Oil Thana & Ter Rawaree’s Wedding Part 1: Their love story

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  1. Shampoo says:

    LMFAOO I laughed at the LITERALLY met in heaven. Looking at his again is making me turn into jelly. His story about meeting her is like from a lakorn. When will I find a man and love story like this? LOL

    Both of them look really good here. Thanks Mai.

  2. Fah says:

    Seriously. That was like a lakorn scene – meeting each other again randomly after half a year. Heck, I want something like that too! LOL I’m an independent, capable, diligent woman also. Why didn’t Oil choose me?! 555 I’m just kidding. I like the back of her wedding dress. 🙂 Wish them both the best! Thanks Mai for the translation! 😀

  3. :) says:

    They are super cute. ^o^

  4. aymieluvsyu637 says:

    congrats to them 🙂 I loved all of her dresses!!

  5. Kreeta Chutasot says:

    Wishing both of them a happy and lasting marriage!

  6. ladyred says:

    Aww. You can just tell how much he loves and adores her affectionately just by looking at the photos. They make a great couple. Congratulations Oil~

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