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Om Akapan not ready to court Kwan Usamanee, needs more time

They’re so compatible onscreen that many people are anticipating for them to get together off-screen too for onscreen couple Om Akapan” and “Kwan Usamanee.”  Also these two have another opportunity to work together in “Hua Jai Teuan” a lakorn for producer “Tua Sarunyoo.”  On this occasion the mass media didn’t miss their chance to go get the inside news from Om, if their close relationship can grow into something more like love in the Channel??

Om and Kwan at the blessing ceremony of "Hua Jai Teuan"

Om and Kwan at the blessing ceremony of “Hua Jai Teuan”

Your latest lakorn with Kwan has many people praising that the two of you play really compatible with each other

That’s good.  I’m happy that there are people who like it.



Because you’re so compatible onscreen there’s news alleging that you’re having a fling with her off screen

Of course not, because the two of us are only siblings.  We’re more like colleagues.


In your eyes do you find Nong to be adorable?

Adorable (smiles).


So adorable like this, are you thinking of courting her?

Personally, I wouldn’t think of anything to that point, because we are only colleagues.  Working together in a lakorn and having it come out good should, let that be good first.


For Kwan, what about her makes her your type?

About this, it’ll take a long time to figure out.  I’ll have to continue to look.


This shows that you’re not even opening any opportunities to develop a relationship with her 

I never close my doors to all people in general as it is.  Just allow it to run its natural course.


Recently there’s news that Kwan is becoming distant with Ai, many consider you as the 3rd hand 

Um…no.  Also things like this, we can’t forbid people from developing their own opinions.



Before this someone saw you taking her out

That day I didn’t go with Nong.  It was only by coincidence we met at that place, in which she went with her own group of friends and I went with my own friends.  But naturally we would go and greet each other.  We have never set a date to meet each other outside of work though.


So to sum up the status of your heart, you’re single right?

I’m single.  But honestly I’m not closed off; it’s just that I allow things to run its natural course.  If something were to happen, then it would happen on its own.


Translated Article

Source:  Sanook | February 20, 2014


  1. If they are dating I am a first that support them. Love ” OK “.

  2. He never successful date anyone. I hope he will find one that loves him. It also looks like Kwan isn’t his ideal girl. Lol

  3. I LOVE Om and Min together !!!!

  4. They sure look Adorable together!!!

  5. She is a very lovely, beautiful girl and also talented. What man does not want Kwan? I suppose when the leading actor and actress have a good onscreen chemistry, the viewers do wish they become a couple in real life but only they find themselves suitable for each other.
    It would be great if they were a couple because some actors/actresses do fall for each other off screen. Wishing them the best because both are talented and so beautiful.

  6. I always wishing them become a wonderful couple loving relationships off screen. They’
    r perfect match.

  7. Well, since he wants to continue to look, and she might not be her type b/c he didn’t answered the reports. Kwan shouldn’t wait for On and she should just continue to look on Weir’s way.

  8. Kwan is very beautiful girl. Om will not find anyone beautiful like her.

  9. I don’t think just bc you’re beautiful aom should go for that! indeed she’s !!! about chemistry, comparable, kind of heart, ect…I know several gorgeous girls w/bad attitude & heart if that’s the case hell no…but to sum it all kwan usamanee & aom akkaphan look great together. ..seen jao sao salatan. ..awesome it out

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