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Pancake Khemanit answers to the suspicion! Does she have any industry friends at all?

Not sure in this situation if cheerful leading actress “Pancake Khemanit” can actually muster up a smile because suddenly on the social network people are harshly questioning why oh why a leading actress who has been in the industry with for so long like her still doesn’t have one single close friend that is a superstars like her.  

Pancake is perfectly happy spending her quality time with her family and P'Mee

Pancake is perfectly happy spending her quality time with her family and P’Mee

Recently at the premiere of the movie “Bpa Happy Ta Yuh” she took the opportunity to give her full answer to the gossipers…


Recently someone started a topic on instagram indicating that you’ve been in the industry for so long but why is it that you don’t really have close industry friends?

Honestly it’s more like colleagues.  However, people mostly see me in pictures with family often so it created suspicion perhaps?  As for cute friends there are plenty whether they are from the lakorn set or from the catwalk or friends that go to the same school.  It’s like I already said though it could be that people see me in mostly pictures with family.  


Does that mean most of your friends are those from outside the industry?

I have some.  Mostly my friends are the ones I go to school with; the ones that always support each other.


Having news such as this are you afraid that people might view as you as someone who is unapproachable?

No, it’s nothing out the ordinary.  I don’t have a fence up nor am I at all hard to approach.


It’s possibly because you’re attached to your mom, attached to your family and attached to P’Mee?

Yes perhaps I truly am attached (laughs).  The reason being we like to go places together in a big pack, including mom, dad, younger sibling and P’Mee.  As for friends I see them through work or through projects or whenever the opportunity allows for it, something like that.

Family and P'Mee is all Pancake needs to keep her happy

Family and P’Mee is all Pancake needs to keep her happy

So it can be said that being with your mom and your boyfriend makes you happy already

Yes happy because every single person is important encouragement for me.  


To end things you assure that you really do have friends?

(laughs) I have friends.  I have friends.  Goodness…for sure but people might not see it specifically that’s all.  

Attending Chompoo-Nott's wedding with P'Mee

Attending Chompoo-Nott’s wedding with P’Mee


Translated Article

Source: Sanook | May 21, 2015


  1. why her boyfriend is old and not good looking, lol

  2. Most industry friends seem fake anyway. It’s better to surround yourself with those who truly love and support you.

  3. LOL i myself wonder why she doesnt have any industry friends because usually people in the same work field bond more or have more in common? or if youve been working with certain people for an amount of time dont you usually get closer?. but its really her call if theyre her friends or not. I understand….

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