“Neua Mek 2” Cancellation triggers Wildfire in Thailand

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  1. nok says:

    wow it has gotten to the point way they will have to bring it back. I just dont see why they pulled it in the first place. I mean ch3 approved the script and allowed them to film these scene so let it be. show the rest of the remaining episode. But hacking ch3 is just dumb, i dont understand why people must take it to that extreme. just voicing your opinion should be enough.

    • lazydramafan says:

      Hacking ch. 3 is not nice and it does not seem like a good idea to me, but I can’t say that it was dumb or without any meaning, for me they were just being ironic while doing it. Ch. 3 did not took out NM2 from their public site programation on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, I don’t think that a lot of people blamed the channel for it, because that was the day of the official statement. But some people actually hoped for Ch. 3 to change their mind just because NM2 was still schedule on their public site programation. So hacking Ch.3 website to just say NM where are you? sounds just ironic to me. Even if is not simple to change Ch. 3 public site programation, it would have shown a little respect to the viewers and fans of the lakorn to make a warning about it or something. Lots of things going on and more important, but details still have a meaning.

  2. Candyy says:

    nuer mek 2 cancellation made it on yahoo news!


    it’s also the number 1 trending now on yahoo’s main page.

    just copying and pasting what i wrote on AS.

  3. Mai says:

    Yeah when it has to do with censorship and politics it’s a huge deal in this said democratic world where free speech is favored. The author of that yahoo article is Thai

  4. ninjakkn says:

    “While it remains unclear what triggered the station’s decision to pull the show, scripts posted on the websites of Thai newspapers showed that the prime minister was to be assassinated by the end of the series.”

    If it is true that the ending would lead to the assassination of the PM then obviously it was the right decision for channel 3 to ban it. That would create a big uproar and would put the station in a bigger ordeal than they are in right now. They would be blamed for approving a script and allowing a drama that violate the law to be shown on national TV without proper consideration.

    Thailand is divided politically so of course a content like that would heavily upset one side and not the other. Can it lead to a protest? Honestly, I think it can because as much as there are people who dislike the current administration there are plenty who love and support them. And the idea of killing off the PM in a drama is a big deal. I figure Nok Chatchai would have a political agenda behind his political driven drama but what was he thinking?!

    No matter what country you’re in there’s always a limitation to your freedom of speech, even in America. Just mentioning about wanting to kill the president can get you in deep trouble.

    The viewers felt their consumer right is violated that’s rich but yet they don’t think channel 3 has the right to protect themselves from violating the law.

    And there’s no point for channel 3 to air the lakorn just to prove their case for the ban. The reason they’ve given is already sufficient.

    • Kwan says:

      I understand but in the lakorn, they already attempted to murder the PM and this scene was already shown in the previous episode. The PM hasn’t died yet but in a coma in the lakorn. Therefore, I don’t understand why they even bother to ban it afterwards. Hmm.

  5. Shampoo says:

    Oh wow that’s soooo daring?! What’s the reason for the assasination? Is the PM portray as someone good and the bad people wants to assassinate the PM? Or is the PM portray as bad and the good people try to assassinate him? That would make a huge difference.

    Just already airing the past assasination attempt is already daring enough.

    The people who protested say why can’t it not be air? It shows getting rid of evilness. Goodness will never lose. You know those scene will trigger someone to assassinate the PM even in real live.

    If that’s the reason then it already violates article section 37. How can NTBC sued for that?

  6. Mai says:

    The pm is said to be a portrayal of Thaksin, so based on what you know shamp, do you think the pm is perceived as good in a Chatchai lakorn? lol

  7. Shampoo says:

    No, he wouldn’t be perceived as someone good since he was practically exile oversea. They want him to be jail rather than exile to serve for his crime. But what’s with the assassination? That’s going to cause an uproar. Even if it doesn’t it still breaks article 37 which prohibit television to air something that overthrow the democracy government.

    Some people say when they watch the lakorn, they don’t even alluded to politics. They just watch for entertainment. Obviously, they’re caught that’s why they have to stop.

    Wonder how the end is though. They must have successfully assassin the PM? That’s very stupid for CH3 to even allow the writer to write such a script.

  8. Sunny says:

    If I remember correctly, ah’Too character in NM first version was a good PM, good person and Nok Sinjai character is his wife who is also good LOL I mean ah’Too character was Chakrit’s dad in the first version and Nok Sinjai is Cherry’s mom, they are good people portrayal in NM so Nok Chatchai is trying to kill a good PM in this lakorn. I don’t get it unless in NM2 the PM changed to evil which would not make sense when Sinjai is praying for him, for good win over evil etc part lol.

  9. Mai says:

    who owns the satellite company in the lakorn?

    • lazydramafan says:

      The onwer of the company or at least CEO on the lakorn is Prae (n’ek)’s mom. N’ek’s mom wishes that Prae gets married with Jak (Dome), the bad politician that can make her satellite company win even more money. So I guess na’ek name being similar to one of Thaksin’s daughter maybe was the connection made together with the satellites to make the association withTanksin or Thaksin. It seems confuse to me though. PM is a very good person as Kwan and Sunny already said it. He did not change from NM1. I am a little surprise that his character wasn’t so polemic on NM1, but on NM2 turns out to be a polemic character.

  10. Shampoo says:

    That doesn’t make any sense for us who don’t watch the lakorn. Well, just hope they hurriedly up and clear this. If they want to air back hurry up and do it. So, this controversy can be over. It’s too political. Lol

  11. Mai says:

    In the lakorn the pm is already dead? cause it says he’s possessed by evil and black magic

  12. Mai says:

    lol go read some summaries Shamp

  13. Shampoo says:

    Some people say they read the story and it didn’t have anything would deem violated. So, not sure if tis bias talking or you can’t find anything in that chapter by chapter story. But maybe they could add something different to that storyline. So, it would be a waste to read anyway. Lol

  14. Kwan says:

    No, the PM isn’t dead nor is he being possessed but in a coma. Dom Haetrakul’s character wants to take the PM’s place so he ordered his people to go assassinate the PM. He uses Nok Chatchai’s character to do the whole possession and etc. I don’t even know who owns the company in the lakorn even though I watched it. Well, that’s only because I skip those scenes. Hehe. Anyhow, the PM is a good person in NM2 since he’s one of the main characters. It’s Dom Haetrakul’s character, Chatchai, and their comrades who are the bad people. Honestly, I don’t even get how the PM, Too Noppon Gomarachun, in the lakorn is being portrayed as “bad” when clearly he’s the good person in the lakorn alongside his wife, which is played by Sinjai.
    I think they should also just let the public viewers be happy by just airing it so that all the complaints will just stop already and for this issue to die down as well.
    I also believe what the public said. When I was watching this lakorn, I only saw it as pure entertainment and nothing related to the government and etc. It’s not until this happened that it opened my eyes and gave me these kind of thoughts. Sigh. Oh those politicians.

  15. Shampoo says:

    But you could get in trouble for airing that. I don’t know why the viewers don’t consider Ch3’s POV? They probably didn’t thought much of it in the beginning but someone may have made a call for them to review the lakorn.

    Even if the PM is not portray as a bad person, that still violates article section 37 trying to overthrow the government.

  16. Sunny says:

    I only watched the first one and if the good people in the first one is still good in the second one, I don’t think they are making PM and government people seems bad though, maybe part two drill in too much about government stuff now and twisting somethings? lol

  17. lazydramafan says:

    The prime minister was to be assassinated by the end of the series. Thank you very much Ninjakkn. Even if the PM is not portray as a bad person, that still violates article section 37 trying to overthrow the government. Thank you very much, Shampoo.

    Two simple phrases and Ch. 3 can explain themselves and their decision will sound understandable for people that watched NM2 as Kwan and I did. That would be enough for them to explain the situation. Apologies and other justifications things, they may do lots and lots of times afterwards. The important thing now seems to calm down everyone. At this point, right or wrong information about the ending, it does helps to try solving the problem, as people are having discussions on NM2 already broadcasted content and getting lots of different conclusions and taking sides, even though some haven’t watched the lakorn or even know what a particular scene means on NM2 plot.

    NM2 does not make the government or PM seems bad, actually if Thailand PM is anything similiar to NM2 PM, Thailand has a serious, worried and deeply concerned with peoples needs political administration. So if PM was to be assassinated in the end, it would be a sad event on NM2. Ch.3 can claim that as PM was portray as a good person at first sight they thought it would be just a emotional scene, but someone call their attention in time over the possible interpretation of trying to overthrow the government on article 37. On further examination, they identify the mistake and made their decision. As Ch.3 wouldn’t broadcast the ending anyways, the spoiler is reasonable just to explain their decision.

    On NM2 plot Winyoo (Nok Chatchai) says that he has to wait to be able to kill the PM. Jak (Dome) fail to kill PM sometimes too, it was unless to try Winyoo said, but on the right time they would be able to kill PM. He did not explain with lots of details until episode 9 why PM could not be killed. PM is in a coma, because they can’t take out of him a bullet that Winyoo with black magic keeps moving it inside his body. PM lost too much blood and the bullet is still inside of him, so maybe because PM may be killed by black magic superpowers and sourcery, they did not paid so much attention before on the script. Also as Winyoo could not control PM’s mind sometimes maybe he was like Sangkla, a white magic powers descendent. But it seems like I won’t know anything about that in the future anyway. Winyoo said PM was a good person with a special protection. Winyoo can kill good people and even people with white magic powers, so the reason why he had to wait to kill PM was one of the plot magical mysteries. Jak is already taking over PM’s functions on NM2. The death of PM does make Jak next in line, so if Jak does not die before officially becoming PM, the fiction NM2 government would be overthrow on the lakorn.

  18. Mai says:

    The owner of the satellite company is the one said to be Thaksin then. Chalida is said to be Thakin’s daughter.

    If the PM is portrayed as good, then that’s definitely not Thaksin…not when Chatchai is producing this lakorn

  19. pink_juliet says:

    Most controversial lakorn since “Song Kram Nang Fah”….kinda fun to follow, although im not a Mark or Min fan, i hope their fans get to finish this lakorn…

  20. Mai says:

    NBTC is trying to force Channel 3 to air the final episodes. I just dont get how the copyrights of the lakorn is owned by channel 3 and they have to listen to some panel direct them around. Makes no sense to me

  21. Shampoo says:

    Ch3 is not yielding. Why don’t they go fight for the people’s right of freedom of speech and not on some lakorn? It would make them more legit. Ch3 has a right.

  22. Mai says:

    Maybe there’s someone pulling strings behind the scenes to create such a mess of this.

  23. lazydramafan says:

    NBTC position does make things complicated for Ch.3 and the channel still does have a right about its decision. The problem is that Ch. 3 is not an oficial legal authority to apply or interpret Thailand laws. NBTC by the other hand is a legal authority with its competences. As Ch. 3 did not until now explain their decision and just gave the law violation as its reason to NM2 ban, they can face a quite interesting law suit now that NBTC wants to watch the final episodes to analyse Ch. 3 decision according to the law.

    And finally: “Channel 3’s PR manager Borisut Buranasamrit said yesterday, “Our officials have found that the content of these episodes is inappropriate. We believe in their judgement. Borisut said Channel 3 held the rights to the TV series and definitely would not release its final episodes via any other media, such as by uploading them on YouTube or distributing them as CDs.He said his station was ready to explain its decision to the NBTC”. Credits to Thailand The Nation Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/national/TV3-urged-to-let-NBTC-view-cancelled-show-30197529.html

    If Ch. 3 would have looked for NBTC interpretation themselves, it would look better. Just hope Ch. 3 officials and NBTC interpretation may reach a agreement on this matter. Ch. 3 lawyers ….shake head ….well at least the discussions will be more technical about the law application and either way it will be interesting, because NM2 ban may be or not the first aplication of article 37 by NBTC. Hope Ch. 3 explanations are good, but their fine is reasonable either way. The abscense of official explanations by Ch. 3 to its decision of NM2 ban based on Ch. 3 official motive or reason interpretation of possible violation of the law is what makes the fine reasonable. If in the end NBTC agrees with Ch. 3 decision and interpretation, their fine is on Ch. 3 lawyers and PRs. If NBTC disagree with Ch. 3 about their violation interpretation of the law, it depends on their legal competences if they can force NM2 final episodes to go on air or not, but Ch. 3 may look for court interpretation either way.

    As article 37 was not applied yet by NBTC, its interpretation about the possibily on real life of the word deem as believe or imagine will be quite important for future lakorns. NM2 possible overthrow the democratic government, does not involves the King as Head of State. If PM possible death by black magic and superpowers helping out his killers may be interpreted within article 37….fiction lakorns with politics background plots will have restrictions to deeply observe in the future.

    Winyoo (Nok Chatchai) can stop time sometimes, there are also magical fights on NM2, so viewers of the lakorn kinda have their reasons to not connect easily NM2 content with real life unless they believe black and white magic or imagine that superpowers are parts of a conspiracy theory or politics symbology or representation. Affect the good morals of the people or an obscene content which may impact the mental deterioration of serious public health will sound better for NM2 viewers as reasons, because NBTC different from Ch. 3 doesn’t have to necessarily give explanations to the viewers while apply and interpreting the law. Either way NM2 ban decision can be a court matter in the future. Government importance or presence with law is different from previous discussions. Hope people may calm down now, even if opinions and speculations are all making noise in lots of places. As I will learn a litte about Thailand law application too, because of NM2 ban, at least somethings in all this mess are becoming informative for me. Sorry to get technical about law here, but now the discussions will make more sense for me. NM2 ban is not more about rumors or speculations, but about needed caution or not from Ch. 3 and about law for NBTC. If everbody can present their positions over NM2 ban within Thailand’s law, it may mark an important democratic discussion for the country about limits on TV and lakorns contents criterions. Lots of technical talks though….lol

    Article 37 Company Act and Broadcasting Act of 2551 states they do not allow to air content that is deem to overthrow the democratic government with the King as Head of State or affect the stability of the states, public orders or good morals of the people.Or of obscene which may impact the mental deterioration of serious public health. Translation by Shampoo

    “Thaksin’s son says show should be aired”…..lol….that’s funny after all I read about his father speculations over NM2 content. Actually one previous banned lakorn was about Thaksin, p’ek played his fictional role….goverment and politics positions discussions….. I think nobody will read my comment anyways….too long…..LOL.

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