Official Cast of “Sai See Plerng” Remake

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  1. Can you give a summary/plot synopsis? I have yet to hear of this lakorn.

  2. Sunyah says:

    Thank Lalita.

    I also agree with you that no one can really replace Willy. Krit look bad. Por even look better than Krit. I’m kind of sad of who taking Willy role. Who the other girl? Is she a newbie? Is the new actress playing the younger sister?

  3. poo says:

    oh i loved this lakorn! no one can replace willy, when i watched it, i wasnt really forgiving of i didnt like the old ending. I wanted her sister and willy to be happy ever after

  4. phatman says:

    No one can replace Willy yes, but someone can replace the character. LOL. I actually think Krit is not a bad choice. I’ve seen Krit’s lakorns and I have to admit he really gives off a playboy kind of vibe. I don’t see how he doesn’t fit the role. Unless of course the character description says Chan is “tall,” then it would be understandable that Krit doesn’t suit the role because Krit is…short.

  5. I want to find out the ending…..please please.

  6. Didi Good says:

    Sorry, Chakrit = I’m not watching this lakorn…I love Por N. and Chompoo but them+Chakrit, is a big nono. Maybe when it ends then I’ll forward Chakrits part and watch the lakorn since I saw the original.

  7. Lorie says:

    Sai See Plerng is my fave lakorn of all time. Why they chose to remake this puzzles me. And yet the cast of the new remake version is such a disspointment. Chompoo is pretty but not the type that has Sai written all over. The person who plays Sai has to have a unique look that is seducing that when she walks into a room everyone looks at her (as in one of the scenes in the original version where Sai walks in the room and everyone looks at her beauty.) And I agree with Sunyah no one can replace Willy but they could of made am effort. Here’s my possible casting:

    Sai – 1st Rita Jensen (she is seducing and far elegant that chompoo)
    2nd, Yaya Urassaya (may be a bit to young for the role, but good to see her take a challenge on a role like this to play someone mature. But Rita Jensen suits it more.

    Charles – 1st Ken theeradeth (u cant deny, Ken still is goodlooking and still looks young)
    2nd Smart krissada (again it be good to see him in a fun role like this, cause charles in this lakorn was fun and playful)

    Lookson (sai half younger sister) – 1st Ploy Cherman, dont forget, Ploys older sister, Sunita Boonyasak took this role on in the original series. Plus good to see ploy in the goody goody two shoes innocent role again. Plus ploy is a very diverse actress.

    The rest of the cast I dont really care. But these are the mains one I would of just stuck too. You guys can agree with me or not. But I think my cast is wayyy better. For a big series like this, the casting should of been done better with experienced talented actors/actress who also have very very goodlooking faces for it to have such an impact like the first one. The first one was done perfect, this one seems mismatched by alot.

  8. thea says:

    Disappointed in the cast. Just looking at the old picture of Mew and Willy and then the picture w/ the new cast you can feel the difference. Although Por is the only one that is looking good in the picture. Chakrit looks like he needs to go home and rest.

  9. says:

    lol what happend to charkrit??? he looks unhealthy

  10. Anna Lau says:

    did they film in LA too? I heard chakrit,woosen, chompoo, and poh came to USA. they were in san francisco where I live. missed my chance.

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