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Oil Thana getting married with heiress to a famous hotel

He once stated in his interviews that there are plans in the making for a wedding real soon.  However, when news of “pra’ek อ” impregnating air hostess girlfriend erupted, “Oil Thana” postponed the wedding indefinitely.    In addition to this, he informed reporters while asking for their permission not to invite them since he wants it to be a private event.  Nonetheless now not long after the situation occurred, rumor has it that Oil is secretly waiting to get married to his girlfriend, heiress to a famous hotel.  It’s being set up very quietly.  The reason why it’s coming into effect is because the female side determined and set the auspicious date for Oil and his bride already.  Plus with the status of being owner of a famous hotel, that can probably prevent another delay in the wedding.




This made many people wonder whether or not Oil turned around and started dating a new girl, the heir to a famous hotel instead.  However, inside sources confirm the air hostess girlfriend that once landed in the news with him is the very same girl as this one.  In fact, she’s actually the heiress to a famous hotel.  Not only that, but she also graduated with a masters degree from England.  As to whether or not the wedding will eventually happen or not, that’s still not absolutely certain.  What’s clearly evident though, Oil has already taken her touring around nearby, rehearsing ahead for their honeymoon.



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Source: Gossipstar | March 30, 2013


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