Om Akapan doesn’t want to learn or acknowledge Pancake’s reason

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  1. Waverly says:

    He seems disappointed…

  2. hippooo says:

    thanks for the translation.

    he obviously does not want to get involved.

  3. Honda says:

    He seems a little annoyed with this whole Pan thing.

  4. avarachika says:

    It probably messed up his scheduling considering he has to make more time to film with chat.

  5. Mai says:

    Basically all his scenes he filmed with Pan went to waste. All the scenes she filmed so far probably was with Om

  6. len091669 says:

    Om is such a gentleman,he said it was ok…but in my opinion ,its unprofessional,if Pan knew that she cant get along w/ the director,she should not started it on the first place b/coz time & efforts of others is important & it could be just wasted in the end..,eventhough it was shooted 10%..still, others done their best from the start..^-^

    • Mai says:

      He’s not a gentleman for criticizing her and saying in this lifetime he’s never encountered such a person like her. But then he’s not exactly wrong to be pissed either.

      • Aria says:

        Some fans read stuff and completely take things the wrong way or blow it out of proportions. If you read the answers more carefully, Om said that he has never encountered such a SITUATION as this, not that he has never encountered such a person like Pan. He clearly said that he has no resentment towards her because she must have her own reasons for pulling out(reasons that he doesn’t want to interfere with). I’m not saying that Pan pulling out and making others have to work harder is a good thing, just that fans need to be careful about spreading stuff that was never stated to begin with.

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