Num Sornram refutes accusations of getting stem cell injetions

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  1. Lalita says:

    Isn’t stem cell somewhat controversial over here in the States.

  2. Sunflower123 says:

    I still think he is a very handsome man.

  3. starry says:

    this man is really really ugly and i hate the way he talks ugh

  4. zer says:

    I still can’t believe people still mark him down for what happened several years ago. I mean, seriously, if it was any other person, it really would be an accident. He looks like he’s doing a lot better and I’m hoping that he can do more lakorns for us, maybe something with a romantic story or something similar to what he was doing before. I’m noticing that some of his new lakorns have him playing the bad guy or something? Kind of strange because I can’t picture him playing that role. lol. I guess I only see him as the good guy in the lakorns.

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