“Nirvana In Fire II: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin” to air December 18th

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  1. kaveh yousefzadeh says:

    hello guys!
    how do you do?i want to say that the waves of life series(Thai series)is excellent series.it is the first amorous Thai series that i have watched hitherto.protagonists play in this series are so cool.
    now i am watching its 11th episod eagerly.
    i want to gratify you from this so good series production!
    i kiss and bear hug and smack my dearest actress sperbund urassaya as first protagonist and her co-stars from far distance so much!
    males superstars play are so excellent as well.send my very especial levee to them as well!i wish i could come thai in my lifetime a lot.i wish i could meet and kiss and bearhug and smack this so entertaining and attractive female superstars so much!
    especially my dearest actress sperbund urassaya as this so good series protagonist!
    i wish i colud watch a lot of amourous and musical thais series especially on adolescent love adventures afterward!
    i have no more to say!
    take care
    your sincerely
    kaveh yousefzadeh

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