Pancake takes on too many events; acting sucks

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  1. Mai says:

    This article is so mean. Why are they on celebrity attack lately?

  2. Kizukami says:

    didn’t they wrote mean comments on Porshe too? Yeah definitely whey they attack celebs lately?

  3. Mai says:

    Usually they attack but not like this, like usually they attack based on facts. Now they’re just personalizing it to a different level lol

  4. Shampoo says:

    hahahah Gossipstar has a list of bashing articles. LOL

  5. Lalita says:

    They do bash but they also love giving backhanded compliments, but with this one, not even one nice comment.

  6. Sometimepplneedillusion says:

    Oh c’om, who wouldn’t take your moms money 100 while your dad give you only 50? People need to wake up and see the reality!
    It’s not her’s fault that she sucks at acting since it THEM who always give her the same lakorn/roll over and over again! If they wanted to see her in different roll or want her to improve in acting, WHY DONT then GIVE her DIFFERENT roll so she can prove you, dammit!
    Everyone are after money. Can you say that you aren’t doing this job to get money?! AND you, who like this article because you think it’s true, GROW UP and GET A LIFE!Don’t hate one just because she’s better than the one you idolized!
    This is awful!

  7. avarachika says:

    Lmao, holy crap. I didn’t know that they bashed this hard on celebrities. Whew! Some body needs a chill pill. Thank god I’m not a pancake fan, I would have been more mad.

  8. Qass says:

    lol at this article. So mean..hahahaha

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