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Nongh Thana has a chance; Vill Wannarot gives him title as closest male friend

Although her mouth claims that her heart is still available but at the latest opening of “Central Greatest National Day” actress “Vill Wannarot” became soft and submitted disclosing that status of handsome and happy “Nongh Thana,” giving him the status of the man she’s closest to.  As for whether or not the relationship will progress to the point of boyfriend and girlfriend would be left for the future to decide.  But this wasn’t before she states that she’s happy that lately her scandalous news has died down giving the opportunity for fans to focus on her lakorn work instead.  

Vill @ Central Greatest Grand Sale

Vill @ Central Greatest Grand Sale

How about matters of the heart, how are things at the moment?

Nothing at all (laughs).


How about with P’Nongh Thana is there any progression?

We’re friends, talking to each other.  


But he said that you’re rather close to you 

Close, yes we’re close.


His birthday that just passed what did you give to him as a present?

It was nothing extraordinary because I was busy working.  Then I learned that he himself has a knee injury and staying at home so I wished him a happy birthday through the phone.


Nongh Thana

Nongh Thana

You didn’t have a dinner date or anything?

It’s better to let him rest for now.  Also I have work as well.


In all honesty is there a chance between the two of you?

(laughs) Let’s wait and see first.  Not sure what the future has in store for us.


But you’re closest to him correct?

Well yes he’s the closet person.


Honestly though do you feel that news about you is really quiet?

Really?  I’m happy.  That way people will take real interest in my work instead.  They’d know what lakorns I’m making.


Is it because you want to erase casanovee (Thai’s interpretation of female casanova) image? 

That would be good because in the past I’ve had more than enough news.  Also all the news that came out was harsh.  All I could do is prove myself.  News that has no truth to it will go quiet on its own (smiles).    


You’re not upset or disheartened is that correct?

Not at all, I rather want everyone to focus on my lakorns instead (smiles).  


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Source: June 4, 2015

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  1. Wow, im speechless. Wish vill the best.

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