Nonstop squealing! Nadech – Yaya in a sweet family dinner

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  1. iris says:

    Can you two just admit you are together simply? Normally i prefer stars keep their relationship underground, but for their case lately, i don’t see any necessary to still deny like so. Even though they r normal friends , they still could eat out and hang out as just two or admit sending birthday gift to each other and etc..

  2. lily says:

    I know, nobody is going to hate you for dating. We all are cheering you on. So just admit and get married and have babies already.

  3. lee says:

    lol @lily aren’t they abit too young, even though i’m cheering them on hahaha

  4. kk says:

    I think some of their fans are being too delusional. If they date, they date. If they don’t then oh well

  5. mask71 says:

    @kk It’s not just some, there are a lots out there

  6. Layla says:

    They r the cutest couple & would be so perfect together. I think it’s harder when two celebrities date and be open about it to the public. That may be the reason y they wanna keep it on the DL. Hopefully one day we get news that they r getting married. That would be sooo sweet.

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