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Nadech-Yaya brushes away rumors of secretly dating; They wouldn’t hide

This couple is constantly under the watchful eye, the latest rumor is that “Yaya Urassaya” and “Nadech Kugimiya” are secretly hiding the fact they are dating.  When the two attended “The Empire of Golden Blessings” at Siam Paragon they gave an interview together saying…



Nadech:  No krub.  If we were dating we’d let it be, we wouldn’t be hiding it.
Yaya:  It’s just gossip like before.  Its news created from the lakorns that has already opened.  Honestly, it’s nothing.
Nadech:  It’s been like this for 3 years now from what I remember.  We just remain being like this way.


Are you fed up with this type of news?
Nadech:  I’m not fed up, this is normal.
Yaya:  That’s right. It’s because we work so often together, so we’re like a constant reminder.


In the future is there possibility of progression?
Nadech:  About this I don’t know.  Right now we’re still friends
Yaya:  Go watch us in the lakorn first (smiles).  We’re onscreen sweethearts.
Nadech:  We’ll be a fantasy couple first (smiles).


Have you studied the ways of life in Japan?
Nadech:  The time we spent with the people in Japan honestly was really short.  Along with being occupied with our work and many other things, it gave us little time to study the culture and civilization in Japan.  We seek to learn from the people that teach us on the set about the Japanese language.  We invite them to come eat with us, or go places with us.  But something like this, it takes a bit of time.  However it’s rather difficult.  The Japanese are overly soft people.  Nonetheless,  there are experts who are looking into this for me, no need to worry.  I consider it to be quite a challenge though , because I have to use the Japanese language.  I have to speak Thai with a Japanese accent.  I consider that hard.  But everything has passed by successfully.


Yaya how do you feel about Nadech being in the role of Kobori
Yaya:  It’s very exciting.
Nadech:  Good answer (laughs).
Yaya:  Of course my answer is good as always (smiles).  I’m excited.  I want to see it as soon as possible.  He’s handsome.    Nong Richie is cute too.


The day it releases, will you be inviting Yaya to go see it together?
Nadech:  I don’t know.


Has your father helped you with the language?
Nadech:  My dad’s more likely excited about the movie itself.  My dad didn’t come at all, because the language is during the era of the world war.  It’s better just to have him rest.


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Source: Rakdara | February 9, 2013


  1. I don’t understand why Nadech has no grasp of the Japanese language, even though his dad is Japanese. How do they communicate? Is the father half Thai and Japanese?

    • His father is full japanese…they still have family in japan.

    • Yeah. I couldn’t understand the not wanting him to learned Japanese. I think it’s always smart to learn many languages. Basically, his mom won’t let him learned Japanese because they love in Thailand so Thai is more important. How the heck you married a Japanese man with that thought? Lol anyway, I don’t want to say more as I will just criticized more.

      But Nadech speak English and Thai to his dad. I think his dad has lives and does business with Thai people so he should know more Thai.

    • actually they r host parents … his real dad is austrian n mom is thai ~

    • Pretty sure he’s adopted. His adopted father is Japanese. Nadech is actually Thai-Austrian.Anyway, maybe his dad never spoke Japanese with him but just Thai since he’s been there so long. Besides who’s going to speak Japanese all the time in a country where Thai is the main language.

    • maybe he was not grown up in japan
      can i ask you something?
      you also from Thailand and you too always a lakorns like those two…. right??

  2. I read that he speaks english to his dad…his dad has been in thailand for so long…and he works w thai ppl i am sure he understands thai and can speak it well too. Cant wait to hear his japanese….abt nadech and yaya dating…its even normal now to hear abt it so often. Lol. We shall leave it to the future…

  3. errr I dont think he speaks english with his dad, else his english would be stronger lol. Yaya laughs at his english so no way he’s practicing it everyday lol

    • Thai with some English words.

    • He sometimes (seems as though it is frequent) speaks in English to Yaya

  4. Tehee! I just giggle with butterflies in my tummy when i read news like this from them. Great answers, Yadech! Very excited for the movie.^^

    • same here lol!

      i actually love them to hide their does not matter if they are dating or not for me the most important is they always collaborate in lakorns and cf at least once a year.i never get tired of them.only gays who wont fall in love with yaya i believe nadech is not a gay and yaya is just a human being i also believe she not a lesbian who wont fall for nadech as simple as this so dont talk just show it to us lol!

  5. love their answer…lovely and sincerely as always…

  6. Love yadech so much!!!

  7. Love these two ^^ They are so cute together. Loved Yaya’s comment

  8. Just because his dad is Japanese doesn’t mean he should speakJapanese. I am an American Chinese who speaks Cantonese with my family in American, but my husband is Thai and my children speak only English and Thai. This is because I don’t speak Cantonese to them and we speak English at home while they speak Thai to their dad’s family. And they visit their American family once during their summer vacation. So, they don’t have a chance to learn Cantonese, which is probably the same for Nadech.

  9. Hi!!!
    I also like those two the are so cute together..They are perfectly match…I wish that they could be together forever…..Love you two…. always.:)..I like yaya when she act..she’s so cute..and also Nadech..

  10. me too! Yadech best couple ever in Thai lakorns. They are soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I think Nadech and Yaya are a good couple to each other because they are so handsome and pretty

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