Om Akapan admits no longer with Polyplus; Temporarily Free-Agent

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  1. Shampoo says:

    This is quite sad. He sounds kind of lost. He should sign with Ch7 unless he’s willing to get a manager of his own.

    And I kind if laugh @the temporarily free agent.

    • Mai says:

      I thought of that title on my own since he says he doesnt want to be free agent, so it must be a temporary thing for him till he figures out what he’s going to do.

      I dont think it was his intention not to renew his contract, else he’d be more prepared and have a backup plan

  2. I think any interview with the Thai media makes a person sound lost….they’re basically asking him variants of the same question through the entire interview.

  3. malie says:

    i think it better off doing something new, like he say’s ” business and stuff” it’ll be great if he start a new life rather than doing films all his life….

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