Oil Thana turns 37, best birthday ever celebrating with wife Ter

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  1. Mai says:

    Lol the original title to this article was that Oil fin!! Cus he got kissed on the cheek by his wife. Every site has their own version of this article…some are like oil is so happy with the kiss he can’t keep mouth closed..blah blah. Some commentator at one of the sites was like…”what type of nonsense news is this these two are husband and wife, it’s just a kiss on the cheek, why would Oil be fin? They’re doing more than just pecking”.

    Anyhow hbd to Oil, he looks good for a guy nearing 40 lol

  2. Mai says:

    At another webbie the one person said, these two probably do 69…I’m like huh? is that a thai slang. lol had to google what they meant. Do you know what it means shamp? 55555

  3. Stella says:

    Am I crazy or is there something a bit strange about his wife’s face? Not trying to be mean but for example the second to last picture in the post? Is it plastic surgery?

  4. Shampoo says:

    @Mai lmao

  5. Danyestelle says:

    I think she might have done plastic surgery on her eyes… like most Korean women, although I doubt she really needed it.

  6. Mai says:

    well I think she has more than just her eyelids done lol

  7. :) says:

    There is something about her look that just don’t seem rite.

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