Nadech makes us ship! Wants to be a hiso to court Yaya

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  1. Berry says:

    Nadech as hiso? Haha only in lakorns because that guy will never get rid of those funny looking clothes and will never stop eating those authentic Thai/Laos dishes. Then again, maybe he can because humble rich people aren’t flashy and they don’t wear expensive stuff unless they have to.

  2. hoang binh anh says:

    fan ship nadech love yaya 1000000000000000

  3. Lee says:

    They both are a lovely couple even it’s only in Lakorn. Your fans really look forward to having the day you come out that you two are more than just friends.

  4. aicy says:

    i wish that the lovebirds will be together in real life.they match and i could see that their actings are not just for the drama but for real

  5. angielee says:

    so sweet, pe nadech….. you really love her. we all can see that. no one question to ask……….. p.s. nadech love yaya!!!!!

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