Nui Sujira & Pond Chayapon’s Wedding Part 2

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  1. Shampoo says:

    I don’t really like that shape of a cake LOL it’s so square? LOL THanks, Mai.

  2. Mai says:

    I think the cake and setting where the cake is the only nice decor at their wedding. Their wedding lacked decor and elegance in my eyes. There were hardly any flowers anywhere else. Even their backdrop for photos with guests was just a set instead of a flower backdrop

  3. Sunny says:

    Those cakes dont look like its for eating LOL I guess its their style, dont like flowers lol

  4. teptida says:

    the cake looks like a building and it’s tall like a building.

  5. Mai says:

    All the Thai celebs have a tall cake, it’s always over 5 tier

  6. Lalita says:

    I guess her sister got married, that’s why she’s able to marry now lol. His outfit looks ridiculous

  7. Teptida says:

    a cake over 5 tier? at the end, they should have some rests. i don’t like those kind of wedding cake too: so much buttercream and you end up having a diabete or cholesterol

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