Noon Woranuch admits Channel 7 wants her in lakorn; Ranked as influential woman

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  1. Shampoo says:

    I think that getting villain roles make her popular so why would she mind? lol plus! she has taken many Nang’ek roles in the past! that it might bored her.

  2. Mai says:

    she hasnt shined in years and if the villain role makes her shine why would she bother

    i just found that her answer about every company wanting her funny cus they didnt even ask, they just asked about channel 7

  3. Shampoo says:

    Lol she’s so confident after TNG lol

  4. Sy says:

    Thai hairstyle looks funny, it reminds me of Stewie from Family Guy lol

  5. Sy says:

    Shit meant to write THE hairstyle not Thai hairstyle hahahhah

  6. shmack says:

    She needs to lay off the makeup. She used to be beautiful now she’s just….blah.

  7. grape says:

    we are Myanmar people. we like the lakorn Toung NUEA GUO . it was so interesting and I like her acts, her look. noon was so perfect at this lakorn.

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