Orange Team Wins! Anniversary Game Ends

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  1. teasingonly555 says:

    i was up late enough to catch it live, but i my laptop had been burning all day (never mind my eyes), so i pitied it and went to sleep instead. will watch it later to see if orange was really the better team or did they just racked up a point last minute. can’t wait to stare at nadech’s belly!

  2. Lovely girl says:

    My expectation is correct. I guess orange team win, and it really win. Coz I see pope thanawat stay at orange team, he is a good foodballor.

  3. -A says:

    555. You know you’re Asians when you throw in the peace sign.
    I did watch it live but only the beginning.

  4. Lalita says:

    It’s an automatic thing when your posing for pictures for most Asians lol

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