Oil Thana admits wife has jealousy issues over his love scenes with Cris Horwang

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  1. :) says:

    Awwww, she is so cute !!! ( picture of her by herself in the yellow bodysuit)

  2. Laila says:

    Those “love scenes” weren’t even love scenes. Haha. You barely see anything. lol His wife is too funny. Their baby is so adorable! Love her! 😀

  3. Mai says:

    Actually their kiss scene in the final edit of the episode was censored down a lot. But if you saw the raw footage in the teasers and BTS, it’s as real as it gets for Thai lakorns, it was no angling but an actual passionate kiss. But Ter should be well aware being a huge fan of Club Friday that they tend to do scenes such as this cus they’re less censored compared to the ordinary Thai lakorn. She just didnt know what she was signing up for lol. She was cute about it on her IG today though, she teased herself saying who’s jealous, she just rather not watch lol

  4. Berry says:

    Aw well I find her level of jealousy adorable and quite normal from what I read. At least there’s nothing more to her jealousy yet. Speaking of intense love scenes, how come they are so cautious about them in lakorns versus these series?

  5. Mai says:

    yeah she’s cute about it, Oil seems to think the same cus he laughed about during the whole interview lol. He seems entertained that she’s jealous. I guess it’s good they’re communicating their feelings.

    In terms of lakorns there’s more censorship. Cus they wanna be able to appeal to all audiences. I’m not 100% sure either. It’s funny how the producers were saying in their interviews that they were afraid that this series with Oil and Cris wouldnt pass censorship…yet at the beginning of each episode there was a message saying it’s suitable for all ages lol.

    • Berry says:

      Haha That make a lot sense with lakorns because my parents and grandparents all watch lakorns and those people already don’t like the little camera angle kiddy kiss scenes or the stare downs that most lakorns do. Lol

    • noy says:

      Haha. ..I understand her…I’m the same way. .I can understand the situation but my emotions is my emotions and it can’t/shouldn’t be hinder. .. they seem good about it.. wish em the best

  6. Sali says:

    as long as she is not bona fide crazy.

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