Yaya continueously beat JJ and Bella at a lots series of polls (individual or koo). So, if James is really that hot then beat Nadech first at awards, polls as Nadech WON over his SENIORS in Ch3, then we will talk or fight everything later!
    And about fans of JJ, if you guys just compared JJ with Nadech because some article said how JJ is paid more than Nadech like this that, pls stop cause Nadech never answers seriously about his payment.

    • sofunny says:

      Lol, jj even didn’t beat James ma on the rising male actor in the poll of ch3 fansclub. I was surprised bcoz i thought he was hottest in Thailand as his fans implied everywhere, hope his fans to prove how hot he is and don’t make me surprise again:)

      • happy says:

        I find that hilarious how people are saying that JJ is a good actor and is becoming famous while James Ma is getting angry press but people still pick him. It just shows how its not only about looks and personality, but about talent. I think JJ is only liked for his looks and personality, he’s cute, but hasn’t wowed me. He’s a newbie and of course when he does better in the future I will support him.

    • Kk says:

      Lmao what potential? Dja wasnt a bad lakorns but after that one, HORRIBLE. But because they could put their emotions well into the MATURE roles. Yes nadech has a better personality, i guess, but how does jj not? People say google it, i did nothing found. I only found that they didnt want to attend events because events are where you go to get recognition for your lakorns and also get pay. They dont want to attend because that is selfish and where they can also get a lot of rumors. They would get recognition if they deserved it. Sound fair. Yadechers just exaggerated that so people wont like jj uh duhhh!

  39. victoria says:

    Oih i’m surely that it only can be Nadech hahaa he is a perfect man he can do everything what i’m surprised hahahaa love love nadech so much n Nadech is no 1

  40. Kk says:

    James ji his emotions in RS blew me away! Nadech… RP was disappointing

  41. Kk says:

    Yadech fans are not only rude to other fanclubs BUT Nadech too. Just like about the thai-japanese, his fans were pissed at him because he lied although he did it for his dad. They wont support his other lakorns only with yaya, and yaya they dont even care too! Like okay they are basically talking about their actjng skill with eachother not their acting skills in other lakorns. They bash on every actress that pairs with Nadech. Even when the thread is not about nadech they drag him in breaking out a fan war! On AF when the lakorn has no jj they drag him in. They are selfish and rude! Yes, i shouldnt be hating on nadech only cause of his fans but they put him too over the top that i am sick of seeing him or his name. They are so possessive even though he is willing to go through criticism for his fans just so they can watch him and yaya and actually get support. If he was to date someone other than yaya, good luck to her cause his fans will try to kill her. Nadech doesnt even seem happy now, because his fans judge him too much. hey if nadech was fat and ugly you girls wouldnt like him. Entertainment is always based on looks. Like you guys said JJ is too cute not your taste. That is judging a book by its cover. Don’t be such hypocrites

    • Lovely girl says:

      Kk@ I think so, in future if nadech dating other girl not yaya, his NY fan maybe kill nadech’s lover. and according the commend that I read before , some nadech fan really rude, they always use bad word to attack the other actor or other fan that not support nadech.

  42. kk says:

    Thanks guys for this thread, they spam the timeline thread too much

  43. Kk says:

    This is a comment from a previous article of jj that i made. Made especially for you gals ” I think james is cute more than handsome, but i don’t know why people say he’s a bad person. I feel like all stars lie, i mean they’re actors, they probably don’t even watch thai lakorns and when they’re famous they just say whats right. Don’t get fooled by the enterrainment industry. And seriously, why does Nadech’s name have to pop out everywhere James is. I feel like the fans today, are more modern like the american girls, you guys know like 1D and Justin B’s fans. I can’t stand them honestly, fan wars all the time!” The last 2 lines especially to yadechers lol

  44. LC says:

    Ya right , JJ fans all overreacting think he all this and that. You said, RP Nadech crying was worse. JJ LS crying and acting like a mading and no showing emotion at all and that you call naturally acting don’t think so.I’m telling the true JJ (LOOK very GAY even my frinds and my son say that.Who know JJ made be lie too. Nadech look more more handsome than JJ of course.JJ just look cute like a little a 12 years olds boy.JJ still need a lot I mean a lot crying and acting!! JJ like pink color oh omg. JJ fans are the most most loser fans just wait and see Nadech and JJ will stay in ET industry and still be famous. IF Yadech date or not date is do not matter,but still love and supporting them.

    • Kk says:

      lmao are you seriously judging him for liking the color pink? Oh lawd! You sould like a. Little one direction fan, his crying is better than nadech lol i think any fandom would agree that yadechers sucks and full of crap! They are the most jealous fandom i’ve ever seen.. You never know behind someone, nadech can also be gay, you dont know him you are just a FAN, at least jj had a gf before.. Omg soo funny! There is no boy/girl color hunny

    • Kk says:

      You are obviously one of Nadech’s judge mental fan, if nadech liked pink you’d criticize him or if he was gay. Poor nadech only attracting rude ass fans

  45. LC says:

    If you said, GLGL or all Nadech Lakorns or with Yaya. Nadech still won the award and that you still think Nadech is not a good actor? In 2013, Nadech voting pole still beat JJ or even Nadech and Yaya ask (kookwan) still beat JJ and Bella.Man!!! I think something wrong with JJ fans to much (Exaggerated ) for their own star. Hypocrites

    • Kk says:

      This is all based on opinions! Why we like jj or nadech, and i’m just stating my opinions, you’re the one exaggerating. But i think i said in the other thread even if he doesnt get as much awards, he still just as good although he is much new than Nadech! 55

    • Kk says:

      His awards are based on popularity, he doesnt even deserve those from the elders

  46. Kk says:

    Yadech has 4 lakorns and also commercials together, so boring! At least JJ tries bring fans something new and not depending on his co star for fame and attention

    • Lovely girl says:

      I’m happy that jj not pair up again and again with like yadech. If like that I also feel bad on jj, coz I want him successes with his own ability not depen on pairing up by fanclub.

  47. LC says:

    You one of mental fan too. Nadech has a gf when he was in JR. hs. You think you are good juding? don’t think so,I feel,feel bad for alittle JJ rude,rude loser ass fans. My a little One Direction and Nadech at least they sing ,dance and acting better than JJ more more than a thousand time.dang!!

    • Kk says:

      Lmao girl, your comebacks are horrible. How is jj gay then? He also had a girlfriend.

    • Kk says:

      Call us loser. We’re not any trouble makers like you guys

      • cherry says:

        Coming from a a Nadech and JJ fan if you say that JJ fans are not trouble makers like Nadech fans. Then you should have been the bigger person and ignored Nadech fans bashes towards JJ. Because now you are also setting a bad impression for JJ fans.

        • Kk says:

          I’ve been tolerating them enough. When we’re just having a good convo about james they just jump in like its the end of the world at his other thread eck

          • cherry says:

            I feel like it is not because they are rude but rather because they are hardcore fans. I have not read other threads on this topic in particular but I feel like if JJ fans want to be known as the more mature people, JJ fans should not get involved in these fan wars. Nadech fans just wants to get their point across. I think that if we back down and let them say whatever they want to eventually they will stop. As long as you know that you are still supporting the person you support then it shouldn’t matter what others say. I’m sure JJ cares more abput the people who supports him rather than the people who don’t and that’s what’s more important. I am a fan of both and really it doesn’t matter who I like more what matters is that I am still supporting them and because I am still supporting them I am happy each time I watch their movies or follow their work. It doesn’t who is more popularas long as I get to see the person I support have work than that’s enough.

  48. LC says:

    If you JJ fan you don’t need to compared Nadech and JJ. This the fact ,that proof Nadech is one of a super star because of his hard work.The ETindutry accept that he is a good actor and that why they vote for him.I don’t hate JJ ok it just some of his fan is a to much being comparing all the time especially to Nadech. IF JJ new their Nadech name.JUST be honest ok you love JJ and I love Nadech fair alwright and plus Nadech is not depending on Yaya either even Nadech have one lakorn with Kim and with Richy he still won the a ward you that just accept the fact.

    • happy_lady says:

      @LC you dont need waste your time with those crazy peoples like @kk and @Lovely girl. Those two just one you know?! even i saw @Lovely girl at Nadech’s new post and she curious about him like a fan….haha….those account just said without brainstorm their minds.
      Today i’m so happy, so proud of our Nadech. He just won all 2 prizes at Supannahong Awards (Golden Swan) Thailand National Film Association Awards 23rd, a very famous award, and the news was published immediately hahaha, the Perfect Man!

      • Lovely girl says:

        Happy – lady or can call u one more happy stupid lady. U don’t rude to me , I not your fri and I not said with the rude person like u. Before u call I crazy u should look yourself first u stupid or your patens never advice to you ? Ur mouth very spoil so please shut up before phul u. I also like nadech even a little than jj but I still like nadech , this is a reason I commend good word on nadech topic. Truely, I don’t want waste my time u advice the person nnsen like u but because ur parent never advice u so I advice u instead them. Ur mouth bad like this maybe ur face look scaly , I’m I right?

        • Lovely girl says:

          Cheap person.

          • happy_lady says:

            who said i am ur friend…dream??!! talk too much, don’t need drag my parents into this argument becuz that’s just make u more stressful than this haha… NO BRAIN is just NO BRAIN…and this is my advice to u “KEEP YOUR BREATH” if not u will die soon crazy girl… oopssss lovely girl 5555555555

          • Lovely girl says:

            The reson I take ur parent in to this because u very rude. Normol when you rude to somebody , ur parent will get blame frome the other that they never advice the daughter stupid like you. If I have daughter rude like u I will kill u since u birth. People that has education always use reason word to explain to the other person not use impolite/ rude word to them because do like u , it can express that u never study in shcool or never have parent advice u.
            U should thank u me that introduce u to know how to polite to the person around u.
            The first, I angree u that u said me crazy, but when I saw ur second commend that u reply to me I know how person are u, u maybe no people advice u. So I pitty u and give some advice to u.

      • Kk says:

        You sound more jelly then happy “happy_girl”

        • happy_lady says:

          Haha someone who haven’t got enough arguments to gain another peoples, they usually drag the parents try to injure that person or someone else said about things not related the topic like nickname…Those’s called LOSERS yar called losers and i will never do that cuz i dont wanna be a loser! It’s ridiculous when someone thought having an education already haha funny. i will not waste my time in this thread becuz i known more about JJ’s fans but i still read another news. Thanks to the admins for making this thread. i had a colourful time here and have a great day Nadech fans!!!!

  49. LC says:

    Hay!! you’re horrible too.I said JJ look gay and I don’t know he gay or not don’t say Yadech are the trouble makers you also the trouble makers and some of JJ fans as well.

  50. Lovely girl says:

    For me I like both nadech & jj, cos they have the same talents and handsome.
    Truly, fist time I didn’t like nadech coz he alway pair up with yaya that mad me think that maybe he didn’t good enough to pair up with another actress. But when ” raeng pradthana ” air on ch3 it attract me very much. I almost unbelievable that they can pair Kim with nadech not yaya make me very happy. About jj, he is a new actor on ch3 he just start in this career so I know his supportor is less than nadech but don’t said that he is not talent or he look gay. He is a good actor.

  51. LC says:

    Nadech and JJ both have the same director and producer that bring them up to be famous. They are just like brothers. Both fan clubs do not need to compare Nadech and JJ. It doesn’t matter how good acting they act. You always have to improve your acting (That includes Nadech and JJ).

  52. NZ says:

    Hahaha, after reading 71 comments. I think it’s pretty clear who is more well-liked. The answer? NADECH. We have one or two die-heart JJ fans but in all honesty…..everyone voted for Nadech.

    Let’s just be real, it doesn’t matter WHY we like the actors. We like who we like. People have their own reasons whether it be for looks, talents or personalities. Fact it, the majority has spoken (at least for this post) and the winning results (by what seems to be a landslide) is Nadech.

    Just saying.

    • Mai says:

      But you are also one of those fans that have multiple usernames in this specific thread to make your point. It’s a bit unfair to insult the other fanclub when you have the unfair advantage. Please pick one username and stick with that one. Thanks.

      I wouldnt have called you out specifically, but I felt your comment deserved a response since you hit on the subject as to why Nadech has more people replying in this specific thread.

  53. Mai says:

    A reminder to everyone again, you’re allowed one username, please do NOT sign up multiple usernames. We will not make the effort to keep approving your comments once your one username has already been approved. Some of you here have multiple usernames.

  54. NZ says:

    Just to point out the facts: I could have easily changed my email address or use a different device to change my IP address. I am a IT major so I am well aware of thr process. Another thing is I only commented ONCE before under the name “Nee” so please don’t make it seem as if I’m cheating the polls. The only things I did was changed my username to my initital NZ (in case there’s more than one Nee). And if you noticed, I did not vote in my last comment……I just stated the facts! THANKS!

    PS – I hope you do approve this comment which I doubt.

  55. Mai says:

    No you did not vote, but you stated what you believe to be a”fact” we’d like to clear.

    This is not the first time we’ve had to warn on this issue. So we’re not implying this towards only you. In the other thread we generalize asking people to please use just one username. But when you decided to state what you believe to be fact, we thought we’d be honest and straight to the point.

    Thanks for commenting.

  56. NZ says:

    Well, considered if we’re gonna based things on this site, of course they aren’t “true facts” Anybody can have multiple accounts and voted multiple times. But that goes both ways for both fanclub. If I were to “guess” it though, with everyone voting once, Nadech would will be in the lead (not by a landslide, but probably still by a great percentage). Am I being biased? Maybe. But I’m just comparing this poll with the “real world poll” where Nadech is still beating JJ….out there in the real world.

    So I used the wrong wording (“fact”) and this post wasn’t made to count polls, it was made to vent; in the end, like I said, we like who we like for many different reasons. All I know is that JJ fans can admire him all they want, but please stop comparing him to Nadech unless he has won creditable awards to back up his fame. Not hating, just stating “facts”

  57. NZ says:

    ^^^ The last comment wasn’t directed towards the admin, just people in general.

    Let’s stop comparing and watch more lakorns.

  58. LC says:

    Nadech just won two award from ( Koo Kum) movie. Best actor and Popular Votes, congrats to Nadech!!!

  59. happy_lady says:

    Congratulations Nadech! how gorgeous he was! i was watched live on channel7’s online website, a very great and nice ceremony! Hope he continues with another big project and win at all of awards

  60. gemmy says:

    woww, none of them.I chose Mario 55555

  61. thatsouthernasianchick says:

    I already pointed this out prior to posting this comment. I favor James Jirayu more than Nadech. I like both but I favor James more because Nadech IS, to me, overrated…by his wild fans. If you’re an exception, this comment shouldn’t affect you so don’t bash at me or anyone else who shares the same opinion as I do. James is James. Nadech is Nadech. James is cute and Nadech is hot. And believe it or not, fans and fan actions CAN impact a celebrity’s fame. Too much fan action is bad just as too least fans are bad too.

    • Berry says:

      Girly you are good! We all are entitled to our own opinion! You were one of the fairest comment on here and I’m more of Nadech fan so it’s ok. I used to think Nadech was overrated myself until I really followed his work. JJ is still in the process for me but I like the him too.

  62. Maii says:

    I like James Ji, only in RS so far depending on the storyline. Not really into JJ and Bella, I don’t like Nadech all that much, i love him as Fai but his other characters were so so. As a person though, I can’t judge on that because i don’t know them personally. JJ is a cutie and Nadech is handsome, i say Hot is someone like Tik J lol or Aum A. For acting, I really like James crying and for Nadech, he matches the bad boyish funny roles not really the quiet p’ek like in RP.. I say both is good not over the top. I love the older generation more and i don’t think they have that kind of potential yet. 😉 maybe in the future we can determine. Although i’m not so into Nadech, I LOVE YAYA! And i like how she’s kinda spreading her wings same with Nadech im sure they both can do great without eachother. Excited for Yaya and JJ lakorn ^.^

  63. cherry says:

    I’ve posted my thoughts as a reply to kk but I want to generalize my point. I feel like it doesn’t matter who is more popular and I am sure for JJ and Nadech they probably don’t care who is more popular either. I’m sure they are more interested about whether they are still supported or not. Everyone has their own opinions and they shouldn’t have to care what other people say because what others say won’t stop you from supporting the person you support therefore we should stop comparing them. As long as the person that you are supporting is getting work then that is good enough. One person being more popular than the other doesn’t mean that the other one is going to lose their job so it’s no big deal. JJ is still very new and has a lot of potential and we have not yet seen the best of Nadech yet either maybe 10-20 years from now when they both retire from the entertainment industry and we have seen all their work to their best abilities then we can come back and have debate on this topic.

  64. LC says:

    @Cherry, you got a good point right now TikJ is a father.I’m don’t know how long he going to be pra-eak. Mostly actors and actdress marry,have children it kindna slowly down. Tik J is one of my favor star,but is ok.Nadech and JJ still too new to ET industry,we have to wait and see in 10-20 years who will stay or who will retire from ET In.Hopefully all of them will stay in ET Industry.

  65. Chany says:

    Nadech is way hotter! He looks more manly and such a great Actor. James is just cute, but cannot be compared to Nadech. His dimples are so hot! I love him and Yaya always! My number one!

  66. Htoo ray says:

    James ji is the best

  67. hli says:

    I am a Nadech fan. Something about Nadech that interests me since his first drama. Though many people like Jame, he lacks charisma whether it’s his look or his acting. I did not finish his drama.

    Nadech’s charisma is something rare and interesting. Also enjoy his acting as well.

  68. Kitty says:

    I prefer James Jirayu! His acting also good! I am James Jirayu fan

  69. dylandy says:

    Not judging them as celebrities but as a person. Nadech is super friendly to everyone he’s worked with, even to his fans when he meets them or runs into them at the airport. I love the dorky and funny side to Nadech, everywhere he goes Nadech is always smiling and making other people laugh. And with the way he treats his dad you can tell that Nadech is a super sweet and caring son. Some of these reasons to make me fall for Nadech. I can’t say much for this James Jirayu since I don’t know him.

  70. Layla says:

    Nadech- Handsome, HOt, Sexy, Masculine,` HOLLA!!!
    James- Looks feminine, weak, dorky, nerdy, very little boyish, needs sum real muscles dude!

    NADECH KUGIMIYA all the way!!! HOLLA!!!

  71. angielee says:

    smile…laugh….. nedech is better

  72. thinkingofaname says:

    I can’t stand Nadech’s long face, and his body not that good. And it’s funny when he tried to make that serious and cool expression it looks so awkward he looks like he’s gonna eat someone.

    While James he can be both feminine and masculine, he is super tall and I admit I fell in love with his tallness.

    James Ji FTW he got that Cool Guy of the Year award replacing Nadech!

  73. kat says:

    I don’t seen much of James Jirayu and havent notice him, so to compare the two not much to say. as for Nadech Kugimiya, himself he’s an good actor seen multiple movies of him including singing. plus we really can judge from its cover it’s show biz…in real person who is better? that’s a tough one to decide, maybe Nadech have something James don’t have & vice versa…looks isn’t everything! but if you ask me to compare Nadech & Mario Maurer definitely Mario…!!!!!!!!! <pees..bc, I seen both of them on movies, advertising, peneshop, ect….but in real life who knows…imao have fun & be supportive. …if u are a fan of theirs…much love muhhhh..

  74. Timoo says:

    James is more handsome than Nadech.

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